Confusing dream about my ex

I've tryied so hard to get over my ex because i loved him SO MUCH but since he broke up with me, getting over him was the best thing to do. And finally i think that i'm over him. And i was sure about it, but two days ago i had a dream in which i was lying in my bed and i was really cold and suddenly my ex came and lyied on the bed with me and hugged me and kept me warm. In that part of the dream i woke up and i remember i had a smile on my face and was feeling happy inside, but i didn't know why... untill i remembered what the dream was about... and i was like: WHAT?... i was so sure i didn't love him anymore nor didn't have romantic feelings towards him, but this dream has screwed my mind. And i strongly believe that we dream what we dream because of a reason, and every dream has a meaning. That's why i'm so confused. I haven't told any of my best friends about this dream i had because i'm ashamed that it's been a long time since my ex broke up and probably i'm still not over him

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