My inner self is crying to come out

I have unprovoked, that is I don't know where they come from, fantasies about having s** with another man. This is not new, I am pretty sure that my first wet dreams never involved a girl. I can see myself being kissed, with a guy holding my d*** in his hand.

I'm an older man and have never acted out on these fantasies. Now that my wife and I are in separate beds the fantasies are much more often and are involved with every erection. I m********* and imagine a man penetrating me. I was at a department store, with two urinals and I watched the man next to me relieve himself and he let me watch and smiled at me when he put his d*** away. Talk about a masturbation session that night.

In public restrooms some men cover up their d*** and other's don't. I don't, I want other men to see it. I am ready to follow a man into the stall, sit and suck or bend over and f***, whatever he has a mind for.

Jun 26

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  • I've never been with a guy either and fantasize about rubbing a hot, bloated and very hard p**** while massaging the taint until it c*** like a firehose.

  • I have been practicing oral deep throat with a banana. I was surprised that with daily practice, it's only taken two weeks and I can take it right in. My next personal challenge is to tray and swallow it whole. As in take it and and out deep throat as I can do now but then continue on and swallow it all the way in. I am also planning to go to a s** shop and buy a d**** to practice.

  • I'm in the same boat. I've never done it but want to play with another man's d***. Something about watching men bent over offering their a******* to me is preferable to v***** as well. Never realized that.

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