Male stripper

Hey guys, I am 12 and a guy.I want to be a male stripper.
I want to wear a thin g-string and strip on a pole.I also want to give out lap dances and stuff like that.I am afraid to ask my mom about it.

Please help me.

May 20, 2012

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  • For a start,"you're a boy/pre-teen" not old enough,to be referred as,"a guy"
    When you're 16 or 18,address your ambitions of becoming a stripper.
    You're too young at 12,to become one.

  • wearing a g-string and dancing on poles... yea dude you're gay! and male strippers don't dance on poles...

  • DO IT! YOLO!

  • Don't you find that humiliating? You're 12 man. No use having such thoughts in your head at this age, live for better stuff in life bro. Just saying.

  • Just wait until you are older. You can't be a stripper yet so there's no point in asking anyone. If you still want to do it when you are old enough, you'll know where to look for such a job then.

  • Well I think that this is kinda stupid cuz not only u want to ask your mom about it but ur 12yo and it's illegal!!! Ur underage dude regardless if ur gay or not.

  • I am NOT gay.

  • are you gay too because reading made me so h**** and now i want to f*** you im 14 we should hook up i really want t suck your c***....... I <3 8===========D

  • Sick f***!

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