My wife Sara worked as a stripper at a an all nude strip club when the economy was bad. I posted the confession years ago. She worked another 2 years after I told her I wanted her to quit! She liked the money, and enjoyed the job. She finally quit after her Mom almost found out, plus the kids were getting older and asking questions. I was always told not to come to the club when she worked. But, the last night she wanted me to come to watch her last night, everyone was sending her off.
I honestly was apprehensive because she never told me what went on. Plus, she had done a few things that irritated me. Sara and her friends at the club, had gotten tattoos of the logo of the club on their butts. Her stripper friends would keep her out sometimes to the early morning. That's how her Mom almost found out, her Mom was waiting in the driveway when she got home one morning to see her!
I came in to the club, and saw a gorgeous woman dancing nude on the stage. DAMN, it was my wife! She was wearing a wig, and made up so I didn't even recognize her at first. I got a drink, her friend Melissa came over to say hello. She told me everyone was going to miss her,but she understood why she had to quit. Sara came off the stage nude, and walked over to a guy, and started talking to him, she took his a hand, and walked to back of the club. Melissa told me she was just giving a private dance, and not to worry the guy was one of Sara's regulars. that really didn't help me. Melissa kept talking to me to distract me from my wife.
My wife comes back after her dance, and sees me and walks over with big smile on her face, and gives me a big hug. "Want a private dance?" I I said, "Sure" She then surprises me, and says, "Melissa would you give my Hubby a lap dance." The lap dance was fantastic, but I was then wondering does my wife do the same thing for everyone she brings back here? Trying not to freak out , Melissa and I move back to front of the club, and I see my wife on stage with another stripper, named Mercedes. They are all over each other , kissing each other, and rubbing each others t***. The money is dropping on the stage like snow.
She comes off the stage, and comes up to me, and says, "Having fun?" I kept my cool, because I knew this was her last night, I wish I never had come. Faking it, I said, "Oh yeah!" She was going to the dressing room, and we were going to leave, but she got pulled over to a table, and she proceeded to take two guys to the back of the club. After about 10 minutes the guys come back giving each other high 5's. She must of went to the dressing room, because she came out fully clothed She waved goodbye to everyone, and we left. I didn't bring up anything, and life went on.
However, about a month ago, Melissa called and asked my wife if she would host a bachelor party at the club, one of Sara's regulars was getting married, and he wanted her there. Thinking she would just be the host, I said OK. It was one time, and she wasn't what i thought, going to be naked, or give lap dances.
At the night of the event, my wife is going through her old stripper clothes, I thought that was odd. She then tells me one of the girls couldn't make it, and she was going to work nude again. Well, I was obviously angry, she then promised me she wouldn't do any lap dances, or anything risque.
The bachelor party happened, she swore nothing went on, she even had Melissa talk to me. Marriage has its up and downs, and we have had more happy times than not. I just do not want her unhappy, I honestly think at times though, she wishes she still worked there.

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  • My wife and daughter strip once a year to benefit breast cancer survivors. My wife is very fit she remains nude for the night. It's for a good cause and they enjoy it.

  • You may not want to know the truth but you could send someone she does not know there to see if she is doing something more than stripping.

  • Different strokes for different folks. As long as you two are happy and it doesn't harm anyone, it's all right!

  • I agree with the guy who said strippers make the best wives. I married one and I love our marriage. It's a trip to walk into a store or a club or a theater or a restaurant and have every guy in the place looking at her and wanting her, but knowing that I'll be the one between her legs later that night, not them. I love my wife and I love the fact that she strips it off and shakes that ass.

  • Does it make me a little excited to see her nude on stage, I will admit it does. But, I do try not to think about her giving lap dances. Or, if someone found out she was striping. She was enjoying herself Saturday night when I went into the club. I know she wouldn't cheat on me, but her sitting on another mans lap is a bit tough to take at times.

  • You're delusional if you think you're going to stop the girl-girl stuff on stage or off, or that she won't be f****** guys in the champagne room every time the money's right or she's just in the mood. You've got a w**** on your hands, dude, and you need to rid yourself of that w****.

  • I proposed to a stripper about 10 yrs ago, she said yes and I was sure it would happen. But then, a couple months before the wedding, she met somebody else and married him instead. You're lucky. Very lucky. And I wish you well.

  • It was a mistake to marry a stripper. She's not going to change. Oh, she may give the impression that she's trying, but it won't last because it can't. She is who she is -- a worker in the s** trades -- and that's what she'll always be. Cut your losses and either hit the road or send her packing, and go find a woman who can love somebody other than herself and her own base desires.

  • Kind of hard to dump her, because she started stripping long AFTER we were married. She did it when the economy was horrible. There was no work to be had, so she did it to save our lives. She just really likes doing it, even though we do not need the money from her dancing now.

  • I decided to get ahead of the situation. I asked her if she wanted to go back to stripping, she said yes. I then gave a list of things I wanted to happen.
    1. Only part-time, do not want the kids asking to many questions.
    2. If ANY one she doesn't want to find out she is a stripper, finds out, it was all her idea to strip.
    3. No more lezzy stuff, some of the things I saw her do was surprising. She isn't even Bi.
    4. I am in control of the money she makes
    5. No more staying out all night partying with her stripper friends.
    6. I can come into the club anytime, and check on her, if I see something that I do not like, she has to quit for good.

    Surprisingly, she didn't put up a fight. In fact, she called the club immediately to see if she could come back to work. They always loved her there, so they said yes. They needed a girl for Friday night, she got ready the second she got off the phone. Luckily, the kids are at Grandmas all weekend. She is going into the club tonight also. I will check in on her, to make sure everything is cool.

  • Don't kid yourself that you can control all six of those things or make her adhere to them. She's going to do what she wants to do, because that's what strippers do. Prepare yourself for further "negotiations", "waivers" and "exceptions". She's got the p****, so she's got the power.

  • I agree with the others. Strippers are the absolute best, and they make wonderful wives, as long as you can deal with all the sexual baggage. If you can cope with it, you'll have the best marriage in the world. If you can't, you'll have the worst.

  • First of all I have no issues with strippers. I'm glad I never married one because I would be a mental wreck. I'm not a jealous guy by nature but knowing what goes on at strip clubs would be too much for me to endure.
    Good Luck!!!

  • I wish the news and the outlook were better, but I'm afraid they aren't. I've been in your situation exactly, and have male friends -- husbands (or exes) of my wife's co-workers -- who have been there, too, and I have to say that if change is to be brought to the relationship, it's going to have to be you who brings it. She's not likely to change (girls who work in this trade either are or become addicted to the attention/glamor, the money, the sexual activity, or the personal drama, or all four), so you'll have to be the one to change. You will either have to knowingly and willingly accept that the woman you're married to is ALWAYS going to do this (or for as long as she's physically able and attractive enough), and so you'll have to accommodate the behavior, or you're going to have to leave. Not happy choices, I know, but these seem to be the only ways this can resolve itself, by your action. If you really love her, you'll stay, but if you only enjoy the relationship when you're in charge of it, you're done already. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I think that's the landscape of your situation. Good luck.

  • F***. Heve her buy you a nice car or something. Does she come home and f*** you? Do you check her c*** if its wet with c**?

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