Forever alone

I feel like i will never find someone like her again. she was perfect but that was years ago. i still think about her all the time, the times we had together. our song, our song was i dont wanna miss a thing by aerosmith. i would sing it to her ever night, sometimes i put it on repeat think about waht we had, relize it will never be again and cry my self to sleep, she was my first love, i proposed to her on our aniversery and she said yes, i spent thousands to see her, to hold her, to kiss her, and now she is gone. not dead but with another man. and all i have are these memories of a time when i was happy. when nothing could hurt me. she had the most wonderful smile, the most beautiful big brown eyes . i remember everything about our time together like it happened yesterday. and its killing me

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  • dude, if you spent thousands to go see her, why don't just spend thousands on a prostitute! i guarantee they'll make you feel better!

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