I'm a s***. I love having s**. And I

I'm a s***. I love having s**. And I don't think i counts if you have s** with someone you already had s** with before. (I'm always always safe, and I get tested regularly)

I'm tired of the world acting like I'm emotionally damaged just because I don't have to have lots of feelings to have s**.

If I was a guy, no one would even question it

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  • Your not a s***

  • If people got their morals and values about s** from this website, then we're in trouble. It's a skewed version of s** that leads to teenage pregnancies, adultery, low self-esteem, jealousy, insecurity, and broken relationships.

    S** is good and s** is great. But it needs to be within boundaries, preferably the boundary of a faithful marriage.

    The term "s***" is a just a sign of trespassing the boundary of what most people want: a committed relationship (preferably marriage).

  • its called being a human.

  • s** is goooood!!! its natural keep it up

  • honey, i'm 27 yrs old. I graduated college in 2003. I was a s*** before that too

  • You can't be s*** until at least your sophomore year in college, relax! Have some fun!

  • Onomatopoeia is a word that imitates the sound it is describing, as in click, or buzz, or honk.

    How does "s***" qualify for onomatopoeia? Do you mean that the d*** makes a "s***" sound when it pulls out or something?

  • the fourth comment doesn't make sense.

  • Plus a s*** is someone who sleeps with everybody. If you just sleep with the same person over and over and over then you are not a s***. And even if it's not the same person as long as it's not every single tom, d*** and harry that comes your way and you have some standards then you are cool. ANd you might as well just get used to the stereotype that about guys. that's just how it is.


  • S*** is, by the way, onomatopoeia. That's why guys aren't s****.

  • Poster, men who are sexually promiscuous don't go around saying, "I'm a s***."

  • I do not think you are a s*** cause you like s**.

  • It's sad that the way you identify yourself is as "a s***".

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