Unrequited Love

I love you. I think about you every single day since we've met. I constantly have to stop myself from ruining your relationship, because I know that I can make you happier than her. When you touched my hand, I flinched, but hid it. When we're working together, I watch you closely, because our job is dangerous. I've written three love notes to you, all of which I threw out. I text "I love you" and then delete it, daily. But you'll never know...because I love you.

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  • You should go after this man. Totally.

  • If you're certain that what you feel for the guy is love, then he needs to know that and you should tell him, not wait for him to intuit it. If saying those words out loud seems impossible for you (because of circumstance or whatever), then you should just continually put yourself in his presence and allow a relationship to be planted and to develop and deepen naturally. DO NOT allow his relationship status to deter you. You should only be deterred if you've been around him, working on your own relationship with him, for some lengthy time and one of two things becomes true: (1) you don't feel for him then what you feel for him now, or (2) he isn't responding the way you want him to. In the meantime, go to work on this man and don't let this frustration continue to build up inside you. You should be enjoying each other, don't you think?

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