Confused parent

I was wondering if i should let my kids watch p*** and stuff like that. I was always p***** that i would get in trouble for looking at p*** when i was wife wont let our daughter but said that i have to decide for our two boys,ages 13 and 12. What do u think

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  • Fake.

  • I would say no. They'll try to do it behind your back, and won't understand why they're not allowed to, but it's best that they don't, at least until they're older. I started looking at p*** when I was 9. I'm 23 now and addicted to it. It's really easy to become addicted to it, and you eventually become desensitized to what you originally look at and keep having to find more and more intense p*** until you're having to look up really disturbing s*** to get off. I started out just watching regular s**, and now I am into really disturbing things that I'm too ashamed to even admit. I can't get off without watching p***, unless I'm actually having s**, but s** gets boring really fast because it isn't as intense as the p*** I'm looking at. It's only exciting the first few times because it's with a new person. I would do whatever I could to prevent that happening to my kids because it sucks living like this. I feel guilty having to look up p*** behind my boyfriends' backs when I wouldn't want them to do the same, and getting bored with them and fantasizing about the p*** I've watched while we're having s**. I really wish that I wasn't this way, but don't know how to change it now.

  • 12 and 13? Come on man,i took s** ed in the 5th grade with no hair on my nuts and im perfectly sane,if they know what it all means the only thing you'd hear out of them is "woooahhh..." or "damn, shes so hot",i dont think preprubescent boys are going to be traumatized by t******,p****** and d**** lol,let them discover or they might resent you for your hypocrisy

  • I wouldn't like show it to them or anything, but if you catch them watching it don't scold them too much.

    I mean, I've been watching p*** for years (am now 18-- a girl), but that didn't make me some weird chick. I consider myself pretty normal just very informed of how my body works.

  • Ive decided to not tell them its ok until i find out that they r watching it i am also going to check my computer history every week and find out if they r.

  • Let your kids watch it, there going to anyways. These days it's harder NOT to stumble upon p***, if your even slightly trying you will find it. I was on younow one time and some like 8 year old was talking about seeing it. I'm not gonna debate on right or wrong, that is not my place there your kids, im just saying if you dont let them they still will, so you may as well be supportive. (plus you can give them websites without viruses to go to)

  • At that age as there going through puberty don't do it. It will influence them on women but may affect their relationships and life. Just talk about age appropriate stuff and through highschool you can probably show it and help them out since its your duty to guide them through life. My Decision is its not the time they should watch p***. So Don't let them watch. But please do guide them about Sexual Life and the Birds and the Bees. My friend Goodbye

  • First of, I think right now their too young. But maybe in high school you could let them. (Your daughter, too.) But if they don't like it don't shove it down their throats. Say they have the write to look it up if they want. (=

  • Well i never planed for now unless they are already looking at it behind my back. So thanks for being one of few that understand.

  • just take it away and restrict viewing, but dont go apeshit if you catch them with p***, just take it away.

  • At 12 or 13? Man, if you are confused about this, what else are you confused about? Be a man, lay down some rules, don't go ballistic about things, but jeez -- this is not hard to figure out. NO! Don't be so wishy-washy. I'd think this was a more serious question if you kids were 15, but 12?

    Shakes my head.

  • My two cents: Your kids will figure stuff about s** for themselves - we all did before the internet came about. But as parents, you and your wife should have age appropriate conversations with your kids about s** and protection and be there to answer questions as they get older. It's not about having one conversation and then that's it.

    They probably already watch p*** or look at magazines with or without your knowledge - not your permission. I don't think it's legal to allow minors to watch p***. If that kind of info gets out into the school system that their father allows them to watch p***, I think the law and cps would be knocking on your door.

    I think you have to look at the negatives of what watching too much p*** can mean for someone so young. P*** and real life are not the same. The one comment above that spoke of masturbating a lot, masturbation is natural..but you definitely don't it to be become such a problem that when they get older they are unable to develop healthy normal relationships with women. And something that is not shown and not discussed is intimacy. Watching p*** will not make someone gay or not. They either are or they're not, or they're bi. It shouldn't be an issue.

  • Srsly man, didn't you read what I wrote, "It was a rumor". And most of what I said, you're repeating. Only with "Its up to you to decide" crap. I've seen posts of ppl, old people, saying they wished they never watched p*** and want to quit. And eventually blame it on their parents. So, plz read the first comment and act on the advice, period

  • Are you INSANE????

    Do NOT let your children watch p***!! Do NOT even let them know p*** exists!

  • Honestly, I wouldn't show it to them up-front.

    If they want to search that up on their own, and you happen to catch them watching it, however, I wouldn't scold them for it.

  • f*** yeah im 15 and i love p***(im a guy)who ever thought of p*** is a f****** genius.anyway p*** is great but it will lead to masturbating...obviously. but watching p*** is a great way to relax i watch it all the time when im stressed but one bad thing is that it is sooooo addicting i cant stop i love it.besides i think that boys need to watch p*** i think it makes them more attracte to women and makes them less likely to be gay.anyway if you tell them they cant they are just going to go behind your back and do it anyway.ive been doing it for 4 years and my parents still dont know i do it... they didnt tell me not to but if they found out they would flip.well thats just what i think its your decision

  • Obviously you don't have a brain

  • what the f*** do you mean b****... i swear if i knew who you were i would beat your are lucky irts anonymous

  • I guess you should not allow them to watch p***. Here are my reasons:
    1) This might be awful for the kids at first but eventually I'm sure they would realize that my parent DO care for me.
    2) This would help in you being the man of the house (You'll be respected and have authority).
    3) You COULD actually make them realize that watching p*** is a bad thing if you're too young. (Don't argue plz just google its adverse effects if you're not very smart)
    4) I'm 18 and I know the new generation better than you do so, plz listen to me and DONT LET YOUR CHILDREN WATCH P***.
    5) I've seen blogs n s*** abt ppl becoming gay watching gay p*** cause they had watch all the other p*** (or were curious)

  • Whoever told u that people turn gay looking at gay p*** is a f****** dumass. I became bi without p*** and my friend is a f****** strait player and althouh he p***** me off we watched gay p*** all the time together
    ps im the guy who wrote this so f*** u u little b****

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