Good girl Gone bad

I have a loving boyfriend who I know cares a lot about me. I Care about him too, but perhaps not as much as I used to. He is overly protective and tries too hard to control me. I have always been so good to him, never even kissed a single other person since we have been together (4 years) but he recently got angry about something so petty again and was writing me really hurtful messages out of rage. I happen to be out with another guy which is also a first, who went in to kiss me, I was hesitant at first and pulled back feeling guilty of my wrong doing. Then I lost it and began kissing him back and it was hot! In fact, so hot, I want to do it again. Problem is, I'm seeing my boyfriend this weekend and I feel bad stringing them both along. I don't know how to end things with bf because he's crazy and if he ever found out he would murder me. But I know I'm going to see this guy again and I secretly want to... pardon my language but ... F*k his brains out. What is wrong with me!?

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  • Wow I was so hesitant to make this post but I'm so glad I did. To the people above thank you for your support! Youre right my bf is abusive and I need to get out. I will take on the advice. I have tried to break up with him many times before but he doesn't let me. The new guy knows about everything and says he will protect me but I'm not sure I can protect him.

  • Abusive relationships aren't to be trifled with. Call your local shelter, or speak with a social worker, someone who will get you the information you need to make the decisions you have to make about who you're spending your life with. Don't wait. Your current partner is a time bomb, and it's not a question of IF he's going to blow: it's a question of WHEN. Be careful.

  • You're entitled to want what you want, and to go after it. The caveat is the wacked-out boyfriend. There's good reason to end it with him, regardless of your feelings for --- or heat for --- the new guy, because it's not okay for him to threaten you or make you live your life in fear. Dump that a**hole, and get yourself a man who makes you stronger, not weaker.

  • Please research domestic violence and abusive men. You will find that the controlling, angry behavior of your boyfriend is a sign of much worse to come. Check out the author Lundy Bancroft and his books; they're a real eye-opener. Get rid of your boyfriend as safely as you can, and be careful about the other guy too. Better yet, just take a break from men for a while and take care of yourself. Place more value on yourself so you don't allow men to treat you badly.

  • Ur waay too plastic dude. Reading books to ACTAULLY apply on your real life. Srsly, either you don't have common sense or are just like those fake ppl I c all the time.

  • your a traitor .. unfaithful girl .!!

  • f*** off.

  • There's nothing wrong with you. Do what feels right.

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