On/off switch on fetishes

So I have many fetishes...
BDSM, Tickle Torture, even Rape sometimes...

But it's like an on/off switch. I'll be spending a whole day fantasizing about something, and be totally wet from it...then all of a sudden, it will all just go away.

I've never been in a relationship, but I'm worried that this may affect a future one. Either I'll find a guy who enjoys my fetishes as well, and I'll freak out during them after my off switch switches. Or I'll be enjoying it then all of a sudden switch off and be totally turned off, and ruin it for him.
Or I'll be stuck with a guy who doesn't enjoy my fetishes, so when I feel the need for them, I'll feel strange and guilty around him.

Does anyone else feel this way?

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  • Oh sounds great!

  • You sound like my perfect other half! I would enjoy being trapped and tickled by a woman! I hope I meet a woman like you someday!

  • try to fall for a guy who loves fetishes. start with the BDSM-- at least mild versions. He might like holding u down while he gets off on you. It's all good from there.

  • Yeah baby!

  • I'll f*** you any day I love being raped by girls

  • Well a lot of guys do feel the same in a way. Like me i have lots of fetishes and i dream about doing things. And i am in a relationship too. Just find the right person. If it helps Im a guy.

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