I think I'll be okay...

I know what I've done in my life. Every decision I ever made - I have no regrets. Let the world hate me for it. Judge me for it. But they've made me who I am.

I spent so much time... questioning whether or not I was a good person. But now, the days I spend questioning it are fewer and farther between. I know I'm a good person. And I deserve to be happy.

Maybe the world will never know what I've really done. And that's fine. I know and I'm the only one who needs to know. That's self-intimacy to me.

A lifetime of lies and betrayal have taught me to see beneath the surface. H***, to ignore the surface altogether. I only see depth. The truth.

At the center of everything, there is love. A person can be everything with it and nothing without it.

I am going to be happy for the rest of my life.

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