Is this super weird...?

I hope I can convey this in a way where no one will take it the wrong way, and it's probably going to be a long read, so buckle up for a waste of your time.

ok so I have this non-sexual "fetish" for stomachs (I'm a straight teen female). And I try to look up similar 'cases' of this kind of s*** but it's almost ALWAYS only a thing guys have and it IS sexual for them. And it's really hard to find information/input on things that aren't extremely f***** up like fetishes for s*** like weight gain, inflation, ...vore *cringe*..., and stuff like that. I'm not into fat. I'm not into balloons. I'm definitely not into being eaten alive. And what I do like isn't sexual somehow... I don't understand it, either. So this is the weird(er) part: If I'm just laying down or going to sleep or something, something where I'm doing Nothing, I'll imagine this boy I have a crush on having a stomach ache (yeah it's f***** up and idk what my problem is) and then me helping him feel wtf. But I don't get aroused or anything and none of it is ever about s**. Maybe I just like the feeling of taking care of someone...? But why is it only for stomach issues? And I hate, hate, HATE stomach related things in real life unless it's with a guy I'm attracted to. Like my feelings are like this: people burping- HATE it, People touching their stomachs in ways that would suggest a stomach ache- HATE it, people simply using words like "belly/tummy"/even "stomach" - hate it, Vomiting - terrified, and, (excluding vomiting because I've never seen him do that and it would still probably freak me out), yet I like to see those things applied to that guy for some reason. Like how once he said his stomach was hurting him in class and the teacher asked him what was wrong and some other kid described it as, "his tummy hurts" and I thought that that was ..cute? For some reason?? I'm still not sure how to word what I feel when I think/hear of him feeling like that. Also, as mentioned before, I HATE hearing people burp and I don't know why. But another weird thing is that I never hated it when I heard him do it.. I didn't really Like/love it or anything because I still think that's pretty weird even for me but still. And getting back to the stomach ache thing - of course I don't want him to be in pain but for some reason I get a good yet non-sexual feeling when that idea is in my head or if he actually has one in real life. It makes me want to touch his stomach or kind of rub it a certain way that would make him feel good and extra comfortable or relaxed, kind of like a back rub. I just think seeing him feel really good (again, besides sexually), especially after feeling sick, would be really cute and endearing, I guess. Even just hearing him say something like "my tummy hurts/my belly hurts" would give me that feeling that makes me want to say "aww." But I'm also still a hypocrite when it comes to reading about what people call "stomach ache fetishes" because it weird me out to read stuff like that, probably because it's not Exactly how I feel...a lot of hypocrisy going on lol. So yeah, that's basically all I can think to say about it. I know it's obviously unusual, but I wanted to know if it's like EXTREMELY f***** up or something like that in your opinion. Thanks

Aug 24, 2017

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  • Once i ve been really in pain with my bellybutton.. would love talk u about it

  • How bout stomach sitting?

  • Definitely not

  • Everything you talked about is perfectly normal to me I normally don't like reading stuff inless it sports related. I really enjoy every single word you had thought on 😀😀😀

  • No, I don't think your fetish is too weird at all. It's different, but that's okay. Believe me, I can identify with your inward struggles over yourself and your secret stomach fetish.

    When I was a boy, my older teenage cousin always held me on her lap with her hands kept pulled back into my stomach a good inch to two inches deep. We never talked about it, we just did it all the time, so I have no idea how or why this practice got started.

    My cousin often held me this way openly in front of our family, and it was secretly affecting me in ways nobody (including probably her) ever recognized. I sometimes worried someone might get horrified if they noticed the weird abnormal way she was holding my stomach in. But nobody ever thought anything of it, in fact they usually paid no attention even when she was holding my stomach in two inches deep right out in front of everyone.

    This led to me asking my babysitter, a big brawny farmgirl, to hold me on her lap with her hands sunk back into my stomach "just as tight as you can." I think she found this a simple way to keep me entertained, and also to keep me conveniently immobilized and out of mischief. So whenever she came over to babysit she would hold my stomach all the way back in, excruciatingly white-hot ULTRA-tight, while we watched TV. I would sit there silent and still, locked on her lap and unable to go anywhere even if I tried.

    I cannot possibly exaggerate just how freaking TIGHT this huge farmgirl always held my stomach in... just about as absolutely tight as was physically possible. I don't think it could have gotten any tighter. And I loved it! Though I know I would have died if anyone else had ever seen the strange way she held me.

    So, like you, I've sometimes felt peculiar about my stomach fetish, which got started thanks to the way a couple of older teenage girls in my environment always held me on their laps. But in the end I'd say stomach fetishes like yours or mine are okay, different but not weird.

  • Well it could be worse. You could be into something ten times worse, like scat or something vulgar.

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