I confess that...

I confess that I'm addicted to reading confessions on confessionpost.com, I keep reading them all the time, day and night. And I'm also kinda embarrassed that I read them so I hide them like you'd hide p***.

So far I've read some of the most f***** up things. Things like weird fetishes, horrible people, horrible English, people with so much hate in their heart, trolls, depressed people (some say they're gonna commit suicide), even weirder fetishes, and very few people with actual issues looking for help.

I mostly keep tapping the random button and reading whatever comes up.

Anyway that's all I'm gonna go and read some more confessions.

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  • Me too! Clicking Random is the best way to go. I wish I could say that broadens the experience, but the vast majority of the "confessions" are despairingly similar to one another. (Partly because people aren't so different, part because half the posters here are mentally challenged obsessives with no lives) The percentage of genuine confessions ought to be a lot higher, but people are willfully stupid, so...

    It's a guilty pleasure but a nice diversion. The best part is trolling idiot posts and commenters, even if they're years old. Much more legal than doing brodies in the middle of a crowd, even though large chunks of humanity deserve exactly that.

    Hmm, my misanthropy is really playing up tonight. Guess I'll go read/troll some more "confessions" myself. Happy hunting, OP!

  • What a stupid bulldyke

  • Give it a few months and youll start trolling too. as far as horrible english goes about the same effort goes into this as text messages.

  • Me too

  • Lol me three.

  • And you post a lot

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