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I'm a teenager and I've never had an o*****, I've had s** with my boyfriend and I've blown him and I kinda liked it until he came and I gagged, I still didn't tell him that cause I didn't want him to be upset and he lasted 9 seconds when we had s** and I haven't gotten any pleasure, when he fingers me or licks my p****, he acts annoyed or whatever if I don't come in like 30 seconds, he even knows how insecure I get about s** things and now he won't lick anymore cause "he doesn't like it" he barely tried I know he's my bf so s** shouldn't matter but I want pleasure and I've been willing to do anything he wants in the sexual department and he won't take any time out of his time for me, maybe I'm selfish or whatever but I just need pleasure I'm only 13 but still is it so bad, he won't make me less scared when we have s** and I just want someone to make me relax and actually care whether or not I get off, and not just about themselves, is that so freaking wrong.

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  • Sounds like this boy is not experienced and is only conserned with his own satisfaction and not with yours, you might need to look to an older mature experienced man to get the satisfaction you so desire.
    No your not selfish but it really sounds like your boyfriend is selfish and your really not comfortable with having s** with him, in order to achive o***** you need to feel relaxed and at ease with your partner, you need someone who has genuine concern for you and your needs...

  • Ill f*** u

  • Okay obviously if he gets annoyed after thirty seconds of just fingering and licking either he is weak or he's just using you as a sexual object rather than someone he wants to please. Find someone else because there is always someone who can deliver and try to keep it at someone your age.

  • You're 13. S** at this age is actually illegal. Go back to masterbating. Your boyfriend isn't looking to please u, just please himself. Men change, and want to please their woman. And as far as him nit giving u an o*****. I have never reached it with my man and we have been together longer than you have been alive.

  • Idiot.

  • If he thinks he is the man he thinks he is... he will take instruction to how you "Like it" I personally like to be told what makes a "Woman Tick"

    You also need to remind him that girls like to be "Blown" too. Show him what you like. If you are sexually active at 13, I am sure you have been "Practicing" alone for some time. You know what feels good, and if you don't, you had better find out alone. Mr. Stumble, poke and "oops, I came" needs to sit on the side lines until you decide what you like. At this point, you are just his c** recepticle... and he leaves as Joe Cool. Stop that now!

    Noting wrong with masturbation, especially if it is to your sexual advancement. Once you "Really" feel the shudder, and he witnesses it... he will realize he is little league and probably run and cry in a corner.

  • Don't worry about having an o*****. They will come in time. Maybe not with this guy, but with someone else who is more interested in your pleasure than his. At 13, you will probably have a few more partners, now that you are active. Word will get around and you will be asked out by other guys, especially if you give them some action.

  • You are not wrong with You, yes You are a little young, if this is how you feel it's what you need to tell him in a safe and secure environment that way he'll feel comfortable and open to what you say.

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