I am a 15 year old guy and I have been fantasizing about trannies for a few months now. I don't understand why it has been happening just one night I fantasized about it. If anyone has any help or can relate please tell me. I just need help on why its happening. Like im not gay I have a gf but idk :/

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  • Dont worry you will be fine.

  • Thank you very much, Malena. You seem wise. haha -Bane98

  • You are definitely attracted to the female form but you find it erotic that she has something extra in between her legs.
    There's nothing wrong with that. Expression of sexuality has different shades of gray. Don't label yourself as gay or anything because you are definitely a straight guy who happens to be attracted with a beautiful chick with a d***.
    Trust me, I'm one of those girls :)

  • You're not the only one. There are tons of us guys that the mere thought of being with a man makes us nauseated, that would love to do all the nasty things we want with a transgender girl. By the way they hate the term tranny /s****** /ladyboy. FYI So don't call them that or you will never get in there panties. Plus remember transgendered girls don't always want a man that will touch there junk. You need to look for Non op Transgenders. Pre ops and post ops see themselves as women not gay men and the last thing they want is a man that wants to such their d**** because that would make you and them gay and thats not what they want.. Transgender is very complicated in real life not like p*** sites and unfortunately us guys have to learn the hard way which ones will even want to do the stuff we really want to do.

  • Please don't feel bad. There are a lot of straight men attracted to trannies. Or maybe you do have soe bi tendencies, but it is nothing to worry about. If it makes you feel good, please don't feel guilty or bad. You are absolutely normal. Sexual desires are not black and white, they run to all kinds of fantasies and levels. You're ok, man. Have fun with your fantasy and I hope you get to try it for real.

  • It's very possible you have gay/bi tendencies. Maybe you can't admit it to yourself so that though of a man in the role of a woman is something more palatable to you. There's nothing wrong with being gay/bi if that's what you are.

  • I am a girl, and i think trannies are the sexiest people in the world. all the beauty of a woman, And a p****. its so hot.

  • I agree 100%. Soooooooo hot!!

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