I want a Korean Boyfriend?

Why don't they like black girls? Why doesn't anybody like black girls? Why is everybody so racist?

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  • *rolleyes* Yes, princess, it's because you're black. Not because of anything else which we don't know because we can't see or hear you and don't know you as a person. People don't get together for millions of reasons, but you're just so right-- the ONLY one that applies in THIS situation is that the other person is a racist.

    Blacks like you are like a 400 pound virgin with no social skills crying online about how Victoria's Secret models aren't crawling all over him. It's not because he's huge and smells like a$$ dipped in sock sweat or can't talk about anything other than World of Warcraft, oh no. It's CLEARLY because girls hate "nice guys". Clearly.

    Shut the fvck up, OP. Fast.

  • Also, why do you only want a Korean boyfriend? That's pretty racist right there. Oops, I called a black person a racist. Hurry now, lose your mind completely and tell ME what a racist I am... *rolleyes again*

  • Hi, random black fool. Could you not play the race card every single time you don't get your way? The rest of us are done with that crap.

  • ^God, SRSLY^

  • But they're tiny. you won't feel a thing

  • Sorry, I'm not Korean (I'm Caucasian), but I love black girls. Love them. Can't get enough, really. I'm sorry you're encountering so many racists, and racist attitudes, but if you keep looking, you'll find what you need. I wish you the best.

  • Cause black girls are hoes.

  • Try a dating website.

  • What are you talking about??? I'm a white male and I only date black girls...... sounds like you are looking in the wrong place. ;-)

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