Wierd fetish

My ex ( a s** addict) and I tried pretty much everything in the bedroom. After years there werent many new things to try so things got odd ... I have an eating disorder ( I'm bullimic) one day he came home early and caught me shoving my fingers down my throat and forcing myself to throw up. He seemed suprised at first but must have had an idea that I did that because after we started having s**, I sucked him and he said he wanted to make me throw up with his d*ck. he shoved it down my throat until I threw up all over it and then he came. it became a new s** game to us to see if he could gag me until I threw up.

May 24, 2012

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  • I've struggled with eating disorders too. Even though I'm trying NOT to vomit anymore, I'm jealous of your girlfriend. I've always thought it hot if I had a guy that'd 'accidently' get me to puke on his long c***. If I did though I'd still be bulimic, but it wouldn't be 'my fault.'

  • Dude whts ur problem no one wants to no that not to the person but to the person that posted the comment u said that on like six confessions wht is wrong with you

    Btw i feel for the person that wrote the confession i always wondered since i heard about about eating disorders wht it would be like is it bad or have u like learned to live with it

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