Wow...everything I think about for most of my life. Worth the read, it covers alot.
First off, I'm a guy.
1- Most of the girls I hang around I just want s**, sorry, I don't like you.
2- If you don't ever ask me if I like you, don't assume I do.
3- I was raised as in independent person. Sometimes I'm not affectionate, deal with it or leave. I really don't care which.
4- I did intentionally trip that guy in 3rd grade. He had to have several stitched in his legs arms and face. I was dared to do it. I was stupid. I'm sorry. Even 15 years later. I lied about it too. I'm sorry for that too.
5- I've stolen more than my body weight in silver from jewelry vendors in malls. It's what got me into sleight of hand. I'm sorry for stealing, but not for what it gave me in the long run. It taught me a lot about life.
6- My brother might be gay. While I don't personally care about being gay or straight, I dropped him out of his rocker when he was around a year old because I wasn't paying attention while playing a video game. Being gay is a harder way to go through life, and if his brain was damaged because of me, I feel terrible. Even if being gay or not has nothing to do with it, I'< SORRY I WAS TOO SELFISH TO WATCH OVER YOU JAY(my Brother)
7- I have never lied to get s**, but I have withheld the truth. I'm a guy. I want s** alot. I'm sorry.
8- I don't care if other people breed between races, but it's something I won't do. Because I believe on a genetic level on diversity. I'm sorry destiny. I liked you but I wasn't willing to have kids with you because my genes would have died with you. Sorry.
9- I'm not sure wether or not this child is mine, but if it is, I'm sorry about all the horrible things I said to you. Mostly to your face. I didn't actually mean any of them. I like you more than you know, and it scared me. But when I found out you cheated on me the same day I found out you were pregnant, I panicked. I still think about you and the baby(unborn) every day. Even if it isn't mine I wish we could at least be friends. And I wish I was a strong enough/weak enough man to deal with it all. I love you dana, I wish you truly knew. Be Well.

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