I cant escape myself

When I was 5 years old I went over to my neighbors house and their sons were showing each other their d**** and then got me to show them mine. Then when I was ten I ended up playing with my friends d*** and he played with mine when we were playing truth or dare. Even when I was younger after I got introduced to these kind of things I would always try to seduce my male friends, almost every single one of them even ones that I didn't like that much.
I've messed around with guys off of Craigslist probably about 10 to 15 guys as an adult. ive also been in a romantic relationship with a 14 year old boy when I was 20, I've also messed around with other boys that were much younger than me, but I didn't force then or anything, but every single time I've basically despised myself more and more. It seems like I can't escape this lifestyle boys and guys in general just seem attracted to me and want to get physically close to me, sometimes I keep my distance from friends that care just because I don't want to seduce them and turn them into what I am.
I want to get married and have kids but I feel like its not fair to drag a girl into my screwed up sexual world. I feel like God is changing me slowly but its hard to believe sometimes.

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  • Hey, don't let ppl judge you. I have been in your same shoes. Guys my age and younger have felt my mouth and my c***. It's really hard to stop but you can do it. If you just focus on the positive and give yourself something to do when the urges come, then you can make it. Now, I'm still struggling, been fooling around with my ex's lil bro for 4 years. But I'm slowly ending all urges. You can do it man. Good luck.

  • Turn yourself into law enforcement. You have violated a minor YOU SICK F***!!!


  • We don't steal business. No, really!


  • Be yourself and don't force yourself to be something else.


  • Be yourself and don't force yourself to be something else.

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