My husband has turned me into a s** slave

I knew my husband was sexually domineering before we got married, and I kinda liked that. He won't let me wear bras and orders me to be naked when he comes home from work and has made me undress in front of hotel windows when we go on vacation. I must be a submissive because I love it when he makes me do sexual things.

On the nights his best friend comes over, my husband makes me wear a low cut dress with no bra so that when I serve food bending over, his friend can see all of my t***. I didn't like that in the beginning, but now it turns me on. I like seeing his friend looking down my dress and enjoying the view.

The last time his friend was at our house my husband began telling him how much I loved s** and how I was a pro at sucking him off. I told my husband to stop and got embarrassed, but I felt terribly h**** when he did that.

Now when my husband and I are having s** in bed he tells me his best friend has a big c*** that would feel good inside me, and though I tried to be a good girl at first and ignore what my husband was saying, after a few nights of his s** talk about his best friend's big c*** I began to get excited and imagined how good that big c*** would feel.

My husband said today that the next time his best friend comes over, he's going to order me to have s** with him, and he said I'll have to do it. I'm a faithful wife and wouldn't want anybody else, but if my husband orders me to have s** with his best friend I will, and I have to admit with all the s** talk he has me curious about how his best friend's big c*** would feel inside me.


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  • I secretly captured all the action and uploaded on for the whole world to see:

  • Is that your wife or some w****. She's not bad at all! But she is not satisfied by your small 3.5 inch c***. Too small for such gorgeous lady and she is scratching her thighs in one of the videos. Very small shaft to penetrate and satisfy such a beautiful sexy lady.....she need atleast 6" inch c*** for real pleasure.... Allow her to be f***** by 9-10 inch c*** and see her enjoyment. Would you let me f*** her? I'll tell you if you would l she wouldn't be talking! she'd be moaning on my big d*** as I c** 4 or 5 times in her! And I mean deep inside of her! I'd f*** the woman till she couldn't walk! When I c** , I bury it in as far as it will go and only pull a half inch out, I'd keep it deep , and watch her eyes pulsate , listen to her moan , as she takes load after load of my c** , all night long! You can watch and make videos also. Can also enjoy a threesome and you can also suck my C*** and feel the difference if you are bi-sexual.

  • You need to do what my wife of 34 years does in this kind of need to have a I want to know how it would feel to have his c*** b**** deep into your p****. So make a move to get into his pants with out your husband knowing and have you a totally new and exciting experience then when your husband tells you to tuck hi as friend you will be ready to get into it and know you will have a great time riding on another man's c I co .

  • Bullshit , they are married and she is in privileged position with husband wanting her to enjoy sexual with another,all inclusive.

  • She has permission to be a sexual w**** and she decides and choose who she ducks when and where she alows other c*** to have her for there sexual activity and she decides it he can bareback her and inseminate her by shooting his fertile cumm as deep and far into her as he can.

  • My wife and I have been married for 34 years. And from day one I had been working on my wife to forget her view on s** and become interested and into the kind and type of sexual activity that I have been into and enjoying since I was 12 years old. I have a great fetish and desire to transforme my wife into a hot wife who likes to be shared with any sexual partners who would like to have her participate in a sexual activity of there choice. I want my wife to persue sexual relations with other males 18 to? for her and my total sexual satisfaction enjoyment . It was not a easy undertaking to get my wife to get into and understand what I am telling her I want her to accepted and do. since the day we got married we have had and been in a totally open marriage with her and I having total sexual freedom in any sexual activity that either she or I would have desire to get involved in. she has totally transformed into the kind of wife and sexual pardner i desire .

  • When we were younger I loved watching my wife expose herself to others, both guys and girls. As well as sharing her with my friends as well as total strangers. At times in adult theaters & bookstores where she'd be g********* in public while others watched. We also swapped with other couples and she'd usually have s** with the other wife too.

    She'd lay on the bed in motels with the curtain partially open & m********* or sometimes she'd be sucking my c*** or I'd f*** her. We'd order room service or have a pizza delivered and she'd answer the door naked and try and seduce the delivery person. And on lots of occasions sucked their c*** or f***** them. She'd let the housekeeper walk in on her naked or sometimes while she sucked my c*** and would try and get them to join us.

    She even answered the door for our 12-13yo paperboy and one of his buddies in a towel when he came to collect and let the towel fall of so they could see her naked as well as walking in front of the windows naked so our mailman could see her naked. And seduced several delivery guys & maintenance men. She f***** most of my friends and set it up for me to f*** her best friend, one of her cousins and her younger sister, all at her suggestion.

    Yet I never pushed her into anything and left it up to her. L enjoyed all of it, but would have never forced her to do any of it. We lived that sort of lifestyle for over 20yrs and I lost track of how many guys she f***** there were so many. And we've been married for 45yrs. So I guess I was just lucky. And would never think of her as a slave or submissive.

  • Your a fortunate man.. Would LOVE to share mine, and watch her ride my friends 8". Have asked her to ,and she refuses.. When I do get her to j*** me off, I always mention to her I would love to see George in her... But so goes the rest...

  • F*** his friend bareback while your ovulating and let that big c*** of his breed you.

  • In 34 years of marriage and in a totally open marriage the whole time I have seen my wife get knocked up by other males age 17 to 65 because she has a totally fetish for f****** guys with fertile sperm bareback and demanding that they only c** inside her as deep and as much c** as he can produce

  • In 34 years she has been knocked up 8 times by who ever was f****** her and blasted his fertile baby seed into her tuck w**** womb.

  • I have been with a cheating spouse before and trust me I know how it feels, those suspicions are not mere paranoia. If you suspect that he is cheating, he might actually be..I hired a PI who helped me install monitoring bugs on his phone that diverted all his messages( facebook, whatsapp, text messages, and even phone calls) to my phone; is the man for the job with a very high level of professionalism and highly reliable. I really enjoyed working with him and the few friends I told have been nothing but thankful to me for the referral. Drop him a text or call+1 6 1 7 4 0 2 2 2 6 0. Lastly, he provides proof or service he had provided to other clients before requesting payment.

  • Where did she say anything about her husband cheating?

  • If you want the same thing as your husband by f****** his friend--WOW go for it babe!!!--you're soo h**** with your responses xx

  • Nice, mine is submissive also, she's 61, 4'11" ,95lbs, blonde, blue eyes, 36c's, swallows and prefers doing it bareback ! Life is good in northern nevada

  • She is 61 ? Sounds like a p**** I would love to. Squirt a couple of cumm loads into .oh while I am busting nuts in your p**** feel free to bust as many as you like deep into my wife and see if you can be #9 to knock knock her up .

  • Embrace the freedom your hubby has given you to enjoy your sexuality, you should get them inside of you at the same time. You would love the way it will make you feel. Tell hubby you don’t want to use a rubber that you want to feel both of them c** in you

  • Its a wonderful feeling and my ex GF loved to be the centre of attention with s**** in all her holes !! xx

  • Everyone has a fantasy and preference of a relationship I would love to be in one but I'm take my time on that cause he has to be the right one

  • My ex turned me into an obsessed resentful shadow of myself. I hated her 24/7. She gaslighted me into thinking I was crazy. I had so much evidence and she managed to destroy me. The infidelity was heartbreaking. But denying me closure was a permanent scar in my soul. I found out about her cheating when I consulted a professional hacker''hackingloop6@gmail . c om'' who hacked her phone and gave me remote access to all her phone activities. I've moved on, but I'll never be the same. There will always be chapters in my life that can't be closed.Hackingloop is also reachable on  WhatsApp + 1 484  540 - 0785,contact him if your partner's commitment is in doubt.

  • I wish I had a dominant husband. Your very lucky

  • I enjoy having s** with hubby's black friend, my situation was similar. I told hubby I could see David's bulge in his pants and wanted to see it. I also wanted hubby watching me have s** with our friend.

  • Open and sensually natural
    So hot and h****!!
    Trust you enjoy the warm sticky wetness !

  • Omg thats sexy

  • Thats gonnna make me c**

  • You are a w**** just like every other woman. Stop the denial bullshit and spread your legs s***! I doubt you're good for much else

  • And you, sir, never get real s**, am I right?

  • Go all the way bareback , suck him off

  • Wow...!!!

  • Do yourself a favour. Take your husband's friend and f*** the daylights out of him. Suck his c*** and let him f*** you any which way. We only live once. peter

  • Go for it; enjoy.

  • How does the husband know how big his friend's c*** is? XD

  • Wife wears nylons and short skirt , to flash nylon tops and more.

  • This happened in reverse to me!! I was the guy that the husband talked about and that night did happened and it DID happen. It was all great until the next day,my best fren really has remorse after the hottest s** his wife has ever had, I am blessed below the border and that is what is really hammering my frens ability to get over that ONE night. Be careful it can last forever in the wrong way

  • Now my husbands friend Cody,whom everyone knows I hate when visiting takes liberties and puts his hands on my ass and t*** when friends are not looking .He knows I cant say a word or he may say I wear his clothing .My nipples are so hard and literally I am so wet I cant uncross my legs. I cant stop wanting more omg!

  • I cant stop rubbing myself against Cody like its hard to get by or go up stairs when he goes to the bathroom and I do not need to I said you better not tell anyone what I do do you?

  • Cody’s girlfriend I called gross and fat who I’m fatter than now swears and says I know you’re f****** that fat b**** .he says no then she’s always saying I know your fat Pittsburgh w**** sucks your d*** then,I can’t stop asking to tell me what his girlfriend says during s** now.

  • We know your dying to say more like your husbands friend you cant stand has f***** you already while your wearing his tee shirt if not more! lets hear it.

  • Too hot

  • You can take my fat c*** if you needs little bit more than ever do from your flies knit relationship

  • You have a c***? You’d better spit it out cuz it ain’t yours.

  • Very hot!

  • Get mental health assistance. Clearly you are psychotic.

  • Loved it I would definitely enjoy wife doing same

  • S***!

  • Wow

  • It has been such a long time since those encounters. I hope it happened. hope you were stretched well. Obviously your husband wanted you to become his s*** and you wanted it also. Hope by now you are a seeing other men on a steady basis.

  • I knew my husband was into kinky and preverted s** since we were just boy friends. But I have to admit I like it beacuse with him it's thrilling and difrent from any other man I had been with. He once told me to wear a short skirt with out panties and then lifted it up so his friend could see my p****. I was so embarrassed when he spread my butt cheek telling him a loved getting eaten out. I had never been so embarrassed but some how aroused at the same time. I knew it was the frist step to get me to have s** with him because he knew I was atracted to him.

  • OMG Once asked my G/F Just To

  • Good job! You know who owns you, your husband always knows what’s best remember that

  • Enjoy it-i love to be a friend with you and your husband

  • You're a pedophile. You wouldn't like it with an adult.

  • Where did he or she say anything bout f****** kid's maybe you want senecio just little bit more than life so go kill yourself

  • Awww, the toddler strangler is all bent out of shape. Relax. Put a shotgun in your mouth. Pull trigger. Problem solved.

  • I like it with both for your information

  • Keep everyone else away from your spouse. You have no idea what the next person is thinking. If you say "My husband/wife would never cheat with my friends then you need to wake-up.If given the opportunity to happen it most certainly will happen.I don't even need for my blood brothers, cousins, to have a close relationship with my spouse,i learnt my lesson after my best friend clearly had two years affair with my girlfriend,i knew my girl's behavior became unusual but i never suspected it to be with my friend.All thanks to 'hackingloop6@ gmail . c o m' for their investigative and hacking service that helped me gain access to all her phone activities remotely and exposed her cheating ass,though it was so painful,but i feel much better finding out. hackingloop is also him for any hacking related issue,he helped me with the evidence i needed.please keep everyone else out of your relationships. Don't give 'em a head start on their deceit.

  • My wife make me do thing to her boyfriend

  • O yes i love to be a b**** for anyone

  • Same here. She doesn't like to suck c*** or a***, so I take care of that for her.

  • Seeking a mature Sub anyone near riverside ca?

  • I'm near riverside I'm in apple valley

  • We r near riverside

  • Too long ago

  • Wish I had a s*** GF or wife who'd willingly let herself be enslaved by me. It turns me on seeing b****** get brutally dominated and treated like f*** toys.

  • Lol and thats exactly why you won't find her. You can't buy them off the shelf premade You mold them into your F*** toy. You teach them what they are to become. From the first day you meet. My current f*** toy wasn't a Virginia when we met she had to have all lights off (incredibly insecure)and was used to being in total control. She actually tried dictating ground rules.. she had been with 5 guys her control issues stem from being molested by a family member and raped by a stranger. From the first time In my bed I started working first had to get passed insecurity and a heap load of other undesirable habits. Now 18 years later if I say go introduce yourself to a friend of mine or a stranger. She tells them who and what she is as she starts servicing the c*** I pointed out. What all she has done would fill encyclopedias. Would she cheat ROFL it would be fun one zi found out she would be in for a long reconditioning . She's a happy f*** toy she will happily tell you she will service and drain any c*** I tell her and only I choose. Feel free to approach here on your own she will send you to me or packing.. Best of luck in your quest

  • I have to be in different position each night when my hubby gets home. I can only wear g strings. He likes showing me off. He owns my body and I love it

  • Fat B****!

  • I love that response. These guys that say they want a sub miss the point. woman arnt subs they are trained and taught to be what we want as their man and owner

  • Finally someone who knows what it's all about brother from another mother I'm the mister that wants to put it to your sister

  • The only “sister” you want to put it to is your cross-dressing Dad.

  • Good girl I’m glad you obey your husband so well! I doubt you own any other clothes

  • My hubby is my master. And we have been doing this forever his favorite thing is watch or listen out side the door to me screaming. It so hot

  • Good girl! My wife of 33 yrs is my Collared Submissive S*** Wife. Always knew inside that good girl that kept herself unbroken until age 23. When she met me!! To keep herself from giving up cherry she gave a few bjs ( wasn't any good at unexperienced ) but I knee a totally Submissive S*** was in her. They all have that inner S*** that one day comes out. Married her and within ten years She was fully submissive and absolutely loved it, Collared and owned by me her husband/Sir/Master. What's so misunderstood in a Dominant/Submissive relationship is more submissive She is the more power she actually has. But, only such a relationship can be had when you are paired with your soul mate, best friend, and sharing everything between each other. Time, patience, persistence and knowing your Woman is the key to longevity of a great marriage. It works for us for over three decades and counting. ...

  • Some time back my graduate level best friend alongwith his wife came to our town on business trip and stayed at our house. We used to talk over phone all things under the world and also our personal s** issues. Once we too have discussed off swapping our wife and s** together and had laughed over phone. On that day at my home, while we went out to have a walk in park, the swap s** popped up. I told my wife would not agree. He told his wife was ready for group s** and she may help my wife to agree for the act tonight. I told him our bedroom door shall not be locked from inside and while we will be in the act of s** you both may storm in nude and see how things work out. Getting my wife full naked telling her my friend who has a big c*** may be f****** his wife now and folding my knees and pushing beside her round butts rested my erect c*** on her stomach and started nibbling her ears which gives her the arousal. Then lights came on and my friend and wife barged in and said thought of giving you people a company. Startled my wife said hey what you people are up to. I said don't worry just they will give us a company only. My friend sat on the side my wife and lay beside my wife. She sensing some wrong just pulled up her knees and my friend with that 8 inch c*** slowing sliding by the butt crack touching her backside of the p**** lying beside cuddled her from behind. Meantime I two pushed his wife and my wife was wedged in that position. I signaled my friend to start and her slowly put his fingers down her p**** and started stimulating and too followed suit with his wife. I knew my wife to submissive and some assurance from my side we enjoyed to full night. I morning while they were leaving she gave my friend full liplock kiss while he just fondled her b**** and other hand cupping her p****. After they left we went to the bedroom and had another s** and I felt a different wife too h**** and sexy.

  • You must be one ugly f....r

  • How do I turn my wife into a s** slave? She said she would be before marriage now she is not

  • You got suckers into marriage.


  • How do I ask my husband treat me like his s** slave? I keep calling him daddy or sir when he’s fuc@!ng me but he’s not taking it anywhere. I made him s** coupons and he won’t use any of them.

  • Tell me while your having s** that you will do anything he asks. You should offer to drain him for no reason.

  • Make him a f*** video with a Dom and say Honey this is what I need. I'll set the equipment up I set sometime aside. FEB. 1 DON'T BE LATE or We will make the Video in your Bedroom infront of Hubby. Id be most displeased and you wouldn't want to be a fucktoy when I'm unhappy.

  • You cant make him. He needs to want it. I have trained and taught my wife to be the perfect obedient and submissive c** s***. She tells me that when I begin owning her and not being a partner her life became perfect.

  • Your husband don't know what he's missing.

  • Meant “I would have you do ....” not puke, that was a typo.

  • I wish you were my wife, I puke have you do all sorts of filthy things and have people use you mmm

  • I literally would do ANYTHING he told me to do.

  • Would you now. Such blank statements are my favorite. FEB 1 OR I might have to take hubby to the Adult theater while your clear the house of ALL CUMMERS Id expect no less then 25 C**** serviced on a slow night. ( and before any of you losers talk s*** ) look up fantasyland 1 and 2 tampa Fl on pornhub)

  • And you bought into that?

  • That sounds totally hot he loves it you love it have fun with it don’t hold back with his friend f*** him really good that’s what I would want my wife to do

  • Pretty pathetic that you have to do something you should not have to do. You deserve better.

  • I used to love sucking my husbands c*** and did so until last year. I also enjoyed him f****** me really hard. He also used me whenever he felt like it.
    Know, he has dementia is in a nursing home. And I pleasure myself by being a nipple pain s*** who tortures her own t***. I am a very happy old pain s***

  • To bad i would love to use your nipple clamps with 1lb clamps and flog your P**** nice and red

  • Ima 66 year old man. I love to cross dress. Ive been taking an herbal supplement to enhance my b****** for a while now. I love to use nipple pumps . My nipples get bigger and I squeeze and pinch them . I cant leave then alone. I started out using clothes pins on them and gradually got up to clamping them with a medium size office clip. Sometimes I'll use a butt plug at the same time. I think about sucking men's c**** while I'm "clamped" The pain is outstanding.

  • OMG, you need a whipping and a stiff d*** down your throat.

  • I want to be an online sub. Thus I need an online dom.
    I need help

  • It's not as odd as it sounds. I had an online sub, at first I thought the idea was quite stupid because I couldn't witness her pain in person. She was in England and I was in California. I have to admit, I made her do things on camera which WERE very erotic. She wanted to see me get erect while she tortured her nipples and c***. Her cries of pain did it for me!

  • If you were my wife id have you f*** many men for me . Id love watching you take big c**** and cleaning up after!

  • This sounds amazing. I wish my husband was like you.

  • I’ll be yo Daddy babygirl 😽

  • I have turned my wife into a submissive s***. I make her dress up in sexy outfits and then take pictures of her to put on the internet. I will have her on her knees sucking and licking my b**** and then have her j*** me off onto her face and make her clean her face and swallow all my c**. I've even had her get dressed up in her sexy outfit and took her for a drive to a local park where I had her walk around. Once we were out doing this and a guy walked up and saw her and she called him over, I told her to get on her knees and suck him off, she did as she was told. I have her wear a collar and leash when we go shopping to let her know that I own her.

  • I would love to see some pics of your s*** -

  • I love being treated like that! She is one lucky woman!

  • Down on your knees. Show me your t***, now lay back and m********* for me.

  • You like being treated as a submissive? I would make you do all kinds of things, I would post pictures of you naked on the internet. Would you like that my submissive slave....

  • Yes Sir. Please!

  • Yes, Sir I would. I am at your disposal. My former Master had a weekly poker game. I served drinks & snacks in a crotch less corset w/ stockings & a peek a boo bra. I wore a collar. His friends took turns spanking me, forcing their c**** down my throat & 2 would tag team me. I would suck his c***, while his friend mounted me from behind. The s** was rough but they were satisfied. One would twist my nipples til I screamed. They always shot c** inside either my throat or in my ass.
    I loved being used like the w**** that I’m meant to be.

  • Good girl message me lycan3006@gmail. and we will can discuss weather you have been s*** enoughto earn the right to be strapped into the breeding bench we can discuss it while we are at the truck stop ,
    Rest area ,or adult theater

  • Yes you are i would love to use you

  • Lucky lady

  • If you were my submissive what would you like me to command you to do?

  • Tie me down on your bed spread eagle. Whip me, beat me, have your friends gang rape me.F*** me from behind like a w****. C** in my mouth. P*** on me.

  • Oh this one has potential but be careful what you wish for because I'll make sure you get it and then some

  • I would love you to be my wife, I would make sure you were used.

  • Anyone close to Eug ne Or looking for a submissive?

  • Yes I am in portland will travel at first I processe of buying a house it's going to need to be clean with a sexy woman's touch@ hit me up if still in need of a master/daddy

  • Im in Vancouver wa. and would love to have a submissive to f*** many men for me. Id make you my s***

  • Talk to me doll

  • I am looking for a sub send me your email.

  • I am a dirty c**k sucking s**t for my husband. We have been together for 10 years. I have woken him up every morning for the past 10 years by sucking his c**k until he c*** down my throat. I work full time, he comes to my work 3 times a day to have his b**** drained in the carpark. His rules are that i have to suck his c**k to completion 4 times a day and he must f**k my a*s and p***y atleast once a day (or as much as he pleases). He drives me to and from work everyday of which i am to be topless and suck his c*** the entire way. I have 3 tattoos.. 1 above my p**** that says *Adams c*m s**t*, 1 above my ass that says *Adams dirty wh**e* and 1 on the back of my thigh that says *Property of Adam.*

  • Nice fiction, Gladys Kravitz!

  • Haha do u mean Gladys Kravitz that was the noisy neighbour from the tv show Bewitched that was made in some decades ago? The name sounds like her name is why I asked

  • Honeymooners dumbass it was endora from Bewitched dumbass

  • Endora was Samantha's mother not the nosey neighbor. The neighbor was Gladys Kravitz. DUMBASS...

  • Anyone close to Eug ne Or looking for a submissive s***?

  • I said yes to up a few messages reply to you look for cockshadow

  • I'm sure as h*** NOT into sharing. I want my girlfriend to be "mine" for the duration of our relationship. The girls that I've dated always seemed to like being possessed and they want to please me. The pleasing goes both ways so we both get what we want and need. There are a lot of girls and women out there who want to be manhandled but not hurt. They want me to let go and use them for my pleasure. For my part, I love seeing and feeling them squirm and writhe under painful arousal. Holding them tight while spanking as a real turn on for both. Don't let 'em go and make them take it and she'll be yours forever (LOL).

  • You know I couldn't have said it better myself good job bro

  • Nice job s***

  • I too am a submissive wife. My husband loves to play with me under the table in public places an finds it especially exciting when I am absorbed and almost ready to c** and he makes me order. I rarely wear bras, he loves to see my nipples protruding from a thin blouse when we are out. When he has friends over for poker night he has me dressed as a maid. I have to tease the men but nothing more than flashing them my naked breast when I bend down. He will often place his hand up my dress when he is sitting there and start fingering me. The guys are all eyes but no one says anything. Afterwards we have amazing s**, I have to admit that it makes me extremely h****. The idea of being "caught" in public can become obsessive…...

  • How do I get my husband to treat me like that?

  • Just ask

  • It started similar with my wife but out in public places, short skirt, no panties, white blouse no bra, me teasing her clitty under the table or sat on the bus/train, park bench etc people trying not to stare was funny, one time she came so big she was bucking and shuddering like having a fit and a middle aged lady asked us if she was ok, we burst out laughing, one time up at a beauty spot we were in a small copse, her splayed over a dead tree trunk, me eating her exposed c***, old man came out the bushes tossing his real big thick meat, stood just a few feet from us egging me on, as she came he shot all over her tiny t*** and her neck then swiftly shuffled away into the bushes

  • Would love to chat with your hubby!!!

  • What would you tell him? Could you get him to treat me like a s*** wife?

  • Come to me.... I’ll treat you as the s*** wife you are. Always ready to service whoever I chose. That’s exactly what I want!

  • You could start by putting a noose around your neck and hanging yourself in the garage. When he comes home he WILL notice you. In the house leave a suicide note that just says, "I did this because you never treated me like a s*** wife." You will definitely get the last laugh!

  • I love to stretch my submissive wife. I make her wear mini skirts and sometimes when we kiss in public, I will fondle her bum and lift her skirt so others can see. She is torn because she hates it but she knows her submission strengthens the bond between us.

  • the man...would love to chat... -

  • Sounds like nice fun. keep the s** limited to your own partner, and you will have a long fun relationship.

  • That's so hot! I bet you look forward to poker nights?

  • Nice

  • We started the same way. It has become obsessive for us as well.
    I sit on him in parking lots and ride him to o*****.
    I finger myself in restaurants so he can watch my eyes, face, and c** w/me. We have even f***** in front of his mother as she jerked herself off. Next I want him to f*** his mother while I j*** off directing them.
    Do you think that's going too far?

  • You should eat his mom's c*** hole while he's f****** you and then she should do the same for you. After he c*** in his mom have her dip it into his mouth, He'll get hard again.

  • That is so awesome

  • Wonderful, not too far at all!

  • Way too far

  • That would be the hottest thing ever.

  • I have a black boyfriend and he says he does things in public to show that he "owns" me. We will be talking with his fiends and his arm will be draped over my shoulder and his fingers playing with my breast. He is always squeezing my buttocks, even when we are walking. In the theater he has made me give him oral s** or he will pull my skirt up and play with me, not caring who is next to us. He loves to demonstrate his power over me and I don't mind, I do what I am told. He has teased me several times that he is going to make me "do his boys", but so far just a tease. He says I am just his "white Ho"!! I must admit, I am his "s***" and accept being his "slave"!!

  • You're a gross ass b****. If you wanna f*** monkeys then keep that s*** to yourself, and soon enough you will become a single mother to a niglet who will turn out to be a piece of s*** as well.

  • Racist much

  • What in the h*** are you doing allowing a n***** to touch you. You own him stupid.
    Find a good white man. Shame on you.

  • Get over your tiny white d*** hey I'm a huge red neck but get with the times we bought them and brought them here deal with it or you can go to africa and take overnight if you live that long

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  • Here’s a thought... I’m sure he wouldn’t think as himself as a slave...

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  • I like to whip and cane my gf. She hates it and the more she submits to the pain the more I get turned on

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  • I grew up in the church and married a girl I met there. We had both done many bible studies and some of these talk about wives being submissive. We never had s** before the wedding night. When we went to have s** we were both pretty hesitant but we did it. over probably the next year we had a lot of s** and also talked about how we should have godly s**. My wife said it was selfish of her to only have s** when she wanted it and that being in submission to me meant that I should initiate.

    We even used to practice where foreplay was a few minutes of prayer and then we would both take our clothes off and she would like there as passive and still as she could and I would push in and f*** her and then after I pulled out we would lie there and discuss whether she had been submissive enough or if she had resisted.

    Unfortunately her attitude changed and she ended up leaving me.

  • Good for her!

  • I wish you had s** with me

  • U are not a s** slave, u are an abuse victim!!!! GET OUT NOW AT ALL COSTS.
    That man is and evil!!!!!

  • Nope,he is pergect

  • She likes this behavior

  • I treated a girlfriend like this and she ended up becoming a nymphomaniac.
    I saw her two years ago and she aged 20yrs within the 7 yrs we broke up.
    I tolerated her undersexed desires till she told me she wanted to be ganged banged.
    I'm not into sloppy seconds so I left her go find herself.
    Her dad hates me but her mom & sisters says she made these decisions and was taught to be a free thinking woman.
    That's who I thought she was.
    She was nerd sexy and has a body I nerd like me always dreamt of.

    Please maintain your self respect of you go for your desire(s).

  • See this is one of those insecure guys that can't help become a jealous A****** FeB 1 "sloppy seconds " lol Have you ever even seen a VIRGIN take her cloths off. Its extremely rare that insecure guys get Virgins. So have you decided to join a ministry? Since you can't find virgins

  • To each thier own grumpy

  • I always knew all my husbands friends wanted and wished they could have me being way hotter than thier wives i always enjoyed flirting and teasing them while telling the girls i would never ever. like revenge of the nerds! then my husband would tell me specifics what they fantasized doing to me and now i get wet seeing them and fantasize what if and what if friends caught me with them

  • You should let go and let them all f*** you!

  • Now i make sure im there and they never said a word and im teasing them then throwing myself at them wet as a girl could be tell me what to do please

  • Love revenge of the nerds hot cheerleader..... by nerd

  • If you were my wife id want you to f*** them anytime you wanted to.

  • My husband and I just finished discussed hosting our dinner party for three other couples tomorrow night. apparently my request to wear clothes for one night in our house is denied. I made the mistake of agreeing to no exceptions. im just p***** I agreed to this rule. each couple knows I will be nude the entire time. just nervous about it I guess. nothing I can do

  • Good girl tell more

  • Gotta love Blank checks .....FEB 1... if you return To this sight I'll expect you to fill me in on how the dinner party turned out..FEB 1

  • Let the men see your p**** shaved and check their buldges out . maybe take feels of their c**** thru pants when you can.

  • Very hot tell us more

  • Did you have the dinner party?
    If so how embarrassed were you,and what was everyone's reaction to you?

  • Enjoy it s***. There's nothing better than being ogled and admired by every man and woman in the room. Let them all touch you. You and hubby will love it. Trust me, we do it all the time.

  • Where do you live ?

  • Philly

  • Will you be required to perform oral s** on your guests? I'll bet the girls would like that a lot more than one would think. The girls will immediately pick up on you're total submission and will probably want you to eat them to completion . . . even more fun for you to eat them out AFTER their studs f*** 'em.

  • I want to be cody and controll you

  • My husband has just suggested I should always greet him naked even when we have guests he has made it clear this would please him should I do this

  • I made it clear to my wife, before we were married, I strongly preferred her to be naked or in attractive lingerie whenever she was home. She asked what to do when someone knocked. I said to fully answer the door. If she still felt the need, after answering the door, to put something on that she'd keep behind the door. She did NOT like it or comply in the beginning as most of our unexpected guests were her family members. After they stopped arriving unannounced she slowly started to do as I asked more. Sometimes she'd strip JUST before she expected me home.

    One evening I came home to find four youth males peeking in my bedroom window. They took off when they noticed me walking up. Inside, my wife was in a matching bra and panty set. I told her what I just saw and she was shocked... and aroused. Ever since she saw Porky's, she has always wanted to be spied on. After that night, she started doing as I had asked and she agreed to before marriage. Our pizza deliveryman made it clear he LOVED delivering to us.

    The first time I brought home a coworker I snuck a call and warned her I was bringing home company but I wanted her to be naked and 'surprised' before covering up. I had called and warned her multiple times before, only to be disappointed so I wasn't sure what would happen. Well this time she was in the kitchen, baking nude when we arrived. She had nothing to cover up with so, beat red, she had to walk past us to go get something on from our room. After he left she made it clear she was glad she tried it my way. A few times later she said I no longer had to call and warn her.

  • You should do this. Let them all see your shaved p****. let them touch you and place your hand on their bulges.

  • Yes, you should do this. He is paying you a great compliment in that he is very proud of you, proud enough to enjoy looking at you and showing you off

  • I have done exactly that for years.
    Regardless if I' m by myself or have a house full of people.
    It took a while for me to get used to being the only one nude. I think the hardest was when I had to explain to my parents why I wouldn't be wearing any clothes, when they visited. They were a little concerned I was being forced,they finally came around after
    we talked and they saw I was ok. My mom has invited me to her house several times dressed like I am at home. I even done holidays with my parents and family,and my in-laws house completely nude. I leave home nude and have no clothes till I get home. I have been at my parents for Christmas as long as six days with no clothes,and it is about 2 and a half hours one way drive.
    As you can tell I got into not wearing clothes at home or any where else I don't have to.
    I encourage you to try it but don't half step
    and don't let anyone talk you out of doing it if that is what you want to do.

  • If you were my wife id love to have you do that. especially if my friends came over. Id love to watch you suck them and f*** them.

  • Either you are a liar trying to get your rock off - which is probably more likely, or you and your 'husband' are imposing your sexual kinks onto unconsenting members of your family, in which case you are rude, inconsiderate, and kind of revolting.

  • Wonderful your parents see you baked

  • As a husband all I can say is just learn to obey ur husband and learn to accept the rules. don't worry about family or friends or when in public. as a wife its not ur place to think about it or be at all concerned. focus only on trying to obey. my wife accepts the rules and understands why she should only be nude. disciplining a wife by making her remain fully naked is not enough. there needs to be humiliation and the embarrassment. my wife attends every family event there is on both sides and she is always the only one there to be naked. im starting an even stricter policy in a few weeks. daily public nude walks. no covering and no pubic hair

  • So what does your family say when your wife is naked infront of them? Do they enjoy it? Touch her?

  • Why do you make your wife go naked at family events?

  • Good question. I'm a bit worried about the people here.

  • Lies or a bunch of perverted weirdos....

  • My family had a hard time accepting this as well. even I did. but in the end it was my husbands choice and his only. it takes time. first time nude in front of ur family is quite difficult. just give ur family time to accept it. ive tried several requests to be allowed to wear any clothes but I am always denied. its been over two years now and I understand and accept my place. next month will be my first in law family Christmas party. over sixty family members are attending. its gonna be quite embarrassing being the only person naked. hes already warned me about keeping my hands behind my back and being respectful to men and also any boys by standing in front of them so they are able to see my and know how I look nude. its gonna really suck standing in front of the whole group of my teenage nephews.

  • So how did the Christmas party go? Did anyone touch you? Like what happened?

  • My wife is in the same situation but it is because my family entertains in the nude first. It took a while for my wife to feel comfortable with this but now she can't wait to arrive at my parents home, get nude, ogled and felt-up.
    I have allowed my dad to "play" with her as me and my mom cuddle and watch. Family fun is fantastic.

  • Is your family nudists too? Or just your wife?

  • So is your family nudists as well? Or just your wife? Like how did this all happen with your family?

  • What does your family say when you are naked infront of them? Do they pleasure you at all?

  • No they do not pleasure me. It took my mom a while to get used to me being nude all the time.
    My other family members are bothered by my nudity.
    I've living like this for almost ten years.

  • So your family members do not like your nudity? And how does it make you feel being the only one nude at family gatherings?

  • I left a word out of my writing,my family is not bothered by my nudity.
    I have lived this way for over ten years.
    I have more problems with other wives who may not know me,as well as some of my family and friends. They seem to think I am a s** maniac after their husbands until they get to know me.

  • All our friends know i hate his friend cody then he would tell me he dreams of bossing me around n c****** on me and had me wear codys tshirt all the time and during all s** now i want it on all the time fantasize being seen i have a fetish now i think

  • He calls my husbands phone when being f***** by my husband to check if I am wearing what he said he wanted me in I cant not answer I have tried but I love hearing my husband telling him what I am wearing and yes she did what she was told as I o*****.

  • I put his shirt on when im alone if i m********* as well as when on the phone with "im yours cody c** on me "written on the back if anybody knew WOW

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  • Now they make me ask to talk on the phone and say please to him who never only dreamed he could have me wearing and doing what his friend says the fantasy of i cant believe this ahole is in charge of me his d*** better be as big as what im told

  • Role reversals the hottest! bossy mean wife to submissive

  • Yes i am blonde and went to a private catholic school where i was a cheerleader as well.

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  • He went from last of all my husbands friends if I had to f... fantasizing about me to me being rude and bitchie to him calling his girlfriends fat and gross to wearing his teams shirt exposing my body grabbing and answering his phone when a girl calls while hes at our house and me masturbating about him all the time imagining its him while im sucking my husbands d*** and while I get fd while im in his best friends shirt with his name on my back

  • You with his friends shirt on too too hot

  • Every weekend n during the week I’m told what his friend hopes I have on now started saying tell my hottest girl I want her in his shirt and to m********* while talking to him and answer my husbands phone on a certain number of rings or Cody won’t talk to me! I’m always winding up sitting in his outfit choice and doing what I said I would never do and on the verge of a o***** before I do anything! Week by week it progresses !

  • Would love to see you trying to talk while ....

  • My husband and I would talk about a threesome and I always said who would we get anyone but Cody and he would say only Cody its the only hot story line me saying I hate him all the time and everyone brings him up to me. my husbands says its hot hearing bash him if anyone knew I wear what he says and m********* or talk while getting f***** on the phone talking to him as well as flashing him answering his phone when his girlfriend calls etc.

  • Still wear his tshirt or what he wants me in i gained weight im fatter than the ones i called fat way hotter i am still his girlfriends swear i suck his d*** and he f**** me i guess answering his phone if they call they call me his fat w**** i love it his people thinking is really doing it hotter than they all thinking?

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  • All his pit and penguin tops look like half tops on me now! my husband said his friend i hate makes all his girls fat pens n burgh girls while i said how fat n gross they were.

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  • If you were my wife Id want you to f*** anyone you wanted anytime and anywhere.

  • I continue to wear hiis shirt when he calls and says i cant talk to him if im not in it which has im yours cody c** on me written on the back and always c****** fingering myself stammering um uh

  • His friend getting to tell u what to do and you wearing his shirt his head must be exploding teased by his friends hot wife who hates him wow

  • Cody came up from Florida for a weekend and stayed over getting very drunk when my husband and he came to our house I could not stop my self from asking about making me put on Pittsburgh clothes or on a dare .like my husband said when i grab his friends phone to answer or look at pics or a video of Cody getting his d*** sucked like ii have the last couple times he would only if I sit on his lap and see if i could be able to talk or stand back up they hope I be too wet? He shifted me from side saddle on to one of his legs with my weight gain his top and my shorts hardly covering him moving his hands on my hips i started rocking back and forth when I did stand I ran like i was going up to the bath room but went right to my mounted d**** leaving my bedroom door open while f****** myself ,

  • All the time what would people think when a wife wears her husbands friend shirt all the time with i am yours c** in me c.... on my back?

  • Every girl or guys would say she’s f****** him!

  • Every guy would not be able to stop fantasizing about you/and wonder if you do his friend you hate?

  • My husband tells me his friend has been fantasizing me on my knees sucking his c*** and i say you like me down here and you know i still hate you cody

  • I love thinking me bossy mean way too hot for him to that loser friends submissive. me hot tease to flashing to after i talk to blowing my husband because his friend wants to picture it while in his shirt hearing my husband say yea shes on her knees and yea in your yellow shirt

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  • Letting his friend you hate know your on your knees doing what he says wearing his clothes is the hottest wish u hated me lol

  • My husband been telling me amongst other wants of his friend being able to f me and tell me what to do or hel tell our friends i cant stop fantasizing about being his and friends catching me on my knees or him me from behind

  • I want you!!

  • You are the perfect wife. Id love to marry a woman that would enjoy f****** my friends while i watch

  • Too hot!! whats happened since?

  • Love it

  • I wonder if his friend you hate knows ? thats hot to think about in many ways

  • I cant tell any of my girls. which is ...... just this stupid page to release and vent so much more if well just saying only another girl how hard that is!

  • I fake like i dont think he does but i put his shirt on to talk to him and and my husband says he wants me to answer his phone when he calls "im yours cody c** on me" written on my back my husband tells me his friends current dream after i say tell me please cody gets to c** in me whenever he wants or hill tell our friends what i do now i moan c** in me whenever you want while my husbands f****** me...

  • Cody came up from Florida last week and my husband telling me and me saying out loud please c** in me whenever you want because Cody fantasized about telling me to say lots of things my husband orchestrated sharing me and I began begging to suck Cody’s d*** and for him to f*** me and saying out loud I think about him all the time he came inside me 5 times thru Friday night l never had so many o****** saying omg I can’t believe you came inside me again don’t know how well act next time we see each other but my husband says they can’t wait to see my face how turned on I am thinking we’re telling others how much he came in me?

  • You are my so hot its perfect

  • Love it chubby mean girl getting told what to do and then some!!!!!

  • Yes he tells my husband what time hes calling and what he wants me to be wearing or i cant talk to him on the phone. or he says for me to answer etc.i love teasing wondering if he thinks i want to f. him its changed to me being not in charge anymore its all i fantasize about lately lol

  • I went from only in his dreams way too hot for Cody to teasing him with my you wish b**** face saying I wanted his penguins tee shirt he had on blowing his head up to always wearing it spilling out of it now with I’m so a turned on I want you to f*** me face.

  • I wear his friends shirt and started calling his friend i hate when my husband is f****** me and try and talk normal. since i was told his friend had a dream i did that cant stop myself

  • Love it a guys fantasy always

  • My husband did same to me with his friend i hate telling me every time i being bitchie or just talking to him hes thinking of me sucking his d*** and wants to hold my hips while f****** me from behind and saying his name now its all i think about

  • Love its all you think about and turned on so much tell us more!

  • I cant not get wet wanting to touch myself when the penguins or the Steelers are on tv and flyers and eagle fans here hate those teams. I have turned into a fat Pittsburgh girl! omg
    I cant believe Cody did this to me if anybody knew is what I whisper.

  • I say i do not want to hear what his friends current fantasy about me is then act offended then ask later my husband makes me say please a few times then do what his friend told him he fantasizes /wants me doing wearing his clothes he mailed while f****** my husband and answering when he calls his phone trying to talk normal or wearing the collar and leash he sent i said no never i repeat the same questions

  • Now i call him while my husbands inside me because my husband told me his friend said to show me the text telling me what he thinks of me doing

  • Yes don't go unless your comformal

  • My soon to be husband and I are getting married next weekend. his family and my own family have informed me that I am to attend the wedding fully nude. is there anything I can do?

  • Like how did this attending nude to the wedding thing come about? What was your parents view on it originally?

  • Did you get married? Were you nude for the whole event?

  • Yes we got married. talk about embarrassing I had to be the only one naked in front of two hundred guests. wedding and reception. ive gotten used to it though. now I am rarely allowed at all to wear any clothes. these next six months of marriage require me to remain nude as much as possible. always at home and church and as much as I can in public. it was a great honeymoon except for being nude the entire time. although I love my husband. ive accepted that im not allowed to have s**, have o******, I accept my spankings, and being naked in front of my family.

  • For real? This is worrying. Where do you live, this kind of thing never happens where I am.

  • Are you the only one nude at church?
    If so what is the reaction of the other members?

  • What does your family say when you are naked infront of them? Do they encourage it? Have they also began to be naked around each other?

  • Just go and be the best naked now wife you can be!

  • Not much u can do. my husband chose a nude wedding for me. I went to the wedding and reception fully nude. its extremely embarrassing for about the first hour r so. I also hate our wedding picture on the wall showing me naked. u better ask him if ur marriage will require you to remain naked. mine does.

  • Our wedding was similar. However, my bride was "ordered" to f*** our wedding party which she reluctantly the time. She now f**** each of them every time we are together with them - both the men and women.

  • Why did you make your wife f*** your wedding party? And why does she continue to do it?

  • I do not think there is anything you can do and I think it is a sign of what your future will be.

    That said, I would love to know more about the way you were raised as your family has ordered you to be naked at your wedding.

  • My wife likes c*** and she knows that I like it when she has an o*****. In our honeymoon we got massages side by side. She orgasmed and she realized I liked it. Every anniversary of our 27 years marriage we have celebrated it in Jamaica with a side by side massage.

  • I am a proud husband married to a submissive wife and I must say you sound like you understand your place. a submissive wife knows it cant be her decision and she should only obey. every submissive wife needs to be paraded naked in public at least once during the marriage. if your husband doesn't want you to wear clothes than you should not wear any clothes. its only right and fair to your husband

  • A good submissive wife should never even own any clothes with out asking the husband.

  • I agree. we live on a farm. im 43 and shes 19. this weekend we burned all her clothes. we found the right collar, leash, a*** plug, and chastity device. last but not least. bound tonite and full body whipping.

  • Get your c*** in her ass not a plug

  • I am also a submissive wife whose husband has required me to walk out in public without wearing any clothing. it took me time to finally accept it but now I realize just like u that it is not any of my business or my decision. a good submissive wife doesn't question her husband or worry about getting embarrassed. we are here to obey

  • And obey you will what a good girl!

  • My husband just explained that from now on we will be walking each night for an hour. I have to walk it naked. no exceptions. I know its not my choice and I have accepted I probably need to do this. guess I have to have handcuffs and no pubic hair.

  • Yes a wife does not have a right to have pubic hair. ever. her lips should be in full view at all times. this is to show respect for all boys and men.

  • Hairless p**** is the only p**** for me

  • It is very important you always stayed groomed and shaven. It is only right to your husband.

  • My wife has not shaved her p**** for about 15 years. Thank God for Lazor Hair removal. Never any shave bumps!!

  • I have not made my wife do that....but I have had her wear clothing designed to attract black men. She has had s** with many blk guys all while I watch! She is a good blk c*** w**** for sure!

  • I want a wife who would be a total BBC w****!

  • I have always agreed that I should try to do my best to make sure I can be a submissive wife. even though I hate it my husband sometimes might have both of us walk across the beach only I get to do it nude. paraded naked in front of anyone nearby. I keep my mouth shut and just do it. its not my decision nor any of my business. if he wants to parade me naked then so be it. I should just do it

  • Just try to do that with rings through your t*** and tattooed all over ! I have to do that every summer !

  • If you don't want to do it, then don't. If he tries to make you, you can file for a divorce, and there is probably a crime he is committing by making you do it if you tell him no.

  • You should just take more joy in it your husband wants to show everyone how amazing you are!

  • My husband does show me naked to almost all his friends however I am not allowed to have s** w anyone except him. My husband might make me walk naked in public but he would never ask me to have s** or even let me have s** w anyone but him

  • If you were my wife Id let you have s** with anyone anytime anywhere!

  • I'd love it if my wife was like that I'd share her with all my friend an go to s** club so she could be full of c** as I f*** her I love sloppy second

  • After finially recieving my sacrement of baptism at age 16 during Easter vigil,my mom put my all white baptism outfit away in a big white box.Five years later when i was 21,i was getting married to my longtime boyfriend,jason who was 22.Amonth before our wedding,we were at my parents house and in my old bedroom cleaning out some stuff.He saw the box with my baptism outfit in it and asked me what was in it.I took the box down and told him it was my baptism outfit from when i was baptized at 16 and he wanted to see it.I took the cover off and took out my poofy,white,sleeveless,top of the knees dress and showed it to him,with the matching bonnet.I then showed him my white camisole,cloth diaper,white plastic pants,tights and my shoes.I told him that this is the traditional outfit worn by all the girls for baptism at Easter vigil.He got a kick out of it! We took my outfit back to our apartment.A couple weeks later,he told me he wanted me to wear the diaper and plastic pants and tights under my bridal gown on our big day.So the morning of our wedding,i had mom help me pin the diaper on me,then i put the plastic pants on over it,followed by the tights.then my gown and veil,etc.On our wedding night,at the hotel,he took my gown off of me and the tights,and i was only wearing my veil,white top and the diaper and plastic pants when he forced me to my knees and made me give him a long b******! We have been married over 4 years now and every so often,i put on my baptism dress and bonnet with the diaper,plastic pants and tights and give him a b******,then he strips me naked and we make passionate love!

  • We have a similar ritual with one added thing. My husband demands I pee in the diaper and describe to him how wonderful it feels. Sometimes he pees on me at the same time. We now both love it.

  • Girls in diapers are sexy as h**l

  • Yes,i agree! My girlfriend was confirmed at 16 and had to wear the white,poofy,short sleeve,floor length dress and veil with the lace socks and white 'mary jane' shoes.Since their dresses were considered extensions of their baptism gowns they were baptized in as babies,they all had to wear the cloth diaper,plastic pants and under shirt under their dresses.My girlfriend had blousy fitting,adult size plastic pants over her diaper,and they could be heard crinkling under her dress sometimes! After her party,i was able to be alone with her and got her dress off of her and she looked just like a baby! She gave me a great b****** in just her veil,under shirt,diaper and plastic pants!

  • On their knees in a diaper sucking c*** is so hot

  • I too was baptized at 16 during Easter vigil and all of us preteen and teen girls all wore the same outfit as the poster above wore only we wore the white lace anklets instead of the tights.My dress was poofy and short sleeve and to the top of my knees and my bonnet matched my dress. I wore a white tee shirt under my dress with my cloth diaper and plastic pants.My boyfriend came to my party and saw me and got very turned by the way i looked! After my party was over,we went to his house as his parents and siblings were out.After kissing for a few minutes,he put his hand under my baptism dress and felt my cloth diaper and plastic pants and got even more aroused!He undid his pants and got out his very hard c*** and put my hand on it.Next he unzipped my baptism dress and pulled it off of me and fully saw my tee shirt and diaper and plastic pants.It was all over then as her pushed me to my knees,stuuck his c*** in my mouth and made me suck him and deep throated me! A few minutes later he came in my mouth and forced me to swallow his full load!This was two years ago in 2017 and we are still together and every once in a while,he likes me to put on my bonnet,diaper and plastic pants and suck him off!

  • I made my First Holy Communion at age 15 with the 7 year olds and wore the cute,poofy,short sleeve,top of the knees communion dress and veil with the lace socks and white mary jane shoes.My parents made me wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants and tee shirt under my dress to make me be little girlish like the little girls in my class.A few years after i was married,my husband saw my communion outfit in the box and the one sunday afternoon,told me he wanted me to model it for him so i did! Surprisingly,it still fit me! I came out of our room and his eyes lit up when he saw me! I paraded around in front of him and lifted my communion dress and let him see my diaper and plastic pants and he got very turned on.He grabbed me,unzipped my dress,pulled it off of me,forced me to my knees and made me give him a b******. I actually liked being manhandled by him and forced into sexual acts while wearing my communion outfit and feeling like a little girl.Now my First Communion outfit is part of our s** life and i put it on once in a while and when he comes home from work,i seduce him and he manhandles me in which he forces me to suck him,then stripes me naked and we make love!

  • Well my husband want me to have s** , but he want me to do a women he keeps after me to do it. Now with all the talk we been doing it has me wonder if I can do it.It get me exciting and I think im going to do it, to go down and eat her p***** what it would taste like.

  • My wife love the taste of p****

  • We like to talk about our fantasies when we are doing sexual things. She has opened up more about these fantasies, and told me more of what thoughts excite her. We were talking about group s** together, and she was getting more and more excited and closer and closer. I was prompting her to express herself more clearly about her submissive nature. Just before she came, I told her to tell me what she would say to the guy behind her. She said, "Please ram you c*** up my ass"...and then she came.

  • Ive been married 7 year and my wife has always been amazing in bed got massive t*** and a fit body and willing to try anything. Even from the start of our relationship she would give me a b****** or titjob when i woke up and again before i went to sleep, i couldnt believe my luck that id found a woman like this. Our s** life was always amazing but she stopped been interested in her own pleasure. After a couple of year of this my wife asked if she could be my s** slave and take care of me whenever or whatever i wanted, she wanted to feel owned and be told what to do. i agreed to try this for a month because i was a bit unsure of boundaries or her limits. She loved this life and obviously so did i and at the start i worked her hard,then harder,then harder with no complaints at all. Even when i told her i wanted my arsehole cleaning daily something i thought she would disagree to do and go past her limits, she obeyed without question. i then stopped her o****** without my permission, again she agreed. i really enjoyed getting her really wet and ready to c** then c** myself and leave her frustrated i sometimes did this for days, that was an amazing power rush. But after a while it got a bit boring it was like my wife was offended if i gave her any pleasure at all or did any work myself, when i tried she would say lie back and relax,work is for slaves,masters lie back, moan and enjoy. I wanted a change and start and lick her p**** again and f*** her from behind and up the a*** which she used to enjoy, rather than her riding me all the time so i can lie back and relax, she said she didnt want to do that anymore because she doesnt deserve pleasure shes only here to serve now and her pleasure is in service to her master. it was like she was brainwashed. We have a normal relationship out of the bedroom and couldnt love her anymore than i do but what seemed like a fantasy has now turned strange and a bit uncomfortable. Any advice appreciated

  • Ive never been on the site since i posted this about my wife but nothing has changed and ive accepted my role as her master and we both are happy with this arrangement and i have a highly paid job we have agreed she can leave her job and can concentrate on her duties fully. I now expect total servitude and she is at my beck and call 24/7. Last week i was out with friends and didnt get back until the early hours and was very h**** and my friends were talking about having not to wake their wives and girlfriends when they went in and i was in the mood to totally dominate my wife so i text telling her to be in stockings and suspenders when i came home and expect to worked very hard. When i got home i got showered and i was dried off then got on the bed and ordered her to lick my arsehole and i kept her there for at least 30 mins while i moaned in pleasure then i made her put p*** on, get on all fours in front of me so i could play with her p**** and arsehole while she gave me a very slow hand job. I put a vibrator into her p**** and turned it on very low and just as she was going climax i turned it off then built her up again then turned it off. After 30 mins i had a magnificent climax and after she cleaned my c*** i turned over and went to sleep. Ive now realised that a slave is there for your pleasure and should be used for that. Her t*** are still magnificent and its always a treat to be rode hard and see her tities bouncing everywhere but ive made her improve her oral skills and fitness because its important her stamina doesnt drop in service or my pleasure might drop, which she knows is unacceptable and will bring severe punishment and pain.

  • Now youve accepted your role as master and your slave doesnt work anymore to concentrate totally on you, do you punish her if your unhappy with any aspect of her performance?
    If my master doesnt feel the pleasure he has received is to his standard i am whipped severely to make sure i understand that my masters pleasure is my only pleasure and i have say with every stroke i receive that my pleasure is serving master.

  • Ive started to whip her before im serviced to remind her nothing less than her best is expected. I never used to do this but now im her master she must know the consequences of not pleasing me totally and the pain that comes with that. I always shower when i come home from work and i have my slave in stockings and suspenders on her knees waiting with a towel while i shower,however long im in the shower she is on her knees waiting. When i come out im dried off,while shes doing that i put my c*** in her mouth,i expect multi tasking. But when im almost dry ive been sending her into the bedroom and making her put her head down and put her a*** as far as she can in the air with my paddle between her cheeks. So when i walk in my slave presents to her master something that is going to cause her a lot of pain. i use my paddle more when im being orally serviced it gives me a lot of time to whip her very hard and because she has a high tolerance to pain she is whipped very hard. I dont have to do this her performance is always excellent but i feel its right that while im moaning in pleasure my slave is groaning and writhing in pain.

  • When your wife wants to be submissive to you and she gives you total control of her o****** and any pleasure you would be amazed at how much they she will degrade herself and how hard she will work to please you, just for your permission to c**. Once a week for my slave keeps her attentive i sometimes allow twice as a treat for hard work and i have a sissy maid who i keep in chastity who i allow to c** monthly. This control and frequency keeps both happy and very attentive to my needs. I have stretched their wait for pleasure for up to 2 weeks longer if i feel their focus on my pleasure has dropped below what i expect. Not knowing the next time they will be allowed to c** makes them refocus their attention very very quickly and make them aware of how long they will wait unless performances improve and then just lie back enjoy your next 2 weeks and enjoy them groveling to you just to c**.

  • Order her, if that's what works

  • You should have her sit still and eat her out. Say it’s an order and it would give you great pleasure.

  • Ive read some posts and dont make the mistake of thinking that wives are forced into this, a lot of posts are about wives wanting this and the husband unsure of it, like it seems you are.Like your wife i asked to be in service to my husband. He was like you and not sure even though it seemed like everyones fantasy. But just go with it if your wife is happy doing it and remember this makes her happy, she might not be happy with being your equal anymore. i wouldnt be happy with my old life now, my husband has a very good job so i dont work anymore and my job is to serve him. We are normal in our general lives but in our house im at his beck and call and i wouldnt want it any other way. i have a routine that my master wishes, i wake up first,make his breakfast and then wake him up with my mouth slowly until he c***. When he comes in from work its his relaxation time and thats when i have to work. I shower him, wash him and dry him off. Then he goes to our bedroom where i have his pillows puffed up for him to lie back, he will choose to lie on his front or his back, most times its his front i automatically know through training he wants me to lick his a***. At first when i was asked to do this although my master moaned with total pleasure he seemed uncomfortable about keeping me down there for long as its exhausting work for a slave, but as he got comfortable being my master he now keeps me there untill im totally exhausted only then will he turnover. When that happens,i go straight down on him and he expects a minimum of 20-30 minutes in my mouth,so i must be really slow and gentle to fulfil my duty. Then he sleeps until i make dinner, after that its up to what he wants he usually makes me wear stockings and suspenders when he goes to bed, where i gladly do whatever he desires. I can wear what i want outside but i must wear a thong or g string with every outfit and like your wife im not allowed to o***** without his permission

  • You go girl! Keep being your masters slave!

  • I ask my dom not to make me get f***** by his mate, as respect is important but you would let your dom f*** you as he pleased while his mate was around, as your dom's ownership over you is important & your his sub s*** not his mates.

  • The real question here is why and how does the husband know what his friend's p**** size is? O_O

  • Interesting. People are still posting comments more than 6 years after this was posted. This husband's attitude isn't about s**. It's about POWER. He must be either massively insecure about himself or was raised on some remote island where they still live in the Middle Ages. ALL of the replies in this thread that approve of this guy's behavior are about POWER, not s**. Grow up, boys.

  • Grow up, get real or go to JAIL for spousal abuse

  • Too true , some degenerative idiots on here

  • This must be some stupid woman who does NOT know what it is to be a woman and believes in the false idea of male female equality. In her stupor, she tells men to grow up because a stupid woman actually believes she should tell men what to do. She NEEDS a MAN to teach her how to be a woman with p**** therapy and belt therapy. She will love being put in her place.

  • You do realize that its been scientifically proven that mens brains mature waaaay later than women and women’s brains mature at an earlier age right? And if thats so then yes, the lot of the men in this comments section ARE like immature kids. Equality isnt stupid. Its a human right because looking past gender, every human deserves to be treated with respect and as equals. Nobody is ever higher than anyone, even with all the money in the world. We’re all just clueless humans living on this planet.

  • I am not a woman, but couldn't agree more

  • I couldn’t agree more she needs to be tied up and left in the cold.

  • Maybe when you get old, frail or lose your mind you’ll get abused.

  • My wife has left me because I would force her to wear miniskirts. Whenever she bought new clothes I would require her to model them for her. For many years she complied and our friends just thought that wearing short skirts was her thing. Others thought it was that she liked doing it for me. One time when she started to rebel she bought a pair of jeans and went and showed one of girlfriends. her girlfriend said wow that's weird like when someone starts to wear glasses. She mentioned that I wouldn't know her. Wife took them back to the shop and when she got home she told me. I was very understanding but firm that she must always seek my permission to buy or wear anything longer than fingertip length,

  • I feel that all women should be submissive to their husbands. She must feel that she can’t be an independent woman and be submissive at the same time. I’m sorry she left you but that just means she’s not the right one for you. I feel the most free and independent when I’m totally submissive to my hubby. You will find the one who wants you to be in charge and never questions what you want her to do. Stay true to what you want in a woman. We are out there!!

  • She should not have even been allowed to leave him. a submissive wife just learns to obey her husband. she shouldn't have even been allowed to own a miniskirt let alone wear one. he was right. unless he gave her permission she should not have been wearing anything. if I have received his permission then I can put something on. until then I should remain fully nude. and no exceptions ever.

  • That is the only way things should be.

  • As a wife I agree a woman should always be submissive to her husband. but I don't believe women should be able to be independent. when you marry your husband you should totally surrender your life and every right to your husband. he should make every decision on your behalf and you should sacrifice any and all rights to his behalf. as soon as you get married you should no longer wear any clothing as a way to honor your husband

  • This is a load of s*** right? Is this some lonely white male pervert just winding everyone up. no woman is owned by a man.

  • True

  • Thx

  • God designed Our Universe with Free Will. Everyone has Free Will, and restricting someone's Free Will, for no good reason is THE WORST thing you can do. NOT all women anything.

    If a woman wants to be submissive, good for her! If a woman wants to be a stay-at-home mom, good for her! If a woman wants to be an astronaut, good for her! If a woman wants to be a prostitute, good for her! If a woman wants to be a race car driver, good for her!

    I am a Feminist, and Feminism means that everyone should be encouraged in their Free Will, to try what they want, and to be educated and trained to their maximum potential.

  • No people do NOT have "Free Will". That is a DELUSION. People have "Independent Will". Independent will is that your will is independent from another's will but your will is BOUND to your nature. Humans have human will. For instance, a cow has the will to eat grass. How many of you want to eat some grass. A cow's will is independent from a human and the opposite. A woman nature is submission to a man but women have been socially engineered into this "feminism" nonsense. Only a woman who is submitted to her husband is operating in her will as a woman.

  • False. You are trying to convince people that it is OK to make someone do something they do not want to do. That is wrong.
    Not ALL women want to be subservient to men. Some women DO want to be subservient to men. Everyone has Free Will and should do it to the maximum extent practical.

  • My wife left me and I have found a new girlfriend. What a breath of fresh air. She is submissive sort of. Only when we are together doing sexual things together. she lets me be in charge. I can choose whatever clothes I want to dress her in. She asks if I like her being my doll. The weird thing is it's means I have to put in a lot more work to research places to go out to and plan dates. There is no fighting. Also when in sub mode she does not want to be asked to make decisions.

    Then during the day she is at work as a teacher. She wears pants and is in control up the front of the class. Sometimes at home when she is doing lesson plans and so on.

  • Well, your attitude may be the norm in whatever backward Muslim caliphate you live in, but in the modern West it's pretty medieval and primitive.

  • That's Islamophobic, but I agree with the sentiment.

  • Wait till they come to dominate you..

  • You would be surprised how many women under 24 want and crave this way of life.

  • Thank you for your judgement. However like most judgemental people you are wrong. I am a business woman with a high stress job. When I am home I don’t want to “be the boss”. He is my boss and I am his submissive wife. This is the lifestyle we have chosen and we are both VERY happy in our marriage. What I find interesting is that you clearly don’t agree with this but somehow managed to find this site. Something in you has you wondering about it. Maybe before judging those of us who choose this, you should try it.

  • After my histerectomy I hadn’t been in the mood. My husband got me a massage service I couldn’t refuse. During the massage the guy told me my husband asked him to prepare me for him. That really put me in the mood.

  • I’ve been married for 15 years and deep down would really love to be my husbands slave. We have a pretty vanilla relationship so how do I explain to him what I want? I love my husband more than anything and want to submit to him with him taking charge. I want to call him Sir. I want him to order me to do sexual favors for him. I want him to punish me if I’ve been bad. Even if I’m not “in the mood” I want him to take charge and use by body to pleasure his needs. How do I get him to see this is the life I want? I don’t want him to think I’m a freak.

  • Start by calling him "Sir" all the time...that may get him thinking the way you are thinking...

  • I have had a similar relationship with my wife for years. If your husband wants to learn more about it from a man, he can write me tomdavid25 at outlook dot com

  • Would you like to see nude pics of my wifes hot juicy p**** write me at i am extremely obsessed with knowing that men are j********** looking at my wifes p****. i have always had this fantasy all my life to watch my wife get f*****. but never have. so the closest thing to sharing her p**** is to share her p**** pics. i love it when men write me back telling me how much they enjoyed masterbating while they fantasize lokking at my wifes p**** pice along with her 38 ddd t***. now i have to go in the shower to fantasize the while in in shower she is sucking and f****** on our marriage bed. mmmmm oh yes please f*** my wife right in front of me while i j*******

  • Ask your husband if he will take the lead like you desire. You might give him something to read on the subject if you feel you can't explain it. I established a clear relationship like that with my future wife before we were even married. I care for, lead and protect her. She is submissive to me in every way. She obeys me. She gives all I ask for in bed. I correct her for any bad behavior with a lecture and a spanking. A lot more people live like that than you'd imagine. I know you don't want to sound "weird" but don't be afraid to tell him.

  • Sounds about White. Black people don't want s*** to do with anything involving the word "slave." I can hear the conversation now, Husband: Wife, I want you to be my slave. Wife: You got me f***** up!

  • I'm a white guy. For three years I had a black gf. When we started dating she knew that I had been a Dom of a past sub gf. Soon after we started dating, she begged to be my slave. After about a month of her begging I thought why not? I took charge. I tied her over the back of a chair and raped her ass. She went full slave calling me "Massa." She kept orgasming over and over. That was the just the beginning. She would do stuff that she knew would get me mad just so I would punish her. One day after she did something for the umpteenth time that I didn't want her to do, I told her if she did it again I would rent a hotel room and tie her spread eagle to the bed and invite some white rednecks I knew over to the hotel room to f*** her bareback and fill her with c**. The next day on a Friday, she did it again. True to my warning I took her to a hotel room tied her to the bed. She kept saying "Massa are you really gonna have rednecks use me?" I then went and rounded up six rednecks at a pool hall and led them to the room and told them to have at her. They did...for a little over 3 hours. She was used well and c**-filled. She loved that kind of stuff. Her job transferred to the west coast otherwise I would still be with her.

  • Yeah! You do NOT know what you are talking about.

  • You could try to take it further, one step at a time. If you get home before him, be nude when he arrives. If you would like to be tied up and strapped, next time he spanks you try asking if he would like to tie you use his belt. If you like a***, asked to be tied and then ask for a***. He will get the message after a while.

  • Puy everything you would like to say to him in a letter. Explaining how you feel, what you would like to happen. But most of all tell him how much you love him.
    I hope everything works out for you.

  • Every man in the world wants this. Print this out and give it to him. If he refuses, find another man.

  • I hope you are right. I feel like this is the way I will be truly happy. I hope he feels the same. I just want to be on my knees for him. And have him use my body as his sexual toy. I want him to long for this as much as I do and not just do it because he knows I like it. Sometimes when we f**k I call him Sir to see if he responds but he usually doesn’t. Sometimes if he knows I want to be kinky he will choke me or spank me and it’s so amazing. Sometimes I can talk him into putting one of my toys and himself inside me but I really feel like he’s just doing it for me. I’m going to try and talk to him. Hopefully soon my Sir will be in charge.

  • My wife just asked me outright if she could be in total servitude to me, she always enjoyed being submissive but didnt know what i would say if she pushed it further.We agreed to try it and she calls me master when we are alone, her choice, and we both enjoy the lifestyle. Shes very attentive to me and i now control her o****** which really turns her on. we have both now become used to this lifestyle and enjoy it. I was a bit uncomfortable at first at not having to give any pleasure to my wife but now i have took on the role as her master which my wife wanted and i now know that i have a slave that is there to do all the work,while i lie back and enjoy it. Im now starting to push my wifes limits and work her very hard for my pleasure but she still enjoys the lifestyle.

  • Subs are born not made.
    Enjoy your life as you wish

  • I’m very submissive to my husband. Im 47 we’ve been married 15 years. This only started 4 years ago when her started asking me to wear more revealing clothing. He picks out my clothes most days and goes with me to approve outfits. Mostly snug tops, tight dress pants or jeans and short skirts and dresses. I can wear certain bras to work and only thongs with pants.

    When I’m home I can’t wear a bra nor pants. Only skirts or dresses that are mid thigh or higher. If I run errands or we have a date, same thing. For vacations he packs everything for me. For family functions or other similar gatherings I can wear a bra and thongs but he’ll still pick out the outfits.

    He regularly tells how I turn men on and that many of them want to have s** with me. How they all go home and m********* Imagining my body, my b****** and my legs. How they want to lift my skirt or dress up and slide their hard c**** into me. It gets me so wet whenever he tells me this. I will frequently rub my p**** thinking out how men desire me and want to have s** with me.

  • Id love to have a wife like you. Id set up dates for you. Id setup g******** for you with hung guys. Id love to eat you after.

  • Oh yes im so hot reading these stories of wifes getting f***. the closest i came was an agreement my wife will let me strip her naked in backseat of taxi cab while the driver watches and jacks off. i never shared my wife but want to so bad. i would c** at least 5 times in one night if i was watching my hot sexy 55yr old wife get f*****. i want at least 5 guys at one time f****** my wife. im constantly j********** picturing a c*** c****** in her mouth while a c*** is in her p**** as they all take turns all week with her older mature p**** is so so good. and yes yes yes licking her p**** after shes well f***** right now is only a dream until if it ever c*** true. oh hey would you like me set up my wife so you can f*** her. if you know how to help me convince her i would want you to f*** denise right right now all night then you watch me lick her wet stretched out p****. you know how i would go about turning my wife into a w****. i want to send you pics of her hot juicy p**** anybody else want pics of my wife?

  • My husband does not let me have clothing priveleges as part of our marriage. I must be given his permission to even put on clothing of any kind. most the time I have to remain nude

  • I’d ove to f*** you baby

  • That's a very hot confession I can relate to. Some time ago my husband started to get turned on by knowing other people might l*** after me. He has not explicitly told me about it but doesn't need to because it's perfectly implied by his actions. He started by suggesting me to wear clinging dresses when we had people over, no bra, low cut blouses, open skirts and the like. He would comment later on they some people noticed how good I looked. Then he advised me to sexier to work, nothing vulgar that wouldn't be professional but just sexier like above the knee skirts or sheer blouses that let my bra see thru. He also asked me to wear thongs to work, not in my feet but under my skirt. One day he played a movie featuring a married woman bent by her boss over his desk. Her boss pulled up her skirt and they had a quickie with her thongs on. My husband also advises me to carefully remove all undesirable body hair before visiting my doctor and actually picked a matching lace panties and bra for my visit. I live constantly turned on by my husband thinking of other people l****** after me.

  • Oooo yes i sure wish my wife would do that. mmmmmm

  • Very common and normal

  • If you were my wife id want guys l****** after you. Id want you to let men f*** you

  • Y'all sound weird af.

  • My wife and I talked about other men wanting to have s** with her, over the years,
    I would tell her if I heard someone saying they would love to f*** her. Or have a pice of that ass, she would tell me if someone hit on her when she was out with her friends.

    One night I said to her if someone is trying to get you to go with them, and if you like them you can go with my full permission.
    This went on for a while, without her doing anything.
    So I told her that I wanted her to have s** with our friend, told her to make it happen as soon as possible.
    There was a film on Netflix ( we don't have it ) that she wanted to see, so she told our friend and he agreed.
    I sent her to him without knickers, or bra
    I know he likes her t***,
    Told her to spend the night and to tell him that she told me she was with one of her girl friends and spending the night.
    When she came home after spending the night with him, she said that she had a fantastic time with him.
    She wants to do it again, I told her that I want her to f*** him as often as she can, and I might find someone else to have her.
    She smiled and said thank you.
    Since then she has f*****, sucked other men and our friend now calls to our house to spend the night with her.

  • I wish she was my wife!

  • That's disgusting. If he was a real man, he wouldn't share you! Especially if he's as dominant as you make him out to be. Where is your sense of morals? He's literately treating you like trash, and an mindless robot, to do as he pleases. Your husband is an abusive pig.

  • I am a Feminist. If a woman wants to be submissive, good for her! If her husband wants her to f*** other men, and she also wants to, good for them!
    I just sent you Love and Positive Energy...

  • Since when feminist ever approved of this of fellow women? They don’t like men domineering women. So much for love and positive energy...

  • Feminists want women (and everyone) to use their Free Will. If a woman wants to be subservient to a man, good for her. If a woman wants to be a dominatrix, good for her.

  • Right there with you. And my views have nothing to do with feminism and everything to do with the fact that I was raised to have an extremely negative view of any form of slavery due to how much that shît fûcked my ancestors up.

  • You need to focus on the now and walk towards the future and don’t think about the past for your eyes are at the front of you...

  • Actually most women love to be dominated. Your just one of the select few that has a sad s** life. No offense but if you tired some of this stuff you wouldn't turn back.

  • Femesist? I promise if you were put in this type of scenario you would be turned on too but you’re femenist views would cause you to feel guilty.

  • Your not judgmental peice of s***, are you much?

  • I love to watch my wife have s** with other men. We always get hotel rooms with two queen beds, one for them and one for me to sleep in. There is nothing hotter than being woke up in the morning by your wife grunting while she's riding her new boyfriend.

  • I have fantasies like that. though i would be the guy with your wife

  • I’m gonna tell you my story. I don’t know exactly when but my husband wasn’t like that before. He was rather jealous instead. I’m 50 now and he seems to like it when other men check me out. Actually he’s been kind of encouraging me to wear more revealing clothes. Yesterday for example he told me I should better go braless than with a black bra and white sheer top. I also noticed he turns our blinds open at night when I’m in the shower so I’m visible for our neighbors when I cross naked by our bedroom window. When we go shopping he likes the tops that show more cleavage and the dresses that show more legs. He also told me about the huge p**** of his friend that turns heads in the locker room and then invited him over.

  • My ex-wife used to wear nothing but panties and see-through shirts all the tim. every time we have friends over and she got a little buzzed, she would f*** every single one of the guys. And one night it was four guys plus me. which was kind of hot to watch her take all those huge d****. I'm only 10 and a half, but I've seen her take up to 14 inches and she was a little tiny thing. she was already a nympho before we got married. But I do believe I didn't help the situation because we had s** at least 4 to 5 times a day since I worked out of the house and a lot more on the weekends. So clothes were not ever an option, even when the kids lived it home we had four girls two were hers, an two were mine. her two girls are just like her. It made for an interesting home life. But she broke the cardinal rule of the adult swinging situation that's why I am divorced. On a plus side since my ex wife ran off with a friend, and her two girls stayed with ole' Dad. So at least I know where the Loyalty was.

  • The girls stayed to get daddy's c*** in them

  • I would love to see your nipples

  • 💓???

  • I would show them to you and much more

  • Really?

  • Really like a woman breast .. especially those who filled with milk ..

  • You're hideous and that's why he's not jealous anymore.

  • On the contrary, my husband says he doesn’t know one man that wouldn’t like to be in bed with me and that’s what turns him on. I wasn’t the prettiest when younger but as my contemporaries deteriorate with age I’m the type of people that stays pretty much the same. I’m 50 now and get hit on more than ever. My husband knows it and we love to talk about it. It turns us on. He says that my boss, with whom I spend a lot of time together not only in the office but also on the road on business trips, is the men he fantasizes the most about.

  • Do you have s** with your boss.

  • Did you ever suck your bosses c***?

  • Yep several times

  • Have you felt the warmth of his c** in your bowel ?

  • Did he c** in your mouth and swallow it ?

  • Ok lady you are stupid , your husband can't order you to do s*** . tell him if he likes that guys d*** so much shuv it up his ass. he doesn't own you , you are not a slave just because you are married .

  • But maybe she desires to be a slave to her husband. I know I’m that way. I would do anything he asks or orders me to do. I know he will keep me safe and he has my best interest at heart. I have some much love for him as long as he is happy I’m doing my job. Give it a try you might turn into a kinky little Sl** and Love it. I know I sure do. I call myself a human s** toy. Anything my husband wants to do with me I’m down for it.

  • She should with out hesitation

  • Uhm, wrong. A wife's mind, body, and soul are the property of her husband. A woman can't be forced to get married, but when she willingly enters a marriage, she agrees to be owned and surrenders to him. She must follow his every command without question. If your husband orders you to show your b******, you promptly expose them. If your husband says spread your legs, you spread your legs. If your husband commands you to drop to your knees and kneel before him in submission, do as you're told and go ahead and open your mouth wide so he can stick his p**** in your mouth if he feels like jizzing on your taste buds. If he does, hold his j*** in your mouth until you receive further instruction to gargle it, chew it, swallow it, or let it drip out of your mouth so he can smear it on your face with his p****. It's entirely up to him, not you. Remember, like all of you, your mouth and face are his property now. You have absolutely no say so in the matter. Your head is his personal b****** machine.

  • What planet did you come from? Men don’t own women! Some men have used religion to control the women, but c’mon. I think the woman should own you.

  • Clearly this one is messed up in the head.

  • Oh my god marry me now ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • N**** stfu -_- 'fore i f****** beat the s*** outta yo ass

  • You must have smoked some serious crack and it has you all f***** in the head

  • As his property, he can of course make the decision to share you from time to time. It's his way of bragging on you and showing off how amazing it feels to COMPLETELY dominate and control a woman. He's showing off just how much exponentially better you are than any of their wives or girlfriends who leave their man with room to desire more because they are unwilling to surrender their rights to fulfill the ultimate male fantasy of absolute ownership and control of a woman who eagerly obeys direct orders, performs b******* on command, and often walks about the house either drenched in j*** or with dried s**** in her hair. Trust me; offer a (good) man this luxury and you will experience levels of intense love and protection at heights you never knew could even exist. All you have to do is submit to mother nature and accept that woman is the property of man. If this wasn't true men would not be physically stronger and have deeper voices. Natural selection itself demonstrated that female submission was the best evolutionary route for humans. It's hard science.

  • Are you moo-slime?

  • Men are stronger so they can build homes and do hard labor. Men look good all sweaty and working. Yes? You have a deep voice so you can scare intruders. Women like to watch you do this.

  • Just select your husband carefully. You retain the right to expect to be loved, never hurt, protected, and provided for. Any good man will greatly treasure his dominance and absolute control of you and will reward it with unbreakable loyalty, protection, and support. Don't pay mind to other women or brainwashed men who would say this belittles you. They can think whatever they want, but any normal man deep down will see you as leagues above the rest, a unicorn, a rare gem, a goddess of a woman.

  • Most men would prefer this level of control over a woman as a better prize than winning the lottery. You have the power to make the man of your choosing happier than a lottery winner. If he's a good man, all you will ever have to do is submit to his will and accept that you are property for him to use as he pleases, and he will take care of the rest of your life.

  • But what if he have no money?

  • Most women today are too stupid to understand what men really want. They resist traditional gender roles and then the women wonder why their marriage lacks passion and the man seems unmotivated to earn more money to provide the household with nice things. A man with an obedient, well-behaved sub wife will practically work himself to death to provide a good income, nice home and luxury things for his wife. He will practically run thru a brick wall for such a wife. If a wife treats him badly with very little to no s** and argues, challenges and doubts him, then he will have no motivation to do anything more than to just get by. That's the truth.

  • Make him the happiest man on the planet by dropping to those knees, looking up at him, and saying, "Sir, you can do anything you want to me. I submit to you. I am your property. Please control me, sir. Would you like me to spread my legs or would you like me to suck on your p****? Would you like to c** in my mouth or on my face? Would you like to make me swallow some of your c** and shoot the rest on my face? Would you like to c** in my hair while there is still dried j*** in it already? Would you like to begin c****** in a 5 gallon bucket in a freezer until it's finally full and then hold my head under the j*** until I need to take a breath? I have no say so. You control me."

  • Mmm I wanna do that for a man

  • This is something every woman should say.

  • Once a husband gets wife to start having s** with other men, especially black men, the marriage gets better and better. I get a lot less s** now but my wife gets it almost every day and I m********* thinking about it

  • That is What I truly want more than anything!!!!!

  • Yeah you really think a DOMINATE WHITE MALE wants his goods damage with ape seed?

  • You are loved. You can love. God Bless you.

  • Anybody i New york thats into this get back to me jim jimgreen380 at g mail

  • Honestly I need a husband like him. One that isn't afraid of a little fun and isn't too possessive of me

  • I would gladly marry you if you were like her. Id never be possessive and would encourage you to be a w**** for blk men!

  • Marry me.

  • Why the f*** would he marry you if he wasnt possessive?

  • Ok this is insane women that want to be loved wanted owned and worship a man that owns them while some are lucky to find a reasonable other but why cant two be totally open upfront and real. if your willing to be owned, come to love cherish and worship a man we can try almost any every thing you could possibly think of if your mine and I treat you as such a prescious thing u are the we will live and do what we decide, if you worship me love me and devoted to me then I will enjoy get off make sure ur safe and have what you wish as any amount male female animal if you want you will get you will be mibne and do anything but never allowed to do what isn't ok with you. if you do give and are this to and for me I will forever care and be there to do all we desire and try anything as you will allways be mine and thus use any device person or whatever if u wish and u and I will get off as we go home together and you please and serve me as I wish and you are treated and owned as you wish. I will never luie cheat or consider another as if we want to have use of others for s** it isn't cheating and you will do whatever told never made to do what isn't right for you and the kinkier more taboo and freaky you are the more ill love you and honor you as being real and mine f what anyone thinks its oonly ok if we want and not if we don't so enough bs if your real aand want this write and we will start a journey and a life, ty bext of luck to all I only want one that's real and mine who is the one I will protect and own forever as my slave forever.......

  • Sounds sexy :) are you any good in bed ? best of luck to you also xxxx

  • To the lady that needs not wants wishes but needs a husband like him and for her reasons then she should write me as I need a lady that is like her and would expect to earn her trust and love the bond then would be what I need. s m o k I n pan at a oh l dottt cam and I will show you a man that will not lie or do you in any way but what we agree and should be as that's what you and I have looked for up until now com live with me on the bay as you will be mine and I will be the best you ever imagined together talk to you soon my new slave.

  • All c*** feels the same. Not that great.

  • My husband is not domineering, but he likes it when I dress sexy around his friends. It's his fantasy for me to f*** a couple of them, but I haven't done it. For one thing, his friends are married and it would be wrong.

    The farthest I've gone was to serve two of them lunch when I was wearing just a tight t-shirt (no bra) and lace panties. They damn near were drooling, and it wasn't because of the food. I was wet too, and it wasn't from my mouth.

  • My husband does not let me wear clothes in the house. we had his parents at our house for dinner and I actually had to remain fully nude.

  • How did that make you feel? How did they react?

  • Why would it be any other way?

  • Next time serve them topless or naked..--

  • My wife is always naked for my friends, family, neighbors and even delivery and repair men. She loves teasing them by sitting on their laps. Has even given a few hjs.

  • Now has even given them bjs and has had s** with my family as she., as hers...... What a turn on for me as I encourage and watch her-

  • Where do you find husbands like this. I want to be a sub and I'd let my husband fully own me

  • Right here

  • My husband and I are very sexually active, and he can do to me whatever he wants, about 3 year ago my husband started to have me dress slutty, like, supertight skirts with no panties, tight tops low cut, supertight spandex, PVC, and latex pants with no panties so can show a cameltoe, knee high boots, heels etc..(also I’m 5,4” 130lbs 34DD)
    We would go to the bar play pool, He would get me to drink a little and flirt with men, then he said if you find a guy that turns you on you can take him to the bathroom and s... him off if you want, but no penetration, but I would let him know when I did it just in case something weird happens, so I did and this was going on for about a year, then one I took this one guy to the bathroom and he had the biggest d... I have ever seen I mean, it was huge! and cut, It made my p.... really wet s...... it
    That night I was wearing a super tight short leather skirt with no panties, and he was rock hard really thick girth too, I could barely get my mouth over his head and he kept asking me if he could f... me in the a.. and saying no as his pre c.. was dripping down my t... I was so wet thinking of him doing that to me, I could not resist anymore so said yes, so he bent me over the counter and stuffed that monster in my a.. he pounded my a.. like 20 min and blew the biggest load filling my a.. I actually felt the warm sensation when he was coming, I came out of the bathroom and my husband said wow that was a really long BJ

  • I have a small p****. My wife lets her boss do anything he wants to do. All I get is what her boss tells me I can have.

  • My wife works for my uncle and has often given him hjs and bjs while I watched ....What a turn on.

  • My uncle is my wife's boss as she works for him in his bar as a topless/often naked bartender and cocktail waitress. I often go to the bar just to watch her tease the guys as she lets them grope her naked body. I have even seen her give my uncle hjs and bjs while customers watched. This is really exciting for us and leads to great s**.

  • Which kind of humans U R !!!??.. why don't let the Pigs f... her & U 2??

  • Oh, this so common. is he black?

  • You f****** s***. Your husband should dump you for being a s***.

  • You just don't get it!

  • No! You don’t get it. child

  • It starts with a friend, then another, they're nice and it was fun, and another, a few drinks then two, then more drinking, the gang bangs, waking up in a motel with the taste of c** in your mouth, a hang over, and a husband with a lot of pictures of you and the five black men that used you.

  • Yup, my buddies wife forces her to f***. Whoever he commands, she must f*** women trannies homeless people. He loves to degrade her because he hates her.

  • Girls and women who like to drink, especially those who get tipsy or drunk, make me super-hard. I'll buy them all the booze they want, take care of them while they walk tipsy or stagger, and give them all the s** they want while they booze it up bigtime. Plus, when I drink a lot, it makes me harder, not softer, because my d*** and I both love booze. So contact me if you like what I said!

  • I'm into that. How can I contact you?!?

  • My wife has slowly become so submissive to the point where ive stopped thinking about her pleasure in any way and the more she serves the happier she is i lie back and enjoy. Everything i do to degrade her and make her more my slave she enjoys. I now use her as my alarm clock every morning she has to wake me with oral s** unless i want something else and also every night i order the same before i go to sleep but on a night she has to keep me in her mouth for at least 20mins so its relaxing for me. Every hole is available to me 24/7, she always has to swallow,she is not allowed to wear anything but a g-string or thong and ive stopped her having an o***** without her my permission. Its cruel but nice to make your slave work hard and sweat all night and while you c*m again and again and shes told her performance was average and to c*m her performance has to improve and she goes to sleep very frustrated but so attentive to me the next day hoping she gets permission. i could never let any of my friends have that pleasure no matter how much shes eager to please me. Her pleasure now is in service to her master and she has to say that to me when i ask her if she wants to have an o*****.No one is getting that pleasure just me.

  • That’s not right. You are taking the control too far! She is a human not an animal. But you’re acting like an animal. I wouldn’t give you the time of day and probably cut your d*** off in your sleep.

  • Im not making her do it she wants to do it and be in service to me. It makes her happy to serve me and she asked me if she could be in total servitude to me and that i used her in any way.That is what she wants it wasnt forced. Her skills and body are amazing and every mans fantasy to be able to have what he wants and how many times he wants it. Its the lifestyle she wants, i dont tell her what to do she just does it herself to please me. Now when i come in from work il shower and she will wait on her knees until i get out and dry me off, then il go into the bedroom where il have my a*** licked until im totally pleasured and satisfied then il turn over and without any orders she will suck me off incredibly slowly and sensual which sometimes lasts for 20-30 mins which i moan for in total pleasure,knowing i have to give nothing back and do totally no work. She refuses to let me do any work at all,even when we f*** she insists she rides me so i can lie back and enjoy it and she has asked me to work her really hard, so when she does ride me i make her sit upright so i play with her big t*** and not bend over to kiss me that way she cant give her legs any relief so until ive c** shes in agony riding me after a few minutes but to avoid the pain she rides me so hard and fast to make me c** its amazing. She wanted and asked for this lifestyle and i give her it.

  • My wife loves being in service to me, shes not being forced to do it, she wants to do it and we both love each other and have been married 15 year. And how did you get to this page if you wernt interested in this s***. You sound like a s*** f*** anyway, so who gives a f*** what you think.

  • Follow up...
    My wifes servitude has now reached new levels.She now insists on cleaning my arsehole daily and says its her favourite duty. So i decided to test just how
    much of a slave she was so because when i go out with my friends i always come back very h**** i told my wife i wanted her in a french maids uniform when i came home and she had to sleep in the guest room and every time i woke up i would ring a bell which i made her buy and she would come and service me then go back to her room. i came home to be greeted by a french maid in stockings and suspenders on her knees as i came through the door and i rang the bell 4 times during the night and within 10 seconds her mouth was round her masters c***.She passes the test, i need suggestions to how i test her even more

  • Have her wear a color or wear a slave outfit

  • You are a d*** head and probably full of s*** one night she should just bite off your d*** and shove it down your throat you f****** a******

  • Am I? You sound jealous. If you werent interested how did you get to this site. You sound like you would enjoy being my slave. If you think im bullshitting drop your email and find out i dare you, im looking for another slave to serve me and you you sound like you would love a good whipping.

  • Angry aren’t you?

  • I'll be your slave. ;)

  • What does o***** stand for

  • Lov3 how every response is O*****. I think org as m

  • O******

  • O*****

  • Do you and your wife sleep in the same bed/room? or does she have her own little "slave" room and only comes into yours when she has to please you?

  • She sleeps in the same bed because she is on duty 24/7 and must be available in case i wake up through the night and need to use her which usually when i do when i wake up,why have a slave and not have constant pleasure and servitude at any time of day.

  • I'm
    Getting off to these comments. So f****** hot I want to be a slave too

  • Same here

  • What have you been doing in the last four months? Do you still want to be a slave?

  • Hi i am trying to get my boyfriend to be my master i want to be his slave his dog, i love s** i want it every day if i could i am 42 year old women with big t*** i want him to humiliate me and own me how can i express this to him i have brought dog bowl lead and collar i want him to take me for walkies

  • email me and then probably we could video chat I'll love to have some one like you I'm 20 years old very dominate black male lmk if you're interested

  • Hi i wish i had a girl like you

  • Have you tried expressing this to him ? In a serious manner ?

  • Lovely story. My wife absolutely loves to be tied and used by me. We pretend that other men are touching her and it gets her to wet. When I bring up actually doing it, she says she is not sure she could...

  • If you get her to agree i'll come over and f*** her, i have a nine inch c*** and i would love to f*** your wife with it.

  • Once she does there is no going back so make sure you are ok in watching your wife take on big strangers c****,I enjoy watching my wife a few times a year have hung young c*** that makes her whimper and squeal throu-out the session,she had a very late start in the sexual dept so it's only fair to encourage her satisfaction now,

  • Your a good husband. I want a husband like you that isn't afraid to share me, and gets satisfaction out of it

  • Any good husband shoul
    D be that way

  • I dont know you but if you would truly love to f*** many men as my wife id gladly marry right now!

  • If you do and you want to serve him and worship him and have a truly incredible relationship where if your honest real and loyale then anything will be talked over and most will be agreed too and wanted if your willing to be a loyale real caring true slave you will be owned and loved by the best I would not be jelous of a d**** I wold like to see u f*** one so wouldn't a person be the same its me u will love and devote too so the door is open c** to me my slave and I will treat you as the prescious property you will be.

  • Your wife still available for some young hung c***? 😏 Email me

  • You are lucky! I had a boyfriend once who treated me like this. We had an amazing s** life similar to yours with him dominating me. He wouldn't marry me though, and I was scared to be alone. So I married the first guy who came along and proposed to me. Our s** life is awful, but he's very dominant - but not in a sexual way- just in a treat me like dirt, condescending, @sshole sort of way.

  • If you want a man who will love you as a woman who loves to f*** lots of men than marry me pleaase

  • See above why shouldn't two have one that they want and get what they agree too I want a total devoted sub and will expect no limits but wont alow her to have anything nor do to her what I know shwe will but wouldn't want and will devote the rest of my life as she will to me and we will do all we want our way.

  • email me forget about him

  • Hey Devon how bout u f** me like a little s***

  • Leave him, you need to be treated right and sexually dominated and shared around

  • I agree i would love my boyfriend to share me he has once with his friend the made every h*** full and used hard

  • Id marry a woman that wanted to f*** men everyday!

  • You are lucky to have a husband who cares for you. Next time you should invite your best friend for him to play with j

  • I certainly hope you enjoyed it if I were your husband I would have enjoyed watching you you sound like a fox

  • I have just got married to a young lady shes 30 yrs old i am 56 and i used to have a lodger who had children 3 boys this is hoing bk 20 yrs ago they have moved since but the young boys still come to visit from time to time the youngest boy is 25 and me and my wife talked about her f****** this boy because when i got married this boy came to my wedding he took pics with my wife and came on to her and she said no so after we got married i stayed for 2 weeks and went abroad i came bk after 3 months during that time i used to ring my wife every day and she used to talk about hvng s** weith that paticular young guy who was 8 years younger than her when i came back this guy came to visit we were hvng a party and it was nearing the end my wife was upstairs some people were downstairs this guy went upstairs and fondled my wife kissed her in the kitchen massaged her p**** and sucked her t*** he said hes waited all this time she agreed to go downstairs late at night my wife told me every thing he was unaware of this so come night my wife went downstaits and he told her to take off her clothes and he licked her p**** and f***** her 2 times he wanted to keep his c--- inside her she said my hubby night get up so she came bk uostairs and yold me how he f***** her i really got turned on after ten minutes she said she wants his hard c*** again so she goes down again to cut story short she went downstairs 5 times in the night and enjoyed his young hard c*** hes coming again this sunday and msgs my mrs that hes coming for her p**** hes bringing his mom and im going to try it on with his mom while hes upstairs f****** my wife.
    I want to f*** his mom if she does agree and asks where her son is ill just tell her don't worry hes f****** my wife and you just enjoy my c*** while my mrs enjoys your sons c***.

  • U need a bunch of dirty Pigs banging U all ..

  • F*****

  • Ever hear of punctuation?

  • Emil me we need to talk about this arrangement he has with you

  • That sounds hot, my d*** is hard. You covered in both men's c**, you finally being satisfied when it happens.

  • Sucking his friends c*** should be great fun for you two. I would enjoy seeing you suck off a group of men allowing them to c** in your mouth and you swallowing it all. Enjoy your fun with hubby.

  • I am also very submissive to my husband. He make me go nude 24/7. I can only wear clothing when I get his OK. When we go out he tell we what I can or can't ware. Like a short dress with no under ware. He keeps all my clothing lock up. When he has his friends over for his Saturday night card game. I must be naked. I am the naked bartender. He never forced me to have s** with any of his friends. Out of a 365 day year. I only wear clothing about 15 to 20 days a year. We live out in the country. I do house work and yard work in the nude. And I like it.

  • My wife and I also live in the country. it makes the rules a lot easier to live by. I don't allow her to ever wear clothes at the farm or to church. unlike you my wife is strictly forbidden from any sexual intercourse or masturbation. she must remain a virgin for life. her clothes are all locked up just about all the time. for sunday church I wear a suit and she goes nude before our congregation. I believe its only right for a wife to remain nude for her husband.

  • Just like my wife....I LOVE IT....

  • Girls and women who like to drink, especially those who get tipsy or drunk, make me super-hard. I'll buy them all the booze they want, take care of them while they walk tipsy or stagger, and give them all the s** they want while they booze it up bigtime. Plus, when I drink a lot, it makes me harder, not softer, because my d*** and I both love booze. So contact me!

  • I can f*** u his wotch

  • Wow I wish I could find a girl like you

  • I'd do whatever you want

  • Ldel

  • I am also a nudist at home, so does my husband. He loves to see me naked when his close friends are at home, especially with their wives/gf. They also stay naked.

  • Sounds like one long sexual events

  • Does this ever lead to ....,things?

  • I love to wear short dresses with no panties on. The more see- through the better. I also live in the country and like go nude on the deck. Sometimes I just rub myself on the deck. It makes me so hot to think of my husband forcing me to serve his friends nude. Or a gang bang. Not his cup of tea.

  • If you were my wife I would encourage you to f*** all my friends often

  • My wife is always nude for all my friends, family, neighbors, etc.

  • Mine also....when we visit her family and extended families and neighbors even coworker of her dad for get togethers she is naked for the whole time, usually 2-5 days. Usually involves plenty of s** with most present.

  • I also believe my wife can only be allowed to be naked. even when she is in front of her entire family for the family Christmas party. she also has to walk every day in public nude as a way she shows how she loves me

  • I, myself have become rather submissive to my husband. I just love how he's turned me into a little house wife. We have no children, so when he comes home I have dinner ready for him. Then he plays video games and he makes get on my knees to suck his c***. He makes me feel so inferior but I love it. I love that I'm just his little s** slave. That's the way women should be. Obedient. Then when he gets hard he f**** me and c*** in me multiple times. After that I have to suck him all night while he sleeps. (; I have the best husband in the world. I live for his pleasure.

  • If he sleeps while you suck him something is f***** your don't you think oh wait your a liar and a piece of s*** like the rest of these crazy f**** on here huh

  • You're a f*****your mother sucks n***** d**** dude and you can suck your f****** daddy's d*** you just a f****** f***** with a big mouth

  • Why you commenting on everyones stories saying its bullshit, its because your jealous and want to be someones slave. Im looking for a second slave if you think its bullshit drop your email and il break you to serve my every need.

  • Good w****

  • Good girl. You keep doing as your told ;)

  • Good girl

  • I hope you will confess to how it feels inside you.

  • My husband has me nude 24/7 and has me on all fours milking me uses me as a hucow and has me breedred

  • Ii have been a hucow and kept nude

  • I would love to chat with you sometimes. I write books about women like you. geodesicline@yahoo

  • Oh you silly people. "Run! Abuse! That's not right" It's not right for you, obviously, but your experience is not every woman's experience. You shouldn't judge what you don't understand.

    I have been with my wife for 15 years. She is the love of my life. She has earned her MBA, is an executive director in her company and makes a very solid six figure income of her own and serves on the boards of multiple charity organizations. She is a killer at work. Sharp as a razor. She gets everything she wants, always, and she enjoys that fact. But when she gets home and the suit comes off she wants nothing more than to feel owned. She doesn't want to give orders, she wants to be commanded. She doesn't want to run her life and daily activities, she wants to have expectations she must follow. She wants to be guided, and punished when she falls short of her goals. She doesn't want to initiate s** and she doesn't want to ask for it, she wants to be owned, she wants to have no control over what happens to her. She serves me however she is instructed, and with whomever. She does anything she it told and that's how she wants it. If I was not the man who was strong enough to own her she would not be with me.

    I have no idea what some of you picture when you think of this way of living, but to my wife, and others like her, it is bliss. She is loved beyond words, cared for, admired, supported, promoted and absolutely owned. I force nothing on her. I give her what she needs, a master.

  • When reading this this is me all over.My master husband controls my s** life and me.I really do love doing what he tells me to do.I do to him and for him what ever he wants me to do.He dresses me in the most sexy outfits and heels.I have had s** with all of his friends and some strangers.I do love sucking him as much as he will let me.

  • You are the perfect wife!

  • Sweet girl!

  • She needs a good ass whipping

  • This is awesome....kinda jealous on her

  • I want to marry a woman that wants to f*** many men even in our bed.

  • I understand that totally.

  • This one's a fantasy.

  • Avoid Immoral Women
    1My son, pay attention to my wisdom;
    listen carefully to my wise counsel.
    2Then you will show discernment,
    and your lips will express what you’ve learned.
    3For the lips of an immoral woman are as sweet as honey,
    and her mouth is smoother than oil.
    4But in the end she is as bitter as poison,
    as dangerous as a double-edged sword.
    5Her feet go down to death;
    her steps lead straight to the grave.
    6For she cares nothing about the path to life.
    She staggers down a crooked trail and doesn’t realize it.
    7So now, my sons, listen to me.
    Never stray from what I am about to say:
    8Stay away from her!
    Don’t go near the door of her house!
    9If you do, you will lose your honor
    and will lose to merciless people all you have achieved.
    10Strangers will consume your wealth,
    and someone else will enjoy the fruit of your labor.
    11In the end you will groan in anguish
    when disease consumes your body.
    12You will say, “How I hated discipline!
    If only I had not ignored all the warnings!
    13Oh, why didn’t I listen to my teachers?
    Why didn’t I pay attention to my instructors?
    14I have come to the brink of utter ruin,
    and now I must face public disgrace.”
    15Drink water from your own well—
    share your love only with your wife.
    16Why spill the water of your springs in the streets,
    having s** with just anyone?
    17You should reserve it for yourselves.
    Never share it with strangers.
    18Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you.
    Rejoice in the wife of your youth.
    19She is a loving deer, a graceful doe.
    Let her b****** satisfy you always.
    May you always be captivated by her love.
    20Why be captivated, my son, by an immoral woman,
    or fondle the b****** of a promiscuous woman?
    21For the lord sees clearly what a man does,
    examining every path he takes.
    22An evil man is held captive by his own sins;
    they are ropes that catch and hold him.
    23He will die for lack of self-control;
    he will be lost because of his great foolishness. PROVERBS 5

  • Double Dumbass. Take your Pagan beliefs and stuff them.

  • A husband hired me to massage his wife and to give her a happy ending. normally this means getting her off manually, but there is also something called the creamfilled happy ending, which he requested. His wife was very submissive and she and I entered an S&M relationship. One Halloween, i took her to a party dressed as a slave girl. I told her husband where it was and he came in a costume with full mask. He watched me whip her, nude in front of everyone and then both men and women used her for their pleasure. His wife came over and over, especially while being triple penetrated. In the end I was put on a yearly retainer. He never let on to her that he not only knew but had begged me to turn her into a s** slave who was used by many. Her fantasy was to be sold to a group of wealthy men, which we did many times and another taken to a black working man's bar where she had over 40 men in a single night.

  • I would love to go to a party and be triple penetrated by multitudes. Trust me they would love what they see.

  • Please marry me!!

  • Great lady.

  • That is so f****** hot keep it up and enjoy life

  • Damn

  • If it pleases you, it's alright for everyone.

  • My wife and I led a lifestyle of swinging and wife swapping. My favorite was FFM 3somes. My wife would do anything I asked her to, even have s** with my best friend. Then we noticed that all of the couples in our clubs were getting divorce or had a lot of drama due to one or the other forming emotional bonds with a partner. Seems that not many people who do this understand that a powerful hormone called Oxytocin is released after o***** and it is designed to bond a couple together. It is sometimes called the cuddle hormone as it is the one that makes the couple want to cuddle and feel good with each other.

    My wife and I saw our best friends' marriage destroyed because he fell in love with a woman at their club and his wife fell in love with her boss at work. Seems that once you have no marital fidelity, both the husband and wife do not treat s** with others as a problem. The problem to them is the lessor one of not telling their spouse about it. In other words, s** outside of the marriage does not feel like cheating to them. Out of 8 couples in our small club, 6 got divorced within two years and the rest of us went our merry way.

    We just settled in for a 38 year threesome with my wife's best friend and kept all s** to ourselves. No more s** with outsiders. Most of the post are not real anyway so do not get upset when you read them. Most post by girls are actually written by guys with a lousy vanilla s** life and wish they could do what they write about.

    Some do it for real but they are as rare as hen's teeth. I lived with two women for 38 years and yet if I read someone else say something similar I do not believe them. How weird is that considering we knew a lot of kinky people. I was offered the wife of two friends, which I turned down as it was awkward for me. My wife had s** with my best friend and came home with bruises on her body and stating that she will no longer have s** with other guys because they are not as good as me. YEA! No more friend.

  • Wife and I have been married for 34years and have been in and totally enjoyed fromday one have totally commit to our open marriage and completely sexual freedom to have and do what ever we want with who ever we want when ever we want to.

  • Do any of these disgusting men have children?, i would report some of these men to the police, they sound like they could be a danger to children who could witness all these S and M parties and s** acts going on!, these people need to be reported to the police if you suspect that they could be sexually abusing children..then report him please

  • Oh shove it up your ass! Maybe they don't have children, you judgmental p****. Not one of them mentioned kids, just you! What kind of sick fantasies are YOU thinking of??

  • Hush, they were just worried

  • Watching people engaged in s** is not harmful to children period end of story. In fact it would probable be beneficial as it would remove the stigma from it. now being just what adults do making it normal and accepted. in fact that was the case for much of the history of the world . 1 room living quarters being the norm. in fact in some case it was required to be witnessed as proof of consummation and a legal marriage.

  • What the h*** is wrong with you..why would you even be on this blog..moron

  • Who mentioned children??!!??

    You are a total f******

  • Im Christine...a avowed lifelong c*** and p**** s*** from new England.My ex husbands wouldn't have anything to do with I always had a stable of F*** buddies. My LT BF now makes me show, strip, where nipple cut out bras to work, post my self on internet...I LUV IT!! YES..LOTS OF C*** AND P**** FOR MEE!

  • Lucky girl you are.
    Go ahead and take em both on and invite the other for a one on one from time to time and have him bring a friend if you're up to it.

  • Lucky girl you are. If it was me I'd be going all the way with both of them and then invite the other for a one on one from time to time and take him without hesitation

  • Id marry you in a second!

  • My name is Jodie. My husband is also sexually domineering. I knew what he was like when I married him and I was quite happy with him dominating me. I've always enjoyed a man to be in charge when it comes to s**.
    I'm to give him a b****** whenever he wants. We have s** anyway he wants. Whenever he wants.
    Ever since we married he ordered me to wear sexy underwear. Especially stockings. He likes to think of me wearing them even when I'm at work.
    He's never asked me to have s** with his friends. I don't think he ever will.
    Sometimes he's rough with me when we are having s**. Which is my favourite.
    I'm having a great time. I never fail to have an o*****.

  • Well im pretty lucky , my husband has a twelve inch c*** and he tells his friend I like goin down on him, and he want s me to have s** with his friends, so I no were your c** from.

  • Dammit girl. Your in a D/s relationship. Look up the terms SSC & saveword and make up a few boundaries before anyone gets hurt. After that have fun. As long as everyone gets what they need it's all good, right?

  • My husband told me before we married that he did not expect me to stop having s** with other men. He knew that I had had s** with quite a few men and that my parents allowed me to have my boyfriends over for s** from the time I was 13. I had told him that I enjoy s** tremendously and before we married he told my parents that he did not expect me to stop having s** with other men, but really expected me to continue having s** with other men and he would probably bring some men over for me to have s** with. We have done that for 23 years now and he even brings men over to my parent's house when we visit them for me to have s** with. Once he found out that they had watched me have s** on several occasions, I no longer had to stay in the bedroom. I now have s** openly anywhere in their house or ours and I have been watched by not only my parents but by my brother and sister-in-law. As for how a big c*** would feel inside you, I've always loved big c****. The bigger the better and I take on all races, including black. Really, you should do it. It's a fantastic feeling knowing that other men want to have s** with you and that there are people who want to watch. I'm 45 and still get a thrill at being watched while having s** - especially by my brother.

  • So, you are now 51. Do you still enjoy being watched. I would love to watch. This is a fantasy. Would you send me your pic and tell me city where you live. I want to know if I am close. I invite all to contact me.

  • If this is a true story you are a sick b**** or you live in backwoods Arkansas and go to family reunions to meet men but I call bullshit

  • Have you had s** wasting your brother when you were younger

  • your stories i let my wife f*** other men and couples the most is ten guys, i like the idea to be open like you, to have s.. in the living room and watch by family and friends .but dont know how to start

  • I let m wife have s** with my friends on Monday night football.she loves it in every way

  • By far the best thing I have ever read and would love to watch or join especially at your parents or brothers house

  • Ooh I should've married him..I had same story...but 2 guys I married thought they could"change me"....NOT! I have a luvofmylife BF who likes and lets me be...who I am. I luuv being watched too!

  • Eww yo that's gross but hey why dont u get ur bro if ya catch my drift

  • Wow! that's hot, have you tried having s** with your family members?

  • Incest is illegal, so I hope not

  • My wife brings other guys home to f*** me i also loveto be watched by her sisters they use both my wife and i for their kinky friends enjoyment

  • Id love to have a wife that would bring home men to f*** me. especially if I dressed in lingerie

  • I hope you got you wish..... tell us more!

  • Just f****** HOT!

  • Umm.. Wtf Is wrong with you? Don't make him control you, but you are. HIT THE BRICKS B****

  • My friend who was married to her husband for 5 1/2 years did those things with her husband. she tells me they went to s&m parties, had couples s**, watched her f*** other men, made her walk in the nude with only high heels on during the day outside, made her crawl like a dog, have people watch them f*** ect ect she loved it. She said it was fun and turned her on big time. Then he ended up fucken a girl she doesnt mind this because she loved to watch her husband get bang also she loved watching the female o***** with him, but the agreement was if any of them had s** with another person they had to be in the some room well turned out he left her for the other female turned everything against her telling her he needed a classy women someone who is a challenge and won't give it up so easily that she was way to easy to controll and a major s*** so watch out!!!!!

  • Come on, if your husband respected you, then he would NEVER make you do those things. Your not his toy! and your married to your husband not to other men.

    He isn't taking you seriously, remember have some respect for yourself too!

    I say this as a male.

  • That's great! And amazing.
    Ignore the closed minded prudes who say don't do it.
    As long as your love between you and your husband is strong
    And he trusts you to be a good and loving wife enough to share you with his best friend then that's fantastic!
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being slutty now and then, I love it when my husband invites his childhood friend over, they are brothers not by blood but a great bond.
    My husband is not dominate but enjoys watching me do things such as dress sexy, m********* in front of our bedroom window, f*** in public, and he really enjoys watching me get banged by his brother and filled up with c**.
    I won't lie, I enjoy it so much the thought makes me wet. Unfortunately his brother lives about 350 miles north from us so we only get to have fun 2 times a year when he gets his week long vacations.
    He just left last night, and honey after a week of sucking, f******, banging in every hole I am wonderfully sore and leaking fluids that aren't even mine!
    Enjoy it, it's a great experience and not everyone is open enough to invite another in the bedroom let yourself go and be a good little s*** for your husband.

  • I want more than anything to marry a s*** for c****!

  • I bet those fluids your leaking stink and glow in the dark you probably have more deseases than a dead rat in a sewer but hey enjoy yourself till your p**** wakes up in the middle of the night and kills your retarded ass and runs off and joins a cult

  • What in h***?!! XD

  • Avoid Immoral Women
    1My son, pay attention to my wisdom;
    listen carefully to my wise counsel.
    2Then you will show discernment,
    and your lips will express what you’ve learned.
    3For the lips of an immoral woman are as sweet as honey,
    and her mouth is smoother than oil.
    4But in the end she is as bitter as poison,
    as dangerous as a double-edged sword.
    5Her feet go down to death;
    her steps lead straight to the grave.
    6For she cares nothing about the path to life.
    She staggers down a crooked trail and doesn’t realize it.
    7So now, my sons, listen to me.
    Never stray from what I am about to say:
    8Stay away from her!
    Don’t go near the door of her house!
    9If you do, you will lose your honor
    and will lose to merciless people all you have achieved.
    10Strangers will consume your wealth,
    and someone else will enjoy the fruit of your labor.
    11In the end you will groan in anguish
    when disease consumes your body.
    12You will say, “How I hated discipline!
    If only I had not ignored all the warnings!
    13Oh, why didn’t I listen to my teachers?
    Why didn’t I pay attention to my instructors?
    14I have come to the brink of utter ruin,
    and now I must face public disgrace.”
    15Drink water from your own well—
    share your love only with your wife.
    16Why spill the water of your springs in the streets,
    having s** with just anyone?
    17You should reserve it for yourselves.
    Never share it with strangers.
    18Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you.
    Rejoice in the wife of your youth.
    19She is a loving deer, a graceful doe.
    Let her b****** satisfy you always.
    May you always be captivated by her love.
    20Why be captivated, my son, by an immoral woman,
    or fondle the b****** of a promiscuous woman?
    21For the lord sees clearly what a man does,
    examining every path he takes.
    22An evil man is held captive by his own sins;
    they are ropes that catch and hold him.
    23He will die for lack of self-control;
    he will be lost because of his great foolishness.

  • get your husband to tie you to the bed and blindfold you and then bring his friend and do what ever he wants. i promise you will love it

  • I love you!

  • Yeah maybe they'll beat the s*** out of you with a baseball bat then s*** all over your gaping wounds and then if your lucky you could die of sepsis

  • What the f***?!! XD

  • You are a very lucky woman. Your husband sounds wonderful, don't ever forget that your body is his to do with as he sees fit. Pleasing your husband is your only purpose.

    Wishing my husband was just like yours

  • Id love to have a wife that wanted to f*** lots of men with big c****!

  • I support you and your husband 110%!! Your writing was very composed, clearly you're no dummy. I WISH I was in your position tee hee ;) My husband is domineering but not like a sub/master relationship (SO UNFORTUNATE)... and swinging = end of our marriage. That's what I get for marrying an old fashioned f*** lol j/k . . . Hey ~ If we lived in the same neighborhood I'd invite you over for homemade pie. You sound like the perfect gal pal to hang with.

  • Another f***** r*****

  • no dont, he's just a perv and using you. seriously, no.

  • Nothing good can come of that sugar....


  • I think its kind of kinky.
    & Heyy. If it keeps the s** life alive for you n your husband... why not?
    It is kind of strange though...

  • DON't sleep with his friend. Even though he wants you to do it, your husband will lost respect for you and want you to sleep with more guys. Been there. Made that awful mistake. Got away from my sick ex husband. It took 2 years to get back my self esteem. Don't do it!

  • Good for you just remember most of these post are fake the rest are sick f****

  • Why do you love him,you should hate him,BUT YOU LOVE HIM?

  • That sounds like fun. My may is extremely dominant too. He orders me to do all kinds of naughty things, which I love. I can't see him trying to get me to f*** his friend though..

  • You should try to get him to be submissive, too...and yes your husband is turning you into a s***.

  • Yeah and be made into a Sissy F*****! YEAHHHHH

  • I want to be your husband's friend too.

  • Lmao this is crazy but intresting

  • You pervert husband is turning you into a s***. Seriously.

  • go for it but make sure you suck it

  • Right down take the warm liquid

  • Cant get the full length of a c*** all the way down my throte eveen 5 to 6 inches am i doing something wrong

  • No you have a giant tumor in your throat

  • Put your head right back then take him. if your heads not right back its going to make you gag you daft b****. good job your not mine

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