My husband has turned me into a s** slave

I knew my husband was sexually domineering before we got married, and I kinda liked that. He won't let me wear bras and orders me to be naked when he comes home from work and has made me undress in front of hotel windows when we go on vacation. I must be a submissive because I love it when he makes me do sexual things.

On the nights his best friend comes over, my husband makes me wear a low cut dress with no bra so that when I serve food bending over, his friend can see all of my t***. I didn't like that in the beginning, but now it turns me on. I like seeing his friend looking down my dress and enjoying the view.

The last time his friend was at our house my husband began telling him how much I loved s** and how I was a pro at sucking him off. I told my husband to stop and got embarrassed, but I felt terribly h**** when he did that.

Now when my husband and I are having s** in bed he tells me his best friend has a big c*** that would feel good inside me, and though I tried to be a good girl at first and ignore what my husband was saying, after a few nights of his s** talk about his best friend's big c*** I began to get excited and imagined how good that big c*** would feel.

My husband said today that the next time his best friend comes over, he's going to order me to have s** with him, and he said I'll have to do it. I'm a faithful wife and wouldn't want anybody else, but if my husband orders me to have s** with his best friend I will, and I have to admit with all the s** talk he has me curious about how his best friend's big c*** would feel inside me.

Jun 2, 2012

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  • Wife stripped at party

  • You need to do what my wife of 34 years does in this kind of need to have a I want to know how it would feel to have his c*** b**** deep into your p****. So make a move to get into his pants with out your husband knowing and have you a totally new and exciting experience then when your husband tells you to tuck hi as friend you will be ready to get into it and know you will have a great time riding on another man's c I co .

  • Bullshit , they are married and she is in privileged position with husband wanting her to enjoy sexual with another,all inclusive.

  • She has permission to be a sexual w**** and she decides and choose who she ducks when and where she alows other c*** to have her for there sexual activity and she decides it he can bareback her and inseminate her by shooting his fertile cumm as deep and far into her as he can.

  • My wife and I have been married for 34 years. And from day one I had been working on my wife to forget her view on s** and become interested and into the kind and type of sexual activity that I have been into and enjoying since I was 12 years old. I have a great fetish and desire to transforme my wife into a hot wife who likes to be shared with any sexual partners who would like to have her participate in a sexual activity of there choice. I want my wife to persue sexual relations with other males 18 to? for her and my total sexual satisfaction enjoyment . It was not a easy undertaking to get my wife to get into and understand what I am telling her I want her to accepted and do. since the day we got married we have had and been in a totally open marriage with her and I having total sexual freedom in any sexual activity that either she or I would have desire to get involved in. she has totally transformed into the kind of wife and sexual pardner i desire .

  • Lucky guy from Ohio here

  • When we were younger I loved watching my wife expose herself to others, both guys and girls. As well as sharing her with my friends as well as total strangers. At times in adult theaters & bookstores where she'd be g********* in public while others watched. We also swapped with other couples and she'd usually have s** with the other wife too.

    She'd lay on the bed in motels with the curtain partially open & m********* or sometimes she'd be sucking my c*** or I'd f*** her. We'd order room service or have a pizza delivered and she'd answer the door naked and try and seduce the delivery person. And on lots of occasions sucked their c*** or f***** them. She'd let the housekeeper walk in on her naked or sometimes while she sucked my c*** and would try and get them to join us.

    She even answered the door for our 12-13yo paperboy and one of his buddies in a towel when he came to collect and let the towel fall of so they could see her naked as well as walking in front of the windows naked so our mailman could see her naked. And seduced several delivery guys & maintenance men. She f***** most of my friends and set it up for me to f*** her best friend, one of her cousins and her younger sister, all at her suggestion.

    Yet I never pushed her into anything and left it up to her. L enjoyed all of it, but would have never forced her to do any of it. We lived that sort of lifestyle for over 20yrs and I lost track of how many guys she f***** there were so many. And we've been married for 45yrs. So I guess I was just lucky. And would never think of her as a slave or submissive.

  • Your a fortunate man.. Would LOVE to share mine, and watch her ride my friends 8". Have asked her to ,and she refuses.. When I do get her to j*** me off, I always mention to her I would love to see George in her... But so goes the rest...

  • F*** his friend bareback while your ovulating and let that big c*** of his breed you.

  • In 34 years of marriage and in a totally open marriage the whole time I have seen my wife get knocked up by other males age 17 to 65 because she has a totally fetish for f****** guys with fertile sperm bareback and demanding that they only c** inside her as deep and as much c** as he can produce

  • In 34 years she has been knocked up 8 times by who ever was f****** her and blasted his fertile baby seed into her tuck w**** womb.

  • I have been with a cheating spouse before and trust me I know how it feels, those suspicions are not mere paranoia. If you suspect that he is cheating, he might actually be..I hired a PI who helped me install monitoring bugs on his phone that diverted all his messages( facebook, whatsapp, text messages, and even phone calls) to my phone; is the man for the job with a very high level of professionalism and highly reliable. I really enjoyed working with him and the few friends I told have been nothing but thankful to me for the referral. Drop him a text or call+1 6 1 7 4 0 2 2 2 6 0. Lastly, he provides proof or service he had provided to other clients before requesting payment.

  • Where did she say anything about her husband cheating?

  • If you want the same thing as your husband by f****** his friend--WOW go for it babe!!!--you're soo h**** with your responses xx

  • Nice, mine is submissive also, she's 61, 4'11" ,95lbs, blonde, blue eyes, 36c's, swallows and prefers doing it bareback ! Life is good in northern nevada

  • She is 61 ? Sounds like a p**** I would love to. Squirt a couple of cumm loads into .oh while I am busting nuts in your p**** feel free to bust as many as you like deep into my wife and see if you can be #9 to knock knock her up .

  • Embrace the freedom your hubby has given you to enjoy your sexuality, you should get them inside of you at the same time. You would love the way it will make you feel. Tell hubby you don’t want to use a rubber that you want to feel both of them c** in you

  • Its a wonderful feeling and my ex GF loved to be the centre of attention with s**** in all her holes !! xx

  • Everyone has a fantasy and preference of a relationship I would love to be in one but I'm take my time on that cause he has to be the right one

  • My ex turned me into an obsessed resentful shadow of myself. I hated her 24/7. She gaslighted me into thinking I was crazy. I had so much evidence and she managed to destroy me. The infidelity was heartbreaking. But denying me closure was a permanent scar in my soul. I found out about her cheating when I consulted a professional hacker''hackingloop6@gmail . c om'' who hacked her phone and gave me remote access to all her phone activities. I've moved on, but I'll never be the same. There will always be chapters in my life that can't be closed.Hackingloop is also reachable on  WhatsApp + 1 484  540 - 0785,contact him if your partner's commitment is in doubt.

  • I wish I had a dominant husband. Your very lucky

  • I enjoy having s** with hubby's black friend, my situation was similar. I told hubby I could see David's bulge in his pants and wanted to see it. I also wanted hubby watching me have s** with our friend.

  • Open and sensually natural
    So hot and h****!!
    Trust you enjoy the warm sticky wetness !

  • Omg thats sexy

  • Thats gonnna make me c**

  • You are a w**** just like every other woman. Stop the denial bullshit and spread your legs s***! I doubt you're good for much else

  • And you, sir, never get real s**, am I right?

  • Go all the way bareback , suck him off

  • Wow...!!!

  • Do yourself a favour. Take your husband's friend and f*** the daylights out of him. Suck his c*** and let him f*** you any which way. We only live once. peter

  • Go for it; enjoy.

  • How does the husband know how big his friend's c*** is? XD

  • Wife wears nylons and short skirt , to flash nylon tops and more.

  • This happened in reverse to me!! I was the guy that the husband talked about and that night did happened and it DID happen. It was all great until the next day,my best fren really has remorse after the hottest s** his wife has ever had, I am blessed below the border and that is what is really hammering my frens ability to get over that ONE night. Be careful it can last forever in the wrong way

  • Now my husbands friend Cody,whom everyone knows I hate when visiting takes liberties and puts his hands on my ass and t*** when friends are not looking .He knows I cant say a word or he may say I wear his clothing .My nipples are so hard and literally I am so wet I cant uncross my legs. I cant stop wanting more omg!

  • I cant stop rubbing myself against Cody like its hard to get by or go up stairs when he goes to the bathroom and I do not need to I said you better not tell anyone what I do do you?

  • Cody’s girlfriend I called gross and fat who I’m fatter than now swears and says I know you’re f****** that fat b**** .he says no then she’s always saying I know your fat Pittsburgh w**** sucks your d*** then,I can’t stop asking to tell me what his girlfriend says during s** now.

  • We know your dying to say more like your husbands friend you cant stand has f***** you already while your wearing his tee shirt if not more! lets hear it.

  • Too hot

  • You can take my fat c*** if you needs little bit more than ever do from your flies knit relationship

  • Very hot!

  • Loved it I would definitely enjoy wife doing same

  • S***!

  • It has been such a long time since those encounters. I hope it happened. hope you were stretched well. Obviously your husband wanted you to become his s*** and you wanted it also. Hope by now you are a seeing other men on a steady basis.

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