I have always had a thing for older men

I have a fetish for older men. im 17 but from the time i was 13 or so ive always looked at men in thier twenties and thirties...sometimes even forties. so yeah, is this normal? or pervish? i mean like ive been in relationships w older guys and they seemed fine to me but im starting to realize since i finally have a bf my age how inappropraite those relationships were.

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  • This is a troll. Any adult knows that the word "I" is capitalized.

  • What made you start feeling that your past relationships with older men was inappropraite only after you found a boyfriend your own age? Just curious.

  • Sounds like you had a perfectly clear, innocent unconditioned mind and beleif, brfore someone started to reconditioned your thoughts and beleifs to conform to societies ideal.. but there are more people now a days who have come to the realiztion that relationships like these whether romantic or sexual are neither inappropraite or pervish, but rather normal and natrual...

  • Sounds like you're allowing yourself to be brainwashed into a state of. Guilt to me.

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