I lied about my age...

Ive been with my partner 7 years. When we met i claimed to be a year older than i actually am. Ive always lied about my age because i hated being the youngest in my class in school.
Now the guilt is killing me, im so affraid of telling him at risk of losing him. I've lied to him and all my friends for 7 years, and the guilt is killing me. Age is just a number right?

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  • Get over it and quit being so freaking childish!

  • That's really not a bad thing to lie about. I agree with the first comment.

  • This is a great example of how we often work something up in our minds, so that it seems much worse than it actually is. This is easy to fix. Tell your boyfriend that you've done something bad and need to come clean about it. Go on and on about how bad it is and how you feel so low about it. Once you've got him thinking that you've either cheated on him or murdered someone, tell him that you're actually a year older that you've been saying. He'll be so relieved that he won't think much of it; he may even find it humorous.

  • ok... just tell the guy

  • one year is not that big of deal...just bring up your birth year and be like..."oh s*** wait a sec....(then count it out) holy crap im actually blahblah, how the h*** did i get my age wrong???" but yeah unless it makes you like 17 instead of 18 and u have s** with someone who is over 18 or 20 instead of 21 and someone gives you alcohol, you should be fine

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