I don't care

You don't deserve anyone ,you treat others as your pleasure toys.
When you are done with one you go for the other without bothering how others might feel.

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  • Why do you care? Live your own life.

  • My gf is my doll. She knows she is my s** object. I like to put her in a corset and do it up real tight. Along with high heels really restricts her. I like to grab her and throw her down or pull her over my knee for a spanking.

    She can leave if she wants. Interestingly the more I restrict her the more she stays. She's in l***.

  • That's great, until you develop a latex allergy and can't touch her anymore.

  • But you are not god. would you want to be forced to be with someone sexually you no longer loved? or never wanted to be with in the first place but was too afraid at the time to stop it?

    this person might treat people poorly. no one likes being a sexual object and women experience this more then men ever will, but I would not want to be with some one I didn't like just to make them feel better.

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