I feel like I'll never find the perfect guy

My dream guy is one who's laid back and doesn't want to go out and have all the mushy-romantic dates constantly. I just want a guy who would take me to see an action movie every now and then, and maybe walks in the park here and there. I don't want fancy dinners every week; I'm happy with a trip here and there to Taco Bell. I'm fine with spending nights in watching horror movies or playing video games together but I also want to go out and do fun things like go to the fair, out on drives, to the city, all that good stuff. I also want a guy who would let us each have our own space so we don't smother each other.

The problem is I'm 18 and have NEVER come across a guy remotely like this. All the guys I know are either complete tools, or would never do any of this with me. Since a lot of my friends have been dating each other for a few years now it makes me worried that I'll never find a guy I click with.

Jun 4, 2012

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  • Wow, battle-weary at the ripe old age of 18. Poor little you!

    Might as well give up now then. You obviously don't have the stamina to put up with this for another 30 or so years, like actual adults do every day.

    Here, have a cookie. Wash it down with your own tears.

  • What country/state do you live in?

  • This is why people don't understand about love. They look for what suits them but don't understand that it's not about that. Love isn't selfish. Relationships are about giving up what you want for the other person. Love also isn't something to be found, it's something that just happens. You keep looking for the perfect guy but really, even if the guy you find does all this stuff he will still have Something that you don't like. That's just how it is. So you're going to have to be ready to give up on some of your desires and be ready to forgive because that's what being in a relationship is about.

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