Last year, i moved to a new school. and it's an all girls school. i met this girl.. lets say her name is #sandy# (for confidential) and last year i started to have feelings for this girl, but i thought it was just a phase and it was. it lasted like 2 days. but now this year, we've been recently started talking, and im pretty postitive that she's bi (which is the only reason im attracted to her) but i get so happy when she texts or calls me. but theres something going on between us. we dont talk at school we just look at each other like were hiding something but were not. all weve arranged is to have a sleepover soon. i dont feel normal because of this but i want to tell her how i feel. but how do i do it ?! im scared she wont feel the same and then she wont talk to me ever again. HELP.

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  • I think that is really sweet. I think it's really important to tell her how you feel. If you dont it may haunt you for the rest of your life. I have a feeling it will turn out right. My best regards.

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