I feel like life simply just isn't worth it. Look at the world, and then theres tiny little me. So much stuff going on around me. So many people that think they've got it hard when they have no idea.
"Daddy wont give me pocket money"
"Mummy wont pay for my hairspray"
Get real. I know there are plenty of people out there worse than me, but these are not real problems. As far as my life goes I geniunely feel like giving up and just finishing the job. I have been destroyed by family smothering me from one side and neglecting me from the other. Extremes at both poles. My health is down the drain anyway and I didnt do anything to deserve it. To top it off my ex boyfriend is swimming around my head like a bad smell that wont go away. Its been nearly a year since i last saw him and nearly two that we've been apart. It still kills me. Im incapable of being with anyone else now because of our relationship. Love. I dont think I believe in it any more. Whats the point of carrying on if there is no love? All i see of love is sadness, and hurt, and pain and tears and hospitals and abuse. And Ive had enough.

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  • You are going crazy for c*** find a boy maybe one of ur friends dad or a mate of ur dad

  • cut yourself, maybe you can turn to masochism to fill the void of emptyness

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