I am girl. i have been in love with another girl for 2 years now. i am compleatly f****** head over heals in love with her, i would literally saw my leg off if she would ask, i'm not joking. she is beautiful, weird, amazing...but latley i have been talking to my friend about her and well i, i have started to fall for her too. i don't know whats wrong with me i can't help it. i would die for her, i would do anything for her, i love her. but that's because she's my best friend. but now every time she comes close to me i just want to kiss her...what do i do. she is straight. i am so confused, so many feelings and hormones racing around me i don't know what to do. i spend all day with her at school, talking about the girl i like. i am scared of losing her...

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