I am a horrible mother

I'm a single mom and lost my job a few months ago, so I started a daycare in my house by it's not been enough to pay all the bills, so I've been putting all my money into paying past due rent and any extra into the electric, but then my phone was shut off so I had to pay that, then I had to repair my car, our cat got sick, but it is so nice out and I was sick of all the money going to bills and wanted to treat my kids to a fun day, so we went to the zoo last week instead of paying our bills...now we have no power, our food will be spoiled by the end of the day, my daughters asthma is actin up because of the heat...and it's all my fault for not being able to provide for them right now...plus my pride because I could apply for assistance but I am too stubborn. :(

Jun 12, 2012

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  • Why havent you gone to your exs father and told him you need to make some money . Im sure he knows a few friends that will help you pay your bills . Have your ex watch the kids at night so you can make some money sucking c*** or stripping. I helped my ex find clients and am now pimping her out on weekends and the kids and I are having so much fun . I have taken over all of my exwifes finances meaning I pay all her bills and keep all of the money she makes as my w****.I do give her spending money when she lets me f*** her in her tight little ass.The more she does the more money I let her have. My plan is to have her and the kids living with me and I am still going to keep whoring her ass out .

  • I'm one of your daughters and you are full of it

  • I never believe parents who play the "boo hoo I'm so poor" card anymore. You are rewarded beyond all reason for squeezing out meal tickets-- excuse me, I meant precious children/cancer curers. Just set up a GoFundMe account and don't post any details, but use your kids as your avatar. Or walk down any street towing your fvck trophies along and look just a little sad, especially during the holidays. Dumb people will fight each other to be seen giving you everything your dear little heart desires.

  • Are you poor?
    Are you dumb?
    Are you lazy?
    Do you stand no chance of surviving in this society?
    Squeeze out a kid! Boom, you are not just set for life but you are also now a sainted -mommy-!!!!!
    *angelic trumpets play, sparkles fall from the sky, etc.*

    OP can sit and spin on her little sob story.

  • First, stop beating yourself up. I have a sister and a brother. When we were growing up money was tight, and bills sometimes didn't get paid. At one time we were even homeless. Like you my mom had it rough providing for us, but every chance she got she would take us someplace fun. When we talk about our childhood it's the fun times we remember. Fun time with your kids is good for both YOU and THEM. You also need to stop being stubborn and APPLY FOR ASSISTANCE!

  • No you are not.......Say it and believe it. You have to apply for it if not for you but your children. As messed up as your life may seem trust me it could be worst. It is there to help you get on your feet. Your children need to feel like it's nothing to worry about because childhood is the most important time in a child's like. It molds who you are.

    God bless

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