Got My Boyfriend To Beat Up A Nerd

I got this stupid nerd in my grade 10 English class. While the rest of us are trying to fool around and have fun he's studying and sucking up to the teacher. I hate that kiss ass, and he's got a face like a j****** with glasses on it. I hate the goofy way he looks.

He makes the rest of us look bad with his good grades, and he never talks to us or fools around. I hate that kiss ass.

I hate him so much I told my boyfriend the nerd touched my breast and said my boyfriend was a p****. My boyfriend went nuts when he heard that. To seal the deal I told him the nerd always lied and would probably say he didn't touch my breast or call my boyfriend a p****. My boyfriend puts me on a pedestal and believes I would never lie to him.

My boyfriend cornered the nerd after school. He knocked his books on the ground, slapped his glasses off his donkey face and crushed them with his foot. Then he beat the s*** out of the nerd. I loved it!

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  • That's awful, just beating up someone for existing, jeez

  • Well to be fair some nerd do need to be beat.

  • You sound like a waste of space

  • fake..

  • You do know there is a label for you right? You're a BULLY and so is your loser boyfriend. Karma is waiting around the corner. Get ready.

  • Wow, you are a total b****. You hurt that poor guy just because he cares about school. Well, you have severe issues. Get help. Oh and I hope one day you and your boyfriend end up working for that guy and he makes your life a living h***.

  • yep guess what hon that nerd will be your boss in 20 years

  • You do realise this nerd is just way more mature than the rest of you ignorant little f****? He's got his priorities straight and know what's important while you other retards waste away your time at school.

    You're laughing so hard right now? Wonder if you will still be doing that in 15-20 years time when he has moved on to bigger and better things and earning a great salary whilst you scrape the bottom of the barrel each and every month with an alcoholic, beer-bellied, abusive husband and 4 kiddies running wild ... just like you are now. Karma is a b**** ain't it? :)

  • could not agree more. people like you makes the world a hard place to live. just because you're so f****** immature doesn't mean you can just do s*** like that to people. look at yourself right now and be ready for time will come it will come back to you and hunt your b**** ass! shame on you, you little p****!

  • I also agree. I'm in my teens and it's people like that who make our generation look bad.

  • u=b**** u dont have to do that

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