I don't want my dad to have kids with his new wife

My dad is trying for a baby with his 3rd wife. Me and my sister are from his 1st marriage and we have another brother from his 2nd marriage who we dont see. I do'nt want him to have more kids, hes nearly 50 and his wife is old enough to be his daughter (20 years or so younger) My dad hasnt even thought to ask his other children about how they would feel! He left my mom soon after my sister was born as he 'wasn't a family man' and looking after kids wasn't his thing! He just wants to go off on expensive holidays and go mountain climbing, bike riding, scuba diving etc, which you can't do when you have a new born baby....
Also i know for a fact he is only having this child because he feels sorry for his wife because he doesnt want any kids, and she does. This kid isn't being made out of love. Im angry and upset, and i dont know how to tell my dad how i feel without completely breaking down.

Jun 14, 2012

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  • Someday-- probably not in the lifetime of anyone reading this-- it will become obvious even to the most clueless individuals that some sort of regulation around breeding has to happen. Shooting out future humans into a world that already has too many of them is one of society's crappier "ideas", but we'll have to be b@lls deep in crisis before the hivemind gets its $hit together.

    Wait until most jobs are either outsourced or done by robots, literally every kid is "special needs" and the world population has gone up another three or four billion.

    Daddy just likes seeing evidence that his d_ick works, which is one of THE most selfish and shortsighted reasons to reproduce. (Most "reasons" are anyway.) Dude needs castrating, since he's a manchild with no self-control even at his advanced age.

  • It's easy to talk from the standpoint of the parent. Why not look at the child's point of view?

  • My kids mom has fought me over our sons for 4 years and am close to your dad's age.We have a second custody arrangement in the works.I have been telling her that though am older and she is half my age,I don't like the fights over the kids.She has been telling me not to have any more kids especially since I have older daughters.

    I have been telling her that I will have more kids so that I possibly can enjoy raising them in a nuclear setting.I was a single parent but my parents helped me raise my daughters.

    I have a girl exactly one year older than her(they are born the same month and date a year apart) that is willing to marry me and give me two kids.My sons mom does not know that but,God willing I will have a kids sometime next year.

    The reason I tell you this is because you will have no control over what your dad and his new wife decide to do. His new wife is entitled to have kids with your dad if she so chooses. You have have to undergo counseling to understand this or talk to your dad honestly about your feelings.
    Good luck.

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