No I will not marry you.

If he was to ask me to marry him right now, I would say no. I'm scared for him to propose, as I know he has a ring.

He has changed so much by not having a job. He is not the same man. He has let himself go, he has become lazy and pathetic. He acts like he is a child, from this confident, quiet, polite, sexy and gorgeous man, to a boy that I have to look after. He is self sabotaging. He is throwing away job opportunities and I don't know why. He won't let anyone help. He just sits around all day playing video games in the dark.

Until he fixes himself, I will not be his wife.

Because I wouldn't be his wife. I would be his mother.

And I would despise him for it.

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  • He's playing video games because YOU have destroyed his masculinity once too are f****** mankiller...go f*** up some other man's life...I pity this guy who probably just wants you to leave him the f*** alone!

  • I pity the man that marries you anyway. Calling someone pathetic when they possibly lost confidence in themselves instead of helping them through it and giving them back up is just a cold thing. You sound like a sucky girlfriend to me. You'll stay with him through the good times but when things get hard in your relationship you run away because you're too insecure to try and deal with the issue. Instead, you want everything to be perfect first and then you'll get married. That's not only conceded of you but immature. You need to realize that being married isn't just being s** partners, it's being Life partners and that means Helping each other. When one feels insecure the other helps out. People like you are a big reason why so many people get divorced. Cause they're freaking stupid when it comes to what a relationship is supposed to be.

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