I am a high school teacher with a crush on one of my students

I am a 30 year-old woman who teaches seniors in high school, and one of my students is a hunk that I have a crush on. I am married, but my marriage has become stale and my husband has become a fat slob. When I look at my student hunk with his young buffed body, my mind begins to fantasize what it would be like having him. Yum.

Maybe this sounds wrong, but it isn't. He will turn 18 in two months and then I will make my move. I know the way he stares at me he wants me too. I even caught him trying to see up my skirt the other day and let him see a little as a preview of coming attractions. I soo can't wait until he turns 18 and I can be all over him.

And don't preach to me and say this is wrong. When he's legal it will be all good, and I will be one happy woman with a teacher pet I can play with. Mmmmm.

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  • You are not permitted to f uck anyone in your care. Just saying...........

  • I say don't wait, do it now love

  • Go for it. you will both get hot and wet together. win win situation

  • The least you could do is wait until he graduates, that way you will never feel guilty for doing it in school and your students don't have to worry about being hit on.

  • Well since he's turning 18... go for it ;D

  • Trust me(being one myself) a highschooler will never pass up s** with almost anyone. Just dont get caught. ;)

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