I'm 25, still a virgin but not because I'm ugly or anything. On the contrary, I'm handsome, muscular, girls are always staring at me, but when it comes to knowing them, they find out a very important thing about me: I HAVE NO MONEY...
And you know the saying, no money, no honey...
And there is another thing that makes my situation difficult: I only like really beautiful girls. And you know what they like? Money of course!
So I have no other chance, but to get a lot of money.
But when I do, I'm going to f*** them...VIOLENTLY!!!
Now seriously, some girls are always complaining about their boyfriends being rude with them and stuff. Why not leave him then? I tell you why: because there won't be a fool next to you who drives your ass everywhere in town, takes you to holiday trips, buys all your clothes, takes you to fancy restaurants and surprises you with expensive gifts, that's why! He buyed you, so he can do what ever he likes with you!
"You can't buy love." - Don't give me that crap, just open your f*****' eyes and take a look around! From the womans view, the main importance in a man is the thickness of his... WALLET!
With this I just want to point out, that I got sick of lies. The girls always melt and squeal when they see a handsome guy in a movie or a poster, but when it comes to a real relationship, the only thing that matters is money. And most of them are f****** unhappy, and they wonder why.
Now, you might ask, that would it be better, if these girls would admit that they are s**** and just going for the money? Yes! I can accept that easier than being lied to!
And you could say, that I'm no better, because I'm aiming to get girls with my money. But do I have any other chance? And to think htat one day one of these whores will going to be the mother of my children...

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  • "On the contrary, I'm handsome, muscular, girls are always staring at me.."

    You don't have s** with women because you are a gay man..
    Seriously, go to a few gay clubs & let go of the idea that there is ANYTHING straight about you.. It's either that or you are a deluded narcissist..

    Gay narcissist.?..

  • You're a douche. That's bullshit that you need money. The problem is you have absolutely no game. I've lived many places and been broke as f*** in each situation. In Seattle, L.A, N.Y, Dallas, I had no job, scrounged enough pennys together to take the bus places, and when I couldn't do that i'd just walk the 4-5 hours there. I ran through numerous b******, soroity girls, daddy girls with Mercedez, amazing beauties. No actual relationship ever developed and maybe because of the fact that I was broke, but that never stopped me from getting laid. You just have no game what so ever. Quite typical of any guy who thinks they look so good. They think looks should just take care of everything, but if you can't spit game, and no I don't mean some dumb cheesy lame ass lines, but game. You better start to lower your standards to the fat / ugly girls. I didn't even make it past your opening paragraph, because you're just full of s*** on a pity party. Girls who want a serious relationship may be after the money, but any broke f*** can get laid, even to a gorgeous woman, it just takes game.

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