Little Girls :(

That I have a thing for younger girls. I am 28 and I just love younger girls. I don't know why and I cant stop. I haven't done anything with one and don't think I ever will. But they still turn me on tremendously. To clarify, girls aged 9-16. I hate myself for it sometimes, but other times I enjoy seeing them in public and getting a bit of a chubby thinking about what I would do to one. I don't know just whatever. :$

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  • I have Lil girls l***

  • Ya bro your not alone im a monster i like girls new born to 12 sexuly . see me i think about it all the time and hate my self for it. Like i have never done anything to a little girl . nor will i but when i see a baby getting a dipper change i think about. Eatting her p**** or like a little girl i think about c****** in her p****. Haveing s** but i dont so your not alone

  • Don't feel bad , its how you feel

  • Please just turn yourself in before you ruin some little girls life. get help.

  • Yall should be on dateline

  • Dude, you're not alone in your desire for young girls so don't even wonder why and stop hating yourself don't let those people who disagree with how you feel dictate your life or happiness for you, just take yourself as you are
    knowing that there are other out here who feel the same way you do, and enjoy the eagerness of these girl to learn and experience their sexuality, make it your responsibility to help educate these young girls in the art of responsible love and pleasure. I say this through experience because I too have had a thing for young girls ages 8 to 14 since I was 30 and am now 49 and still educating these eager little learners....

  • Garbage dump ahead,no loitering.

  • Me too, man. I fantasized for years about this little 8-year-old who had a major crush on me. I wanted to f*** her sooooo bad, but I was never dumb enough to try.

  • My step daughter love to kiss and touch

  • Ha ha ha Not dumb enough to try! but sure dumb enough to let it pass you bye and continue to remember your fantasy that never became reality....sorry you missed the boat man.

  • I think people have an issue with it more so because girls that young are very immature, and definitely not psychologically ready... Girls are developing much earlier these days, so I can see where you're coming from to a point. But I'm saying like 15-16 is looking much older.

  • All of you have been reported to the pedo police. Sick bastards!

  • Ok, now if you'd just please get yourself back to the idiot squad where you belong, before you hurt yourself.

  • You're perfectly normal dude and you shouldn't hate yourself for your sexual orientation, just keep on being true to yourself and don't let anyone pervert your thinking into following in their twisted beliefs, because romantic as well as sexual relationships with children and teens is as normal and natural as same age relationships, there is no difference only in the minds of those who oppose it is there a difference, because somewhere along the line some people tried to pervert the natural essence of human sexuality by making the masses believe that older and younger s** was wrong, but you and others like us know that there is absolutely nothing wrong or harmful with human sexuality.... "live and let live" is the call of the universe.

  • To think and to act is is not bad to think f****** s small girl but it is bad to act for same. My email

  • Sicko.get an older girlfriend.

  • I've had older girlfriends before! but I suppose most likely that you have never had a young girl before, right? if not then you have no valid reason to speak against someone's preference, because only through experience can there be a valid reason to speak for or against anything! so until you've been in a sexual or romantic relationship with a young girl then your opinion is worthless and you're just talking out of your ass!! have a nice one!

  • Hey idiot! mind your own business and let others live their lives the way they want to!! you'll live a less stressful life.... if you do.

  • Dont be p***** off guys let others say what ever they want to say no one can stop how we feel.I am one of you too but frankly got lucky enough to try few youngsters.having s** with young girls is nothing much than pretty excitement.with you all get a chance to get fulfilled your fantasies.

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