I'm afraid of talking on the phone.
I try to forever put off every phonecall I have to make. I text, email, do anything to avoid it. I rehearse once. I rehearse twice. My heart races. I hate myself during it. I hate myself after it.

I never want to use the phone.

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  • i knnow how you feel. like i was the same way, just be confident and happy nd dont worry. itll be just fine

  • It's just a little EFT tapping phobia.

  • I used to have this but made myself get over it by doing it all the now doesnt bother me at all. Dont keep hiding from it and trying ways to get around it just be brave and do it! :)

  • i hate to make calls!
    by texting and emailing you don't bother people that much! they can reply when they feel like it.

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