Sister-in-law trouble

When my wife and I got married in 2004, her sister wasn't in the country and made no effort to return. I'd never even met her nor so much as spoken with her by phone. Now she's moved back, and is divorcing her husband and leaving her children, and she asked my wife to let her live in our guest room until she could get on her feet and my wife said yes, without even asking me. When she told me, I said it was okay............but then I met her sister. The woman is utterly insufferable, and I cannot stand being around her, much less having her living under the same roof. I'm trying to be kind, for my wife's sake, but the sister grates on me and brings out strangling, murderous impulses in me (which I'll never act on, of course), and it's rapidly reaching the point where I would be willing to go get a second job, or a third, just to be able to afford an apartment rent for this nightmare-in-law. I want her out of our house, and out of my life. I know it's wrong, and intolerant, and unkind, but it's how it is.

Jun 19, 2012

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  • You should f*** her. Then you will have a better opinion of her and come to enjoy her being there.

  • That actually IS funny, and I greatly appreciate the humor. :)

    Unfortunately, if you met her, you'd understand how totally NEVER that is gonna happen. I really don't even know how she got a husband in the first place, how she stayed married for as long as she did, or how it came to pass that SHE is leaving HIM. If I were her soon-to-be-ex-husband, I'd be the one divorcing her, and claiming mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, economic and visual cruelty: the woman is a legitimate horror, in every conceivable way. She makes a bad first impression, and things only worsen from there.

    When I was younger, and single, I honestly did fantasize occasionally about one day having an affair with a sister-in-law. Trust me when I tell you: I don't have those fantasies any more, and never will again. :)

  • Tell your wife that either you or the sister is moving OUT tomorrow....start looking for an apartment. Life is too f****** short for this kind of s***.

  • Thanks for the support: I appreciate it. It may very well come to me moving out, if for no other reason than making it clear to my wife how serious this situation is. My wife knows her sister is a pain, but she has NO IDEA how much of one she is. If I did that, though, I would probably put the burden on me, rather than her and her sister, and then just stay away until the sister is gone. Dear Sweet Jesus, how I hate this b****! I've never wished anyone were dead before, but I've had those thoughts about her.

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