I hate my girlfriend's son

I hate my girlfriend's son. When I first met him I tried hard to like him. But after 2 years he remains as dislikable as ever, if not worse. I think he knows I don't like him. Which to be honest doesn't bother me. Why? Because he deserves not to be liked. Among his worst attributes are his cockiness, arrogance, and sharp tongue. He is not an average kid. He is gifted and he is going to a top school in the state for gifted students.

This boy has NO reason to act like an a******, except for the fact that being an a****** may be ingrained in his DNA. He has a Wii, and XBox, a laptop, an iPhone, a giant flat screen TV, video games and movies galore, Netflix. His mother gives him absolute freedom and lets him ride in the front seat of her car even though he is short for his age. We take him to Disney World every month. All the Parks. Magic Kingdom, Disney Studios, Epcot, everything. He is not spoiled, but he gets awesome things that most kids don't have.

Honestly, I don't know why he chooses to act this way. Even his mother knows that he is an a******; considering he doesn't have it bad at all.

The kid is cocky, rude, arrogant, a know-it-all, has a sharp answer for everything, makes himself look like a conceited a******, never stops bragging about himself, does not like to share anything, does not answer when spoken to, is aloof, has an arrogant demeanor and carries himself like if he is God's gift to humanity and his s*** doesn't stink; he thinks he is perfect and doesn't make any mistakes, he treats others as if they are not in the room, and he just always has this "bored" look on his face like if everyone if retarded and everyone "bores" him.

I consider myself a sensible person. I have met arrogant people and I can totally see that this squirt of s**** is a first class a****** in the making.

I know that I am the adult and I have to show him good examples. I do. I try. I am as patient as possible when he is acting like himself which is always. My girlfriend acknowledges that I am right; that her son is an a******. She says it herself and sets him straight and reams his ass, which is often. But this doesn't phase him. He shuts his arrogant, cocky mouth only to later get on people's nerves again.

The boy's "father" if you can call him that without laughing out loud, picks his son up 4 days a month. The rest of the time he is with us or he hangs out at his aunt's house who lives very nearby. The "real father" likes to spend more time drinking with his girlfriend than spend time with his son.

I would think that maybe if his "father" gave a s***, it would improve his son's behavior, but I doubt it. I have seen other kids go through way worse and turn out just fine, but I think considering all the good things this boy has in his life (easy access to his whole family, all the nice electronics and Disney trips, popularity at school, good school, etc.) would curb his a****** tendencies but it doesn't and it may well be programmed into his DNA.

Is "hate" a strong word? Probably. Intense aversion, content, and dislike? Yes. Do I like it when he's not around? Absolutely.

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  • Kids a piece of s*** and so is the mom

  • You're an impostor in this boys home and you're acting as though he's the one being out of line. Why exactly should be like you? What is so g******* good about you that he should make special exceptions for the random guy who's turned up just to bang his mother?

    Who cares what he has? By the sound of it he's got a Father who doesn't care, a mother who's thinking about herself and some random guy living in his house who wants to see the back of him.

    Clearly, this boy can see right through you, and you don't like it, and you know it, else you'd not be on here spouting off.

  • Your response is just f****** stupid

  • This is bullshit. Kids get possessive of their mothers. The tool that wrote this response has an edopis/Electra complex about their parent to this day. Some kids are just little s****. Plain and simple

  • He is a child. Like him or not he should have respect. Kids get away with everything now a days. Is his mom just supposed to stay alone forever so no one "imposes" on the kid!? F that... When I was out of line my dad whooped me. And it made me a better person. Too bad people are sensitive weaklings today..

  • You are clueless . I' m in the same scenario .believe it or not little spoiled basement babies can be d**** regardless of family dynamic.he will grow up to be a tumor on his mama.im in the same situation paying all the bills for a self entitle d bratty little f***.

  • Jesus christ - are you born retarded? Or you just like acting stupid? Every child reacts in a different way - Blame the parents not the child - he never asked to be born in the first place... Im honestly not surprised - his father does not care about him & neither does his mother by the looks of things - then suddenly some other random guy shows up every now and then to bang his mother and expects to be respected? Obivously the child is still emotionally connected with his Mother & ex-Father and cannot stand the fact that some 20/30/40 year old douche shows up every now and then...

    But hey! He is a kid right? Who gives a single solitary **** about what he actually wants right? Its way more fun to bang his mother in her own bed room right?

    You are a grown man - and if you can't accept the fact than he will not accept you in his life - you either suck it up and ignore him - or GET THE **** OUT of the relationship - cause not only are you ruining it for yourself but for him also.

  • Stfu

  • So easy for others to say s*** like,"you knew she had kids". Yes you knew, but did you know they are a*******? No. Signing up for a woman with kids is 1 thing. Signing up for a woman with a****** brats is another! I am in a situation like this. She has 2 kids and i have 2 kids, but f*** i wish i could be set free from her a*******!

  • I could have written this word for word!
    I'm in the exact situation, but after 4 1/2 years of praying for him to change, I've realised that he never will!
    He is a first class w****r and will always be.
    Do I quit, or hope he f***s off soon?

  • Seems like he needs to see a shrink about some deep emotional s***. He might seem like a d***, but everyone has an inner monologue. He does what he does for a reason. Be it attention. Because he feel helpless in his life, or because he as a mental disability. The only way to really get to the cause is to help him feel like its okay to see a shrink. If his attitude hasn't already brought him depression with the way he is treated in school, then it soon will. Most of the bullies have a spiraling affect and know what is coming to them. They just don't care enough to seek help on their own. You just have to work off of his strengths, and build from there. Children are always hard, you just need to figure out a way to deal with individual situations.

    Then again, it may be too much to ask for you to try and intervene and give this much effort into helping someone have a happy life. To that I would say that you are not ready to be a parent. As most people aren't. Even though just the persistence and commitment is all it needs.

    A good example is how babies can sometimes repeat words that you feel you rarely ever say. They listen to everything. They hear everything--they can sense emotion. They feel of it. That in turn, feeds who they are as a person. SO even after 10 years of persistence and he seems the same.. He definitely is not. That is why setting up a good example is important.

    I would like you to try changing who you are in 3 years. Its even harder for him, because kids-even though they think they know--They have NO idea who they are. They are trying to figure it out. Therefore they will experiment and do things stupid.

  • f*** the little w***** kid off and your giflfriend before it drives you totally mad. you might love her but there is plenty of fish in the sea without the baggage of a w*****! you will get over her its human nature to. then you are free as a bird! i know as im in the same position as you and tried everything and nothing works!!!!! i even resorted in making it so open that i hate my girlfriends son that i would say it in front of him. i think i hoped deep down that he would f*** off and live with his dad (waste of oxygen p*** head) or grandparent as i made him feel uncomfortable in my presents he would reather live somewhere else. nothing worked so today i packed my girlfriends clothes and her wankers sons so when they come home from school they both will be given there marching orders. cant take this anymore my life is s*** because of someone else's kid there mistake!!! YOU ONLY LIFE ONCE AND BELIVE ME ITS OVER BEFORE IT BEGINS

  • I don't blame you: I don't like your girlfriend's son either. Or her. Or you.

  • Seriously, take all the kids away from straight people.

    Kind of a joke, but kind of serious. If you don't like the privilege of raising your own children (because the state can just come up with a bullshit reason to take them away like they do to queers who birth their own kids) then simply abandon them. Or kill them all and then yourself.

    You knew she had a kid. If you don't like the fact that she has a kid, you know you can stop putting your d*** in her, right?

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