I hate my couple friends

Call me whatever, I can't stand being with my friends when they have their bf/gf there or even with them talking on the phone. Yeah I get it, you wanna hear their voice or what the f*** ever, but talk to them or do the cuddly wuddly crap when I'm not there. It's so f****** annoying to have to sit there and listen to all of their ridiculous crap. "I love you more" "No I love you more!" -_-" One of my friend's has a habit of just ignoring me a lot for her long distance boyfriend she met on the web when I come over. It gets super annoying because she talks to him everywhere almost all day. I want to straight up tell her how it p***** me off, but I love her she is like my sister and I wouldn't wanna f*** that up. UGH...I hate being silent. >:(

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