1 straight vs 3 gays

Some weeks before our graduating and after have been bullied the last school year by a schoolmate who still had not turned 15 years old - by the fact of being gays -, me and two mates 18 years old attacked him with a flurry of punches and kicks when there was no one at gym.

Unluckily for us, our punches and kicks didn't make him any injury. Our karate lessons didn't serve us anything. The kid defended himself like a fierce and eventually gave us a beating on the three together.

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  • If you're a ** ** : don't mess with straight kids 14, 13, 12 yrs... we can ** take the ** out of you !!!

  • Let this be a warning to ** who think their karate lessons make them invincible against a straight teen

  • ** this fight must have been hard, three sissies beaten up by one ! kids are getting stronger these days

  • Let us have no more of that!

  • Holy **! flaming faggots, I'm sure.

  • This was about 20 yrs ago. im gay. i was the typical sissy boy and always was bullied at highschool. i quitted my school 6 months before graduation because all my classmates made fun of me for a fight in which a smaller and younger kid beat me up in front of the entire school

  • The straight kid should get a golden medal.

  • I'm gay and I also was the constant target of bullies at school.

  • Hahaha nice

  • Wow 1 vs 3, we've to give the kid credit.

  • Hahaha these ** losers got? knocked out by a 15yo

  • Oh a 15 yrs kid kicked 3 ** together. What an inspiration.

  • That is funny. 3 against one and he still beat up up you sick **. Hopefully he knocked some sense into you that being a ** can be a drag.

  • I was constantly bullied at school due to my sexuality.
    Learn to fight back or people will do whatever they want to you and most importantly, do not count on anyone else to defend you.

  • 3 faggots teens can be bigger or taking karate lessons but 1 straight kid has more **.

  • A straight kid has much more power behind his blows than any gay of his same age even than a lot of adult **.

  • I am gay and my classmates played me many pranks in highschool, specially in gym class : some mates grabbed me and made brute force demostrations. At the locker room: some of them caressed or grabbed my buttocks, enjoyed comparing their soft penises to mine, showed me their erect penises in the showers, so on.
    I was lucky and none of them beat me up. I felt never hurt by that nor offended and I enjoyed secretly all their jokes.

  • my advice: you must to stay away from fights at the highschool if you do not know how fighting against a bully.

  • we still live in a world where gay teenagers always will be bullied at school.

  • Thats sad

  • What a sad that a 15 yo bully can beat up 3 gays with his bare hands

  • Very sad. there's actually no comparison. a gay teenager - karate student - will not stand a chance in front of a straight lad who will always win

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