Gut punch

I climax while getting punched in my stomach. I like when someone is behind me and I'm punched in my stomach and my ass rubs their crotch as I bend over. My a*** relaxes, my stomach implodes but it doesn't hurt. I always react to gut punches by bending over and holding my stomach. The only punches that have hurt have landed in my upper stomach but I still yell and bend over with belly button and lower abdominal punches.



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  • Don't know who you think you are but live by the sword, die by the sword p****.

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  • You are soft in the head and short on courage. Punk ass b****

  • Oooooooooffff I full on sharted

  • Again....sigh!

  • You'll get yours loser

  • Ooooofffff

  • Harry and meghan could start their own confession page and call it COONFESSIONS !

  • Oooooooffff

  • Both of them could do with a good punch in the face. what mean awful people and just imagine what awful parents they are gonna be. all they can teach their kids is bikes, bongs, and bonking. bashing and bragging and blowfish hair. what a selfish dumb ass dirty minded couple. can't wait to see them old. if william is uncle fester harry will be SERLY CAPTAIN BANES and meg is already a stewed leather shoe of mortica adams.

  • I like the monarchy as a institution but the royal family is a bunch of celebrity whores since Diana, i wonder what would George VI do to his f****** inbreed of a family after seeing the s*** that they have become.

  • Ooooooofff

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