How to say I'm sorry

A couple years ago, I got really into reading, the next year, it was playing outside, the next year, it was watching T.V. Anyways, you get the point. But about two years ago I got into computers. I played on dress-up sites, game sites, survey sites, but I started getting bored and so I wanted something else to do. My parents never let me go out and hang out with friends, and my self esteem felt really low for some reason. I found a site called omegle and started to go on it every so often. It got boring and annoying too. I lied about who I was on omegle, because the internet is so dangerous, and I didn't want to be stalked or murdered or something if I was to come across a creepy person. I signed up for a rating website, put up the fake picture, fake age, fake location...I made a profile description that was me, my personality showing though. I went through several people, they came and went, we chatted for a bit. I met a guy on there and we talk almost everyday now. I never gave anyone my phone number but I broke down and gave it to him. He says I'm the most amazing person and wants to marry me and meet me and all this other stuff. The interesting part is, I feel similarly, not quite as crazy though, but he's a great person and makes me happy. The terrible part is his love for me is based on a lie. I'm not 22, I'm 16. I look similar to the girl in the pictures. The truth is, I never cuss, I'm an extremely good person. Caring, sweet, he sees all these things in me he says, but I'm lying. Everyday we talk I'm lying. It's the biggest lie ever, I'm not a liar, I'm not a bad person. I told a very bad lie and now I want out. I don't want him to stop loving me, but I don't see any way this could work. I feel like if I tell him, he will hate me. I don't want him to hate me, though. I want him to know my thoughts were true and genuine, but I need him to understand why I lied. Advice from someone who has been through this before would help. He's 22, so it'd be crazy to think we could ever be together. I don't know how I got myself into this mess. I want to get out of it and try to hurt everyone to the most minimal extent.
Do you think he'll turn me to the police or something??
I don't want him to think I faked my personality, or that I'm a fat, ugly, mean person. I don't doubt that he'd be attracted to me, but there is no way this relationship will ever work out, and it's already gone too far. Please, please, help me, I need all the advice I can get. I can't believe I'm going to ruin someone's heart over a stupid lie. I know I love him, but he doesn't love the real me, he probably just loves the girl in the pictures, regardless of the fact that it's my personality.

Jun 22, 2012

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  • i was in a similar situation. i wasnt lying about my identity or anything tho i told the truth about like..everything. i thot my parents were the same way. he was in love with me..still is. because i made him happy and laf more than anyone else he'd known. i brought him out of all his depressions and sadness. but...really one day i realized..i was only using him for my benifit. you're doign the same :/ it wasnt yours or my intention to hurt anybody though..right? so i decided to tell him one day, that i was only using him and i do care about him tons.. which is why i told him that. the longer you wait to tell him the truth the more its going to hurt him when he finds out. i felt exactly the same as you did. i didnt want him to hate me. but i was so shocked that when i told him, he didnt. you just have to tell him in a way that you werent trying to hurt anybody, and that you regret lying, because obviously you feel feel terrible about your actions. if he cares about you liek that guy did for me, then he will forgive you. he'll understand. but then we decided to not talk to eachother anymore because i was still only hurting him because i didnt like him. i liked somebody else. so he was the one that let me go and consentrate on the person that i really like. which was very nice of him.. ididnt want to stop talking to him nor did i want to hurt him. and now later.. i am thinking that i have social anxiety disorder..and i was the one avoiding people... i realized i wasnt the one asking to hang out..well i did sometimes.. but if they said like.. they would have to drive me, id be too emberassed by that. because of anxiety. so it wasnt my parents, it was me.
    so, idk about you.. but maybe you have developed social anxiety? or, its your parents. im just saying the anxiety thing because it might help you. :) im 14 btw, and that guy is 22 now...
    sorry rambled alot... lol

  • to sum it upin the end he still loves me. and i was forgiven. we are still friends. just taking time apart so he can distance himself from me. :D lol ill shuttup now :x

  • bte he was do expect that. and knowing u lied...i think..he might kind of stop loving you. so you guys could probably turn out as friends.. >.> now ill shhh...

  • by the way i didnt read that over or its a bit confusing or repetitive...sorry XD

  • I dont think you should be worried about him turning you into the police. That's really unlikely and I dont really think you can get in any trouble. You should tell him the truth.. but I guess be prepared for there to be consequences such as him being angry at you. Maybe he's lying too.. a lot of people lie in these online dating like things. Good luck with everything!


  • Maybe he also faked his age of 22 and is 16 also. Tell him the truth and he might also say that he changed his identity or tell him what you said on this page

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