Straight people...

I'm gay and transgender, and I've always really hated straight people. I mean, really hated them. I would have severely violent thoughts I knew I'd never realize. They forced me to live as the opposite gender for a really long time, and they all seem to hate me. It's weird how hatred just melts away over time. I mean, my hatred for them. It's like as I get older, I give fewer and fewer f****, especially when it comes to the opinions of others.

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  • Im straight and i hate you back but only because you throw it right in my face saying "HEY LOOK OVER HERE IM GAY I THINK IM BETTER THEN EVERYBODY ELSE BECAUSE I STAY WITH WHATS POPULAR EVERYONE SHOULD BE GAY!" No i doesnt f****** work that way
    1. No children would be born if everyone was gay
    2. Because i dont want to bother people with my gayness
    3. Because im myself and gay is not me
    Alright so go f*** a woman and act like the person god and everyone else wanted you to be. OK?

  • This is why straight people hate you...we straight people go to work, have families, raise kids, and mind our own gays, lesbians, transgender, and all that perverted crap RUN up and down our streets and yell,"Hey! Look at me! I'm transgender bender or gay or whatever! I'm taking my gay pride parade to your neighborhoods while I wears chains and diapers everyone to see!"...If you would KEEP YOUR F****** SEXUALITY to yourself, maybe us heteros wouldn't have to bust your chops for polluting our lives.

  • So I see no one had a cute or intelligent response to this. Did I call it right? Is that the only thing that shuts you weirdos up? Good, get used to it. F*** whomever you want and I'll f*** whomever I want and neither of us will shriek it from the rooftops, ok? Whip out your rainbow d**** and super-special flag and you'll get slapped down yet again. It's not difficult to figure out.

  • we hate you back

  • I don't know why you hate me though, or why you have hated me since I was a little kid. Seriously, I don't know what your problem is.

  • Yeah, that's why there was hate in the first place. I mean, you don't really do anything to me. I wouldn't hate you if you didn't hate me first. But like I said, because I hate you for such a stupid reason, it is going away. I hope the same thing happens to you.

  • By saying "you don't really do anything to me" I meant most straight people. Some of them beat the s*** out of me for no reason. But most are ok, you know, just regular people.

  • Hmm. Maybe you should have said so instead of making a huge dramatic statement that painted all straight people with the same brush. You sure hate that when it happens to you, so think about that the next time you open your j***-encrusted mouth.

  • At least its not as strong as "hate." Its unpleasant to feel angry.

  • The world gives straight people everything, and then tells them it's their birthright. Straight people are trained to believe that God blesses them just for having s**. Because simply having s** with a member of the opposite gender and simply being either fully male or fully female is what defines them as holy, they do not feel the need to do good deeds or help others. If you are fully male or fully female, straight, and wait to have s** until you're married, don't curse, live in a middle-class neighborhood, and attend church on Sundays, you are considered to be of good moral standing regardless of the fact that these characteristics have absolutely nothing to do with morality. However, if you have these characteristics, you will probably consider yourself to be a good person, even a holy person, even if you're not a very good person at all.


    Good feelings gone.

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