Me & my childs father were 2gether for 13years.half my whole life.we broke up due to his constant cheating.he began going with this girl not even 2days after we broke up.they live 2gether now and she was even prego by him(lost it). Im still very much in love with him 7 months broken up.weve even slept together a few times.he calls and texs me all the time,not talking about the child eather.he kisses and hugs me when he c me.we get rooms 2gether,only when shes at work.weve even slept 2gether in there car 1min from were she works! I need to stop this.i thought haha because i dont like reality im theone lookin stupid.he still goes home to her.i gota stop this. Even tho he tells me he loves me,this is breaking my heart all over again.this time it's guilt to.he's doing exactly what he did to me to her with me!

Jun 24, 2012

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  • As long as things like this are allowed to breed, our species is doomed.

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