Idk why im putting this as a confession

Idk why im putting this as a confession buh i just need sum1 to tlk to.. I just want sum1 to tell me tht im beautiful and mean it. I WANT a real relationship not one for revenge or sexual desires becuz my heart has broken up into many pieces and i need sum1 to help put them together...

Jun 26, 2012

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  • "omg like sum1 validate my existence even tho u cant see or hear me just tell me im bootiful even tho im just a random bunch of words on a screen"

    Uggh, and there are millions of idiots like this breathing my air now. Where's that meteor already?

  • Well what's your age and fb name

  • You must know, the world has changed, its tough to find true love, people are busy, materialism rules.

    you need friends, you must learn to find a friend in you, i don't know how much it might become a disease, but the person to friend with is yourself, you have to learn yourself, once you know it, you will better express yourself, and you need to find happiness within your heart, this is a time when you can start falling in love with nature, with things that are not human, humans will come i am sure, but first, find happiness within.

    You cannot be anything but beautiful, not only you, but anyone, there is nothing in this universe similar to you, does not that itself make you exceptional, we are all unique, its what the eyes are made of, i don't know if you have a child, or how old you are, but if you are a parent ask yourself, how beautiful is your child, and if you are a child, ask your parents how beautiful they think you are, you will learn your immense value then.

    Have relationships, but don't expect them to be real, give a real one, but why force someone to stay if they don't need you anymore, its better to desire the happiness of others, and forget about yourself, this will make you more happy than anyone else could ever make you, and stick on to these ideals, they will guard in in dark and light, I know how it feels when love is lost, especially to know you weren't being loved, but were being used, now when a bee stings you, you don't sting it back, you cry, I suggest you do the same, but only till you are not sad anymore.

    We human beings don't laugh at a joke twice, but why do we cry at a sad memory over and over, funny words but think it over, and begin living again No-One can heal you, like you can heal yourself, write to me when you are sad at fixtersandy[at]

  • Life is a gift, no matter how hard it seems now - find the magic inside you. Learn to love yourself. Don't get caught up in the shallowness of being young... or being a teenager... make your life about finding the magic... and you will always be happy.

  • love this

  • When I look into your eyes, I see such beauty and love so expansive that even the deepest blue oceans cannot are my everything!

  • assole

  • *cringe* LOL

  • You got exactly what you asked for, so spare us the edgy "cringe lol" react.

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