Im a 17 year old virgin and sometimes i feel like i want to loose my virginity. I've had plenty of boyfriends but never had s** with any of them! I don't know why. I've done other sexual acts but never actual intercourse. Is it wrong that i want to loose my virginity so bad? Im also scared to loose it, as stupid as it sounds but i want it so bad? I don't know ?

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  • I respect you for keeping your virginity. I'm 18 and I think I've slept with 18+ guys, I'm not even sure.
    Keep your virginity and your innocence, don't rush it.

  • Who cares if your a 17 year old virgin why are you in such a rush to have s** anyways? Its not gonna feel good and you dont know what pleasure is until your older and your insides are functioning properly

  • Hey there, Im 17 and im a virgin as well. My ex is 14 and shes not a virgin. It kills me because I want to wait till marriage for my lady. But now that we not together its a little easier off the mind really xD but I would say be proud of your virginity, because most people who give there virginity at this age regret it in the future really. If you meet someone that is willing to wait and your willing to do the same, your gonna have such a great bond I believe. Im not saying this is for everyone because others dont care. but If value your virginity, hold on and wait. I want it really bad too. But i dont want to lose my virginity because i only want to give it to one woman in my life. my future wife (who i dont know who that is and i probably wont meet her for a loooooooooonngg time lol)

  • Ill pop your cherry for you

  • Don't lose your virginity! Hold onto that. Girls these days do not value themselves enough. Your virginity, your body is so precious...its the BEST gift you can give a man. Don't give it to some "dude" just because you're h****! Once you give that away, its gone. only ONE MAN will ever have that precious gift....make sure the RIGHT man is given it.

    and anyone who says different - they don't value or respect you and see what a gift you truly are.

    and any girl who says differently, they don't value themselves either. I KNOW this...I gave mine away too early and still regret it to this day (I gave it away at the age of 17...I"m 42 now).

    Noone will value you unless you value yourself first. YOU ARE A PRIZE....Every man needs to know that about EVERY woman!

  • Send a picture please :)

  • want to be a s***, but you can't lose your this: Go to a party and get roaring drunk so you pass will get your wish.


  • well i am 18 (just recently turned) and i lost my virginity when i was 17. the thing is is didn't 'wait' or ' save it' i just never got into that position.I had always wanted to lose it, because ya know teenage girl, hormones and all that. but when i did finally get into that situation i felt uncomfortable and didn't think i could do it so i ended up never having s** with that boy (no he was not my boyfriend, but him and i were friends. I'm not a big dating person). at that point i didn't think i was ready for s** but then a few days later i was just watching a movie with my best friend in his room (we have known each other for 2 years, tried to date and things didn't work out so we just became best friends)and somehow we ended up making out and i felt completely comfortable. we ended up having s** and yes i felt shy and all that but the point is i was able to with my best friend when i wasn't able to with a guy i liked. TRUST is a big thing. even if you have been dating for a long time you may not feel there is enough trust to go that far.

  • Your not from the UK are you

  • I'm 17 and also a virgin. I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a hlf now and we've gone as far as we can without actual penetration. I feel the same way u do tho so don't freak out. Im scared because I don't wanna get prego of course but I also just don't want tht "virginity" part of me gone yet. But at the same time I want it soooo bad lol. Were in the same boat but whn ur ready ull know it. Just don't do anything before you think about it while ur not in a h**** mood or ull do somehjng u may regret forever.

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