My girlfriend won't put out

I've been dating her for 7 months, and we've only ever made out. I've felt her up a couple times, and I've eaten her out hoping she would return the favor, but didnt. She's so f****** perfect I want her so bad, but I don't want her to have a bad first experience, but I don't know how much longer I can take the teasing.

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  • I took my younger sister in law's panties and kept them and masturbated in them regularly.

  • You got that right: she is teasing you. Listen to me carefully.

    Your girl likes you but she is playing hard to get so that you have arstronger desire for her. She will not give you what youbwant as long ad you keep chasing after her and have the attitude that she is so "perfect".

    You need to change your attitude and see her as just another woman, and make her chase after you. Then you will get what you want.

    I tease my girl all the time and even deny her s**. She goes nuts and wants to follow me around demanding a f***. And then I give it to her when I want. Do you understand?

    Stop feeling up your girl and don't go down on her. If she asks you why you stopped then demand that she suck you off first.

    Take control over your princess, or she will not have respect för you and f*** some other guy.

  • You don't say how old you two are..high school, I'm guessing. There could be a lot of things as to why she doesn't make moves or reciprocate. More than likely it sounds as though she's inexperienced and is just afraid to say something, or afraid to do anything. Maybe she thinks you'll make fun of her if she does something wrong. If she was saving herself for marriage, that most likely would have come up in some conversation. Maybe she wants be in love her first time, or any time. Something else, maybe something happened to her when she was younger and going further actually scares her and so she likes what's happening and she's comfortable. You could very well be her first for a lot of things and if you really like and care for her, you'll be patient. Of course, your needs are important too. But you can't force someone who's not ready. So just take things slow.. At some level, she has to know that s** is an important aspect in a relationship. Sometimes the best way to find out what's going on, is to talk about it.

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