I'm addicted to throwing up

I'm bulimic. Very bulimic. I'm started at 230lbs now I'm 165. I'm 5'4 and I look great my stomach is flat my ass is toned and amazing and I feel incredible. I'm sad that I have to be ashamed of the way I'm losing weight. It's gotten to a point where I'm not even doing it to lose weight. It's like masturbating. It just feels sooo good. For me it's like eating twice. I eat what I want and it tastes so good. Then I go to the toilet and let all of it come up and it works my stomach muscles I have abs! ABS! From doing something I really enjoy. I wish I could proudly tell others that this is how I'm losing weight but I know they'll tell me I'm sick, that I need help, that I need to stop. My dad once walked in on me doing it and didn't say a word. Then next day we were talking and he goes... you're losing weight. Keep it up you look good. In my head I'm thinking so you know? You know and you don't care! Maybe... maybe others won't care either. I mean I went from obese to Slightly over weight. My bmi used to be 39.5 now it's 28.3!
I've never been this happy! But also I've never been so ashamed.


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  • Some people have a fetish for puking, go look it up. :3

  • Please don't ever think self-induced vomiting is acceptable behaviour.

    What you're doing to your body is dangerous and unhealthy.

    I can understand your need to transform yourself into the image society reinforces us with. However, the price you're paying is not worth it.

    The pity, shame and disgust you experience as a result of your actions will forever haunt you.

    You health is of more importance than your image.

    Please keep this in mind.

    You are worth more than the reflection that's given in the mirror.

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