Respectful Best Friend?

My best friend likes one of my other friends. He knows that she likes him, but he doesn't like her back. I've actually liked him since I've known him, which is longer than how long she's known him. However, she's my best friend, so he's off limits. I still want to know, though, if he likes me, because he acts like it at times. At lunch, where I sat with him and some other band friends, he talked to me a lot. He stole my seat a few times, too. Anyways, he would mention how he hated being single, that my kind was confusing (girls), and we'd talk about band, too. We mostly just talked about random things, but he did ask me 'How's your boyfriend?'. I don't have a boyfriend, and I told him that unless they were imaginary, then no, I didn't. He said that he just assumed that I had a boyfriend. What is that supposed to mean? Any opinions?

Jun 28, 2012

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  • I think that you talk to your freons about this, If your really into this guy and hes really into you you should go for it. It seems that he likes you more than your friend.

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