Don't know...

By the way, this could also fit under relationship, but I chose this.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure my crush on a girl named Sarah(Who lives behind me, and our backyards are connected by a gate) has gone to LOVE, (I fantasize about her, m********* to her) and she says she is the same way, EXCEPT for 3 things. 1, she supposedly doesn't fantasize about me, 2, she wants to take it further than me(She wants to kiss, hug, etc.[ Luckily i don't have to worry about s**, because she would NEVER ask that] but we're both 12!) and 3, I'm not sure she's telling me the truth about herself. She SAYS I'm the only one, but I think a boy on my street named Anthony has her charmed more than me.:( I know I should ask her, but I'm afraid she'll lie, even though it looks kinda obvious to me she's charmed. :( What should I do???? I need HELP!!!!

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  • If you m********* to her and think of her sexually dude that's not love that's l***! You don't know what love is yet silly.

    You could ask her how she feels about you. What's the worst thing she can do? If she doesn't end up liking you it's not the end of the world move on.
    HOWEVER, I do agree with Anon below me. You're actually not mature enough for a relationship just yet. I would seriously just wait until you're older. Have fun, focus on your childhood.

    She says you're the only one but she's TWELVE? Hahaha sorry but that's funny...
    Gosh you kids these days, make me laugh.

  • You're 12. Enjoy your childhood and worry about relationships in your 20's. Even as a teenager, I would say focus your time on other things because you won't be mentally mature enough to be in a relationship.

  • Thank you...this is the only comment that actually HELPED me.

  • You're 12. Go play Ben 10 somewhere with your friends.

  • ditto, son

  • "Ben 10"? seriously?

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